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78. Ignore list. Part I.

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So, it's time for my ignore list again. It's great filler for my blog.


It may seem like I have fun doing this. And, I do. But, the reason my list is so huge is because I really REALLY hate reading stupid things. And when I read stupidity, we know how I respond. Therefore, ignoring them is optimal for all parties.


IPB Image


surreaList: Constantly rude to people. Rather dumb as proved by most of his decisions. Plays the whole "I'm too cool to care about boards" bullshit.

The Thread Killer: Just a horrible poster... tries to be funny, and always fails. Easily the most pathetic person on these boards.

bob_barron: Nothing really against him, he's just kind of a pompous jerk. Only posts crap in sports. Only stuff worth reading from him is SNL reviews or stalking celebrities, and I don't care about any of that.

Marvinisalunatic: Decent guy... but, he's on ignore until he stops the WP v2.0 gimmick. Although, it seems he's adopted the Comic Book Guy-like pissed off nerd gimmick lately, which may keep him here longer.

Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye: "Established" poster who only posts lame garbage like so many of them do.

tominator89: Unnecessary dickish comments towards me.

Kinetic: "Established" poster. Or one the lame "clique gimmicks". Either way, whatever.

kkktookmybabyaway: We've already mentioned him.

netslob: Useless, sad person.

Invader3k: Stupidity.

godthedog: Jerk. Maybe gimmick.

Mole: Stupidity. Stalks me.

RavishingRickRudo: "WWE suckz" troll.

Lord of the Curry: "WWE suckz" troll, and constant annoyance in other forums.

Blue Bacchus: Stupidity. Troll.

CheesalaIsGood: Stupidity.

alfdogg: Immature. Obvious gimmick account user.

snuffbox: Stupidity. Possible gimmick as a purely awful poster.

Sandman9000: Troll. Absolute joke he's not banned.

Sex Machine Gun: Ok, sometimes... but, has too many issues. Nice one day, then rude as possible the next for no reason.



Part II, later.

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Recommended Comments

I remember being on your list. You got a couple good people on that list, though.


Bob's a douche, but he knows TV and indy wrestling(ROH, rather) enough but I guess it's hard to take him seriously.


I like Marvin, even though I am particularly harsh on him. He needs tough love, is all.


KKK and I fine, we come from Middletown, OH. You act like Buffalo is damn rough, try Middletown, OH. It's like living in Compton, if Compton had malls and franchises. We might be total opposites (and we are) still knowing they came up from the same place, keeps you closer.


SMG is a quality poster but he does have tremendous psychological issues. A more tolerable and less trolling version of Czech but less laid back and collected Inc.


LOTF is a mark. Pure and simple. That's his thing. He does step in the wrong places sometimes and gets lost.


RRR, was a troll but he was more tolerable then LOTC.


Mole, I dunno. It's sad to see everyone turn around and fall to their knees once finding out he was running this place (so to speak, though he isn't running shit). He was reviled before for a reason. I don't have personal issue with him, though.


Snuff has a gigantic crush on me.


The rest I don't give a shit about or never noticed before.

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LOTC sucked when RRR was still here...Beavis and Butthead, respectively. He's alright now that Butthead no longer posts here.



He still seems to take things to seriously.

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wow, that's like... most of the prolific posters (at least in the forums I frequent, movies, games, sports, and occasionally CE). While some of the descriptions seem spot-on, I'm genuinely surprised they actually irritate you so much that you put them on ignore. Message board posters really shouldn't elict that kind of reaction, it seems unusually sensetive (now, smartass TSM poster in waiting, is your cue to jump in with the "brilliant" observation that leena is a woman).

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