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Mt. Rushmore of wrestling

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Self explanatory. I thought this would make for an interesting discussion. Who do you guys think would be the four faces on the Mt. Rushmore of U.S. pro wrestling?

My choices:






I don't know a whole lot about wrestling history pre 1970 so I couldn't know how to rank guys like Thesz, Gorgeous George, etc.

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Hulk Hogan

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Rock

Vince McMahon


The three biggest stars in the history of professional wrestling and the man who created the most successful professional wrestling company ever and changed professional wrestling forever.

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No love for the old days as 3 of these man brought wrestling to the GREATEST heights it has ever been. Vince surpassed The Goldust Trio,NWA,AWA, and his own father. He created what every wrestling company is now forced to do to an extent in order to become even more popular (look at AAA in Mexico). Those would be the guys on it hands down.


If I could throw a 5th one up there it would probably be The Rock.

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