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Ugliest Poster on TSM

Who is the fucking ugliest poster from TSM  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Ugliest Poster

    • YourKock'sReallyGreat
    • Marvinisalunatic
    • Alkeiper
    • Carnival
    • Ripper
    • Bobb Barron
    • Czech

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Gary Floyd and shit and he's all like "blurbity blurbity blurb I know more about movies than you do! Why don't you know as much about movies as I do? I take EHME insulting me in stride but I'm really hurt on the inside blurbity blurbity blue." Fuck his ass and make him humble, amirite?


And I've decided I just flat out don't like Smues. You just can't trust a guy that isn't from one of the original 48 states.

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