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HD: DA segment

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Cut backstage, where TK and Reject are all smiles as they make their way into the arena along with the rest of the DA.  They're stopped by Josh Matthews.

Reject, last week you guys joined up with your November Reign partners, the Heavenly Rockers, in a heinous assault on Alix, Alfdogg, and D*LUX.  Are you concerned at all about any retribution tonight, and who their fifth partner might be?

Retribution?  :lol:  Who's gonna have the nerve to come get some of this?

Reject holds his arms out, referencing the DA as a whole.

Did you [i]see[/i] what we did to those four last week?  You can add any one individual you want, it won't change the result.

That's right, Josh, we've got no worries.  No matter who they add as their partner, it doesn't matter!  We're like a team full of Parker Lewises, 'cause we [i]can't lose.[/i]

Exactly.  Let's go, guys.

Reject and the DA walk off as Josh looks on.

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