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  1. Ced

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    Either they forgot to make a cardboard cutout for Minowa or he didn't get the memo. Canseco vs Hong Man Choi is going to be entertaining for all the wrong reasons.
  2. Ced

    Fire Pro Wrestling

    As I recall, All Japan, New Japan and NOAH cross-promote on the game licensing. Wrestle Kingdom and King of Colosseum had guys from all three as well as some freelancers. However, if I remember correctly, the game mechanics are the about the same as Day of Reckoning and Fire Pro, respectively. I don't think we ever got an equivalent to All Star Pro Wrestling, but from what I've seen, it's rather clunky.
  3. Ced

    Pictures I Like

    Couldn't find an adequate image for my GF to use as a forum signature (big Guilty Gear fan), so I scrapped one together.
  4. Ced

    Old School Videogame Quiz

    27/30. Missed , , and ; All games I've never played or heard about. And the last of the 27 I got was because like Jingus, I kept spelling wrong.
  5. Ced

    Food Porn

    I like how I scrolled down on the ribs so it looked like Curry's comments synched with the expression on Anderson Silva's face.
  6. Ced

    Fire Pro Wrestling

    Boo. Fucking. Urns. I normally don't approve of petitionings and whatnot, but my desire for a current gen Fire Pro will not be denied without a fight.
  7. Ced

    No more Sci-Fi channel

    I love their original movies in a MST3K kind of way especially the varying degrees of crap they pass as CG. On a side point, I miss the days where Sci Fi actually had MST3K in the line-up. Back on track, I can see why the name change, but Exslade hit the nail on the head: it's a quick fix to denote an audience shift.
  8. Ced

    The WKO 100 is Finally in!

    What is the judging criteria for this list? I'm not seeing signs of objectivity here.
  9. Ced

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    OK, that's reasonable enough. A little lame with the amount of guesswork in regards to timing on some of these combos, especially not knowing the whole no cancelling into Ultras bit.
  10. Ced

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    I'm having trouble completing Cammy's 4th Trial due to the Spin Knuckle into Ultra. Even using a button mapped for all 3 kicks, I always cancel into her Super.
  11. Ced

    Man vs. Food

    He really has the technique down for the spicy challenges: Eat the food as quick as possible and have some dairy around so you endure the least amount of burn. That said, the San Jose challenge is going to be a fun one to watch: 12 habanero hot wings in 10 minutes, and no food or drink for 5 minutes after completing it. Masochism at its finest. Also, 120 ounces of malt milkshakes is the challenge this week. Oh damn, that's puke-tastic.
  12. Ced

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    I'm re-learning the system after playing HD Remix for so long. Haven't quite got a firm grasp on Focus Attacks yet. Seth is like a toned-down SNK Boss with the teleporting after a down and the vacuum grab - combo BS move he does.
  13. Ced

    Nadya Suleman

    The Dateline interview just shows she's completely out of touch in the situation. Her rebuttal to irresponsibility in bearing a number of children was questioning why couples are exempt from scrutiny for bearing 12 kids. The thing is, couple or not, you're going to catch shit from the general public for birthing children in the U.S. without a stable paycheck and doing so when you have several children without a stable paycheck. I really hope from the bottom of my heart that this woman doesn't see a cent for her irresponsibility. Put her children in good foster care because none of them deserve to be housed with a mother clearly not looking out for their needs. Destroy her ovaries and give her a hysterectomy. That thing's like the generator from Gauntlet. It's going keep popping out unwanted creatures until you make that shit explode. *Upgrades Ticket to Hell to First Class, Window Seat*
  14. Ced

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    At least GSP isn't on the card this time around. I imagine Quebec and surrounding regions would have burned to the ground if that were the case.
  15. Ced

    Man vs. Food

    And don't forget in between challenges, he fills up on platefuls of comfort food. Delicious. I'm looking forward to the oyster plate challenge. That looked like a shit ton of seafood.