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79. Week 14 NFL Picks.

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It was kinda fun doing this last week. Plus, I'm brutal with NFL Picks, so it's funny.


Thursday 8:00:


Cleveland (4-8) at Pittsburgh (5-7): I have to fade the Browns here starting Derek Anderson with 4 days preparation time. Plus, the Steelers still have that tiny glimmer of hope that the 5-7 teams do (like Buffalo), so they should be enthused for this one. Only question is how PIT deals with their injuries, especially on the defensive side. But, odds are with PIT here. PIT 23, CLE 13.


Sunday 1:00:


Indianapolis (10-2) at Jacksonville (7-5): JAX should have won their 1st matchup of the year, and I really like them here. Almost enough to bet on them... JAX is a strong running team, IND's run defense is crap. JAX is fighting for their playoff lives, and are a great home team. JAX 38, IND 24.


Tenneseee (5-7) at Houston (4-8): No real reason for this one. I'm just not sold on VY's abilities as a true QB. His completion percentage remains horrid. After two home games crushing the Manning family, I can see TEN having trouble on the road here. And Houston has been playing good football lately, too. HOU 27, TEN 17.


Baltimore (9-3) at Kansas City (7-5): I can't go against the Chiefs' 18-game winning streak at home in December, or whatever it is. BAL's offense looked so poor at CIN, and has been inconsistent all year. This isn't the place where they'll probably kick start it again. I don't see them doing significantly better against a very hungry KC team that can't afford any more losses. KC 17, BAL 13.


Philadelphia (6-6) at Washington (4-8): Yuck. Nothing is worse than a bad NFC East game. I'll be fading WAS the rest of the year with their injury issues. So, whatever. PHI 28, WAS 10.


Minnesota (5-7) at Detroit (2-10): MIN has won the last 9 games in this series. I see no reason this changes vs. a team that's great at finding ways to lose. And MIN better be fired up after blowing a huge opportunity to win @CHI last week.MIN 20, DET 17.


NY Giants (6-6) at Carolina (6-6): NYG seems to be in total disarray, but CAR may well be the same. The Giants still do have a lot of talent, and haven't been playing that badly. Just blowing games. Eventually, things must go right for them. CAR is a very overrated team. Their lines are weak, and the running game is not what people think it is. NYG 34, CAR 17.


Atlanta (6-6) at Tampa Bay (3-9): TB can't score. Vick had a solid game vs. TB early in the season, and it looks like he can play against them now. So, looks good for ATL. ATL 24, TB 7.


New England (9-3) at Miami (5-7): Jason Taylor's availability will be important here. It seems like everyone and their dog is taking MIA in the upset here. But, MIA's performance against JAX last week was very disappointing. I think it's possible they've thrown in the towel. NE 37, MIA 21.


Oakland (2-10) at Cincinnati (7-5): Bengals are red hot lately, on both sides of the ball. However, OAK's pass defense is the only positive they have. I just don't like a blowout here. CIN 24, OAK 14.




Green Bay (4-8) at San Francisco (5-7): GB's run defense is poop, and after last week, things look very bad for them. GORE GORE GORE should at least get 150 rushing yards here. SF 38, GB 26.


Seattle (8-4) at Arizona (3-9): As unimpressive as SEA may be at times, they just don't lose with Hasselbeck and Alexander. ARI still blows despite beating the Rams. Sorry ass team. Sorry ass franchise. SEA 35, ARI 24.


Buffalo (5-7) at NY Jets (7-5): The Jets got all the breaks in the previous game, and the Bills are very capable of beating them. Yeah, biased. THE BILLS STILL HAVE HOPE. Plus, the Miami game has to have some meaning... BUF 17, NYJ 16.


Denver (7-5) at San Diego (10-2): LT = good. Denver = YAWN. I don't even like thinking about Denver games, let alone watching any more of them. SD 42, DEN 10.




New Orleans (8-4)at Dallas (8-4): This is the week teams will start figuring out Tony Romo (HOF QB). Please. DAL's streak of good luck has to end lately. Us Cowboys haters beg for it. Of course, New Orleans would become AMERICA'S TEAM with a win, and Reggie Bush would be MVP. Especially since he can't stretch the field for Colston anymore. Or, something. NO 27, DAL 24.


Monday 8:30:


Chicago (10-2) at St. Louis (5-7): Total fade on the Rams here. They're getting into the competition for worst team in the league with their play lately. Grossman throws for 300 yards, just to confuse everyone. If he's gonna do it, here's the chance. CHI 38, STL 24.



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I haven't been around these parts in some time now. How have things been? I see you've posted quite a few blogs since my last visit here, you've been busy.

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