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Hey hey hey, look who's using the interview lounge while Patty ain't lookin!


Unfortunately, two of the people in the lounge look like they'd rather be anywhere else in the world. Stood either side of OAOAST correspondent guy Tony Brannigan are Colin Maguire Jr. and Spencer Reiger, the LDC Moneygang. And, yes, they're still dressed against their will in their embarrassing women's clothing. Spencer's Hello Kitty top clearly put on in quite a rage, all wrinkled and not even on straight. Poor Colin still in his schoolgirl's outfit.

As you can see we're back here in the interview lounge. And guys, before we get started, I just want to ask one thing... even though you're dressed for it, no Coyote Ugly routines tonight, please. This isn't that kind of bar.

Spencer fumes at the cheapshot and tries to put a lid on it.

Let me tell you something Brannigan, you're lucky we like you or else you'd soon regret making wisecracks.

Clearly not bothered about annoyed the Moneygang, T-Bod chuckles to himself and lets Spencer take the microphone.

You see, me and Colin, we're just about at the ends of our tether here. We've had to put up with wannabee comedians like you for damn near 30 days now, making fun of us. Do you realise what a miserable month this has been!? Do you!? Let me tell you what a miserable month it's been. Let me talk about how Krista and Alix [i]somehow[/i] managed to make sure this stupid stipulation of theirs is enforced 24 hours a day!!

Brannigan stifles a laugh.

Oh yeah! Twenty four hours a day, Brannigan! The OAOAST trot us out on TV to cut a promo with your washed-up ass, or sends us out to the ring to wrestle a match, dressed up like a couple of cheap whores. Everyone gets a cheap laugh. But no, that's not enough. We walk around backstage and guys are wolf-whistling us, they're making smart-ass remarks. I got goosed three times! That ain't enough of a humiliation for the LDC Moneygang! Let me explain it for everyone. We've had to go to the gym dressed like this. If we wanted to do grocery shopping? We have to dress like this. Do you realise how embarrassing it is to go and fill up with gas while the wind's up if you're wearing a skirt!? Because I do! Me and Colin have been laughed at in the street. Everywhere we go, there's assholes with camera phones trying to take a picture of us. If I get re-tweeted one more picture of me in this damn skirt I'm gonna scream! We've been made practically house-ridden because we're too ashamed to go out in public. I live in NEW YORK CITY for crying out loud! This has been the worst 30 days of my life!

I can imagine. Now, Britney, anything to add to that?

Colin just stares at Brannigan contemptfully, almost too embarrassed to even move for fear of showing off more flesh than he wants.

We've had enough. April 30th, we get tah take this gahbage off for good. Krista and Alix... they did this to us. They made us look like jackasses. Well come May, there's hell to pay. We're gonna take 30 days of frustration out on the OAOAST. Don't matter who it is. And somewhere down the line, we're gonna take it out on Krista and Alix, bet yer ass on that Brannigan.

Well, that'll be next week and I'm sure the fans will be very sympathetic towards you guys when you return. One more thing before you two go off and powder your noses... where's Lorelei at? And Moneymaker? Seems like ever since this whole forfeit happened, they haven't been at your side. Don't tell me they're embarrassed to be seen beside you two.

Still seething, Spencer looks like he'd love nothing more than to punch Brannigan right in the mouth, but also realises he's wearing a skirt and a Hello Kitty top and looks ridiculous.


Spencer groans to himself and just walks off, defeated, with Colin not far behind.

Hey Colin, nice panties.

Hurriedly pulling his skirt down Colin storms off and Brannigan has a good laugh to himself.

What a professional.

Ah, come on. If you can't laugh at that, what can you laugh at?

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