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Patty O'Green

Feedback for the 10/16 HD~!

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This is the second time we’ve used a Miley song for our theme, right?


Entertaining opening match. Our women’s division is great.


Speaking of great, that Vinny and BB segment had me LMAO. The pizza bit was priceless.


Terry Taylor and COD? How can you go wrong w/that? Answer: you can’t!


Fun little segment w/Los Diabos.


CW is alive! Been a while since we've seen him, or Moneymaker for that matter, lol. Interested to see where that angle goes.


LOL @ Biff.


Hot segment to close the show. Really well done.


MOTN: Leon vs. Los Diablos (mostly for the angle since it was basically a squash)


Quote of the Show: "How am I supposed to take over western Los Angeles with a sea monkey army if I don’t buy sea monkeys?" -- Alix Maria Spezia


LOL Moment:


Suddenly, a knock on the door.


LUTHER (off-screen)

Somebody order a large pepperoni dick wit' a pizza on top?


Luther hops through the door, holding a pizza box over his pelvic area. Fortunately, the box is still closed.



Man, what the f...


Luther turns into the corner, then tosses the pizza box down and zips up his pants. He then slaps Waldo in the head.



This ain't Jade's locker room, foo!

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Impressive showing for Holly heading into the HS. She hasn't been wrestling that long, has she?


MGHC getting in a nice warmup for the Cobras.


Great COD segment.


The stuff with Los Diablos was really funny. Until, of course, Morgan gets scared. Yep, those two are in trouble.


Fun little match between CW and J-MAX. CW promising better things to come.


The Biff Atlas piece was classic. We may need to re-visit this in some capacity at the Angle Awards.


Great stuff to end the show, with all the feuds sort of tying together.


MOTN: Holly vs Jade


LOTN: "Cram it already! Or else, I'll cram it for ya, with my giant hunk of man meat, ya hear? Dumb broad!" - Biff Atlas (as Mr. Dick)

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