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King Cucaracha

SYN: Danny Boy/Blonde + Malaysia match

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[b]***Malaysia Nerdly -VS- Jessica Haynes***[/b]
An easy and, of course, enjoyable night of things for Malaysia. The OAOAST's most dominant straight female made light work of her out-matched opponent. Not quick work, though, Malaysia opting to drag things out after having the match seemingly won within the first 20 seconds. Malaysia stretched and beat on Jessica, soaking in every second. Only difference being, the crowd seemed to enjoy it as much as she did. Eventually Malaysia put poor Jessica out of her misery with a hard powerbomb, turned into the Inverted Boston Crab for the submission.

[b]Winner[/b]: Malaysia Nerdly, via submission

[b][color="#000080"]***[size=3]James Blonde w/Faqu -VS- Danny Boy w/Scottish Scott[/size]***[/b][/color]
The main event pitted The Cucaracha Kingdom's "Prince Of Panache" against one half of the team exiled from the Kingdom, The Last Kings Of Scotland. Fighting for the King's pride Blonde came out of the blocks quickly. And, failed, miserably. Danny Boy beat the tar out of Blonde for the first few minutes of the match, taking out some of his frustrations on King Landon's second in command. It took a desperate hangjob across the top rope to get Blonde into the match. At which point, the panache took over. Blonde preened and posed at every opportunity, preventing him from actually beating Danny Boy, merely having the upperhand for a while. The mohawked Scot predictably came back. At the finish, all hell would break loose. Blonde managed to lowbridge Danny Boy outside. But when Faqu started to move in to attack, Scottish Scott squared up to the Samoan and the two bigmen began to brawl around ringside! This massive battle brought out TONS of officials to try and break it up. With little success. All this served as a distraction to the match itself, until after a minute or two of non-action, Danny Boy rolled in, spun Blonde around and delivered a Back To Front Tombstone Piledriver to pick up the victory!

[b]Winner[/b]: Danny Boy, via pinfall

With the match over, the task at hand became seperating the two wild savages at ringside, the crowd urging the officials to let them fight and Syndicated going off the air before any order could be restored.

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