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Tony Brannigan conducted a podium interview with the Can-Am Assassins, who chewed out the LDC Moneygang for interfering in their recent tag title bout against Team Heyross. This prompted a response by the LDC Moneygang, with Spencer Reiger claiming his emotions got the better of him as he could no longer sit and watch Team Heyross “cheat like politicians on their wives. Our good intentions resulted in bad consequences, but we kept out word…we had your backs.” After a moment of silence Strutter looked the LDC Moneygang in the eyes and stated, “That’s deep, man. It hit me right there, in the heart. And you’re right, you had our backs. You supported us in an arena full of haters that night. Ken and I would like to return the favor this coming week as you guys go for the gold on HeldDOWN~! Put ’er there, homie.” The segment closed with Strutter giving Reiger a fist bump, and Reiger looking into the camera to say, "BTW, we're the team captains.

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