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'91 Mariners not in this entry

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Another entry flushed because I'm a dumbass. I had been working on for an hour and a half on a new "Where'd They Go?" entry, this one on the '91 Mariners but decided to be typing here in the blog instead of C&P from a Word file. I was almost done with their line-up and but I had to restart my computer and I hit restart before realizing I hadn't saved my entry. So this is a complete throw away entry and I'll just talk briefly about one thing.


-ESPN I'm going to let you in on a little something...you don't have Monday Night Football. You may have the name, you might be showing games on Monday nights this year, but you don't have Monday Night Football. Monday Night Football is now shown on Sunday nights. NBC landed the dream deal where they will be able select better games the last couple of months of the season while ESPN your stuck with your lousy schedule. What you have ESPN is Sunday Night Football on Monday nights. No shock at all NBC's presentation and coverage absolutely smokes ESPN's, even though NBC hasn't covered the sport since 1997. It's pathetic the way they've been hyping their preseason MNF games and then after the game ends they start SportsCenter with a 15 minute segment with extended highlights and analyzing the game people just saw, a meaningless exhibition. It's scary to think how much coverage and hype they'll give to their regular season MNF games.

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Also, they need to stop trying so hard with making Kornheiser look like the modern Cosell. I like Tony to an extent and I think he can add to the show especially in garbage time but let's not go crazy. Cosell, was a wacko but he could call a game and entertain in the process.


SNF, even in pregame shows have had a special quality already that the real MNF in the past years have lacked which is odd considering its the same announce crew. Maybe it's the presentation but it's more effective then ABC's recent efforts.


That being said, I can't blame ESPN for promoting their MNF version as they have.

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I do like the ads ESPN is using with the people waiting for MNF though; the most recent one with the co-worker asking the same questions every Monday morning got a laugh out of me.


"How was your weekend?"


"Not long enough."


"I hear that."



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