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Smackdown 5/15/2009

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'Twas a good show. Morrison as a face will be able to bust out more flippy shit. Haas was given a shot of instant credibility in that match, he'll never be a top guy, but he could be an "Enforcer" type.


Jericho and Edge are playing their roles perfectly, showing there is many different ways to play a heel. Also I love the fact that just because they're heels doesn't mean they have to like each other. Fun dynamic and the two had a PPV quality match to close the show.


Ricky Ortiz is crud, but it seems like he's heading for a heel turn, so maybe that will help him catch on. Not saying he's near Duwayne Johnson, but Rocky Maivia sucked as a babyface.


Alicia Foxx is so damn thin I think she's going to break in the ring. Match was rather ho hum, the SD! Diva's division has never really gained it's footing. They're missing a face to really build the division around - Melina isn't that Diva, Gail Kim could have been, but it seems that the bookers are already souring on her - I think it was a styles clash for her, as the NA girls are more work orientated and I don't think the Divas of SD! could keep up with her. I think Mickie would have been the better draftee - she seems to have a fan following. Michelle McCool is bland.


Dolph Ziggler was a one trick pony on Raw, but he seems to be getting a legitimate chance on SD!, jury is out on him but at least he's getting the chance. Kid's on his third gimmick now, so he much be able to work to keep getting repackaged.


Mike Knox shouldn't be lsing in two minutes to R-Truth. But I guess it's a feud brewing, so that's better than being forgotten about. I still think Knox needs something to further establish a gimmick - maybe a Ross sit down interview. I think a backwoods/extreme survivalist gimmick would work with him.



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I think it's really funny how Jericho and Punk are drafted and SmackDown instantly becomes the better show.

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