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Bret Hart Hopefuls

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What is up with the amount of people who are convinced that just because HBK and Hogan have used Hart to build heat up in their match, that at Summerslam, Bret is going to show? Hart agreed to do work for the DVD. Not show up and actively participate in storylines. I don't get how it's been reported that Hart has said he doesn't want to participate in storylines or angles, especially if it plays off Montreal. Yet there are some who think just mentioning Bret coinciding with his cooperation in doing the DVD on his career, think WWE is obligated to have Bret appear in some capacity during the Hogan/HBK match.


Here are just a few reasons this isn't going to happen..


1) He is unadvertised. There is only a SD left, and Hogan/HBK is a Raw feud. WWE isn't going to have Bret Hart show up just to pop the crowd and surprise people. That is Russocity at work and some people need to get it out of their system. Business wise, it makes zero sense to do this.


2) Do you really think Hogan AND HBK are going to allow Bret Hart to steal their heat? Me thinks not.


3) He doesn't have to. What does Bret get from going out there for an unnanounced pop? A lot of people have been clamoring for Bret to say goodbye to his fans. Whatever. Why should he do it on WWE's dime? He doesn't owe them shit. They owe him. Do you think he owes you a goodbye? He doesn't owe you shit either. This Oprah Winfrey "I need closure" shit has got to go.


If Bret were to sign off on participating with WWE in whatever form, I'm all for that. At least it's from Bret and I know Bret wouldn't participate unless he felt the situation was on the up and up. But this notion that Bret should do it for whoever has got to go.


I'm a Bret Hart mark. If he goes along with something, then I'm cool with it. What I won't go along with is what WWE and a lot of others "wish" Bret would be cool with.

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People are letting emotion getting in the way of common sense, logic and business. I don't doubt it would cause a collective orgasm from almost every Bret Hart fan on the planet, and most wrestling fans in general, if Bret was to show up at Summerslam unadvertised. Bret was presented with a proposal for such an appearance before, at WM X8, with the hope that it being a surprise, and thus the WWF getting no buys from his name, would make Bret take the deal. He didn't.


People have also began talking about Bret wrestling again. I don't think these people really know what damage a stroke does. Bret has said that if he could wrestle one match again it would be against Kurt Angle. Kurt proposed such a match last year. Guess what? Bret said no, and explained why, because of his stroke. Do people have to be hit with a brick before they comprehend things? Bret is never wrestling again. Period. Get over it people.

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