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Patty O'Green

HeldDOWN~! 3/6 feedback

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Oh, it's up already? You caught me out! I've got stuff going in now, but I'm not late!


EDIT: Why is it when I try and edit any of the posts in the shows, all the apostrophes and the quotation marks disappear? FFS. Anyway, I've stuck in my coronation ceremony segment.

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Nice opening segment. Yes, Baron is indeed a forgiving man.


Really good women's match, huge shocker at the end with the return of Crystal! Should be an awesome match at AngleMania.


Funny segments with Melody/Biff and COD. Terry's blow-up was classic.


Nice little return tag match, with the Moneygang overcoming the switch by the CAE. Nice finish.


And the win's not enough, as they have to wreck poor Maya's bake sale!


I forgot all about the PRL/Maggie relationship. Nice segment from Ed, and on time no less!


Crazy, crazy segment with the coronation. I've always liked the Nathaniel Black character, and I'm interested to see what the future holds for him. Also, what becomes of the 8-man titles?


Vinny Valentine, main eventer. Nice win for Alix.


MOTN: Lindsay vs Morgan


LOTN: "Are you kidding!? I once spent 6 days convinced I was Silver Sable. Then I got silver poisoning. That was an awesome summer holiday." - Melody Nerdly

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Better late than never.


The opening segment was great. LOL @ Malaysia giving MD a low blow to symbolize her desire to remain with him.


You think Lindsay Lohan will sue the OAOAST for $100 million like she's doing to E-Trade? :lol: Shocking return at the end of the Ms. Lindsay/Morgan match.


The magic ring makes its OAOAST debut! Yes!


Vintage Patty with the COD/Taylor promo. Terry's rant was hilarious.


I would've marked had PR's new partner been Barry Horowitz. Now I'll hear John Leguizamo's voice whenever Victor speaks. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing, lol, but at least I won't forget who he is like I have some of the Nerdly girls.


Long live the Cucaracha Kingdom. I like it. Poor LKOS though. But a nice little payoff to the months of tension between Black and Maddix.


Fun match to end the show w/Vinny & Alix.


MOTN: Vinny vs. Alix


Quote of the Show: "Reject, boy, you done stepped over every line there is! I gotta keep laying down new lines so ya got something to step over. You must’ve been born out your mama’s backside, because yer as stupid as shit." -- Mr. Dick

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