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Raw is the Suck! Part Deux

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A couple more Raw thoughts (pretty much all bad by the way)



-Who's brilliant idea was it to do a battle of the bands with Cena and Jericho? They can't control the environment when it comes to musical preferences. You may take some Cena fans and turn them against him when you put their feud in context of musical tastes. Didn't anyone learn anything from the West Texas Rednecks vs. No Limit Soldiers feud? You can't do musical tastes battles in wrestling, period.


-Kane vs Edge in a cage was ok. For a TV match, not bad, but couldn't they have done this match without the cage? When you do unimportant things like throwaway cage matches on TV, then cage matches cease to be important. I remember when a cage match would be a match that could headline a pay per view. Now, it's a weak mid card match for a feud no one was buying into since day one. As for Matt Hardy, another well done bit. I kind of wonder if WWE is getting a little too inside with Edge saying things like "go back and work the indies" and such. Stuff like that flies over the heads of 90% or more of the fans. Philly is a smarter crowd than the norm, so it didn't hurt, but it could bite them in the ass later if they get a more markish crowd that doesn't know the backstory.


That's pretty much all I have for this week's show. It's obvious this particular show is kind of spinning the wheels around in the mud until after GAB so they can really start to focus on the build up for Summerslam. Hey, at least no HHH for a bit, eh?

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