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Raw is the Suck!

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Man, last night's Raw was not good. Not good at all. Even the Hardy thing was just kind of eh. They are going to have to show their cards in the next week or two and have Hardy talk or else these sneak attacks are going to get real old. Here are some thoughts on the show...



-Did Shelton Benjamin step in some Crisco before his match and not wipe his boots off? I swear I counted 3 slip ups off of spring board moves throughout the night and then it looked like he slipped again when he came out to even up the lumberjack match. More of that and he's going to end up seriously injured and more importantly, getting the dreaded sloppy tag attached to his work.


-I can't stand that they change Bischoff's GM powers from month to month. One month, he can't make a match with HBK and Hassan and Davairi, yet HHH can make a match with JR. Then this month he has the power to suspend or fire Cena and put him in whatever match he feels. It's inconsistency like this that makes me hate the GM role, which I consider one of the biggest crutches the writing team has since the Attitude era ended.


-Who's sick idea was it to have Cena face Snitsky? I thought you were supposed to protect guys by hiding weaknesses and accentuating strengths? Having Cena in a position to have to "carry" a guy like Snitsky is just beyond dumb. Jericho was right in that he was going to "expose" Cena on monday, although I think he meant that differently. Do they want Cena to fail as champ? Right now, they are on the right path if that's the intention.


- The Masterlock challenge and Diva Search are 15 minutes of life I'd like to have back, RIGHT NOW! Even with Big Show coming out, I couldn't care less if he does break the Masterlock or not and I have even less desire to want to see them wrestle. I can't say anything about the Diva Search that your 2 eyes, 2 ears, and brain shouldn't already be telling you.


- I hope that was the end of Matt Striker in the Angle Challenge. The Angle challenge shouldn't go away because if they can keep it up longer, they can hotshot it to the right person and make a star very quickly. Boy, I'd actually mark out if Charlie Haas could come back and be that person. Striker isn't going to earn a roster spot (at least I dont' think he is) and isn't worthy of winning the challenge. Enough of him already. I don't see what other people see in him.


-Either HBK is holding back or doesn't want to go full heel. It won't hurt the match in my eyes because I'm just interested in how these 2 primadonnas are going to work a finish, but the marks, the 98% of fans out there need some more. I'm not going to lie and say I want Hogan to win, because I don't. He can't work nearly as often as HBK can and if Michaels can get this win, HBK could be in position to make a star out of someone down the line because he'll be one of the few with a win over Hogan. A win for Hogan isn't going to do anyone any good except pop the fans in the arena at the time. Hogan is eventually going to either leave the company again, or go on a long ass sabbatical, so I'm pulling for HBK. However, I don't like this approach of trying to keep HBK face as much as possible so when this program is over, he slides right back into facedom.


I'll share more later.

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