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Sim Snuka and Candice Michelle

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- Nobody backstage was surprised at Sim Snuka being released. WWE largely blamed Snuka for the scary bump the Undertaker ended up taking at WrestleMania XXV when he dove out of the ring. Snuka was the "cameraman" who was supposed to catch him. While feelings are mixed as to whether Snuka saved 'Taker or was to blame for the bump, WWE has mostly blamed him and didn't use him again.


- Candice Michelle's release also wasn't a big surprise backstage. Some in WWE were upset that she was working on other projects while convalescing from her recent ankle injuries and most feel that she was never the same after returning from her collarbone injuries. Michelle was apparently a bit surprised at the release as she had just been given clearance to return to the ring.


Credit: PWInsider

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