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A Magic Carpet Ride To Hell

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Gary Floyd


-Well, it's been a while, but I'm back. I've been busy with classes (Literary studies, Short Story Writing II, Poetry, II, and Wight Lifting-No, I've met nobody like wildpegasus). They've been fine, I guess. Met a cool guy who's a fellow horror fan, and writes on occasion, so that's pretty cool.


-Anyways, Hotbutter was banned again, this time using the allias "Dirty Killingsocks." He's like wildpegasus, only amusing and not pathetic.


-I recently saw the "Cast Your Dream Porno" thread, and all I can say is...wow. I don't mind seing a girl get fucked in the ass, but Double Anal is not for me. Neither is watersports, bestiality scat, rape play, or anything that's well...sick, though I've read my fare share of horror stories with that kind of shit. Also, I like porn as much as the next guy, and I can see someone buying or renting one, but why would anyone become a connoiseur of it? Besides, there porn everywhere on the net, so what's the point of owing one. Ok, I casn see someone owning something like "Debbie Does Dallas" for historical purposes, but still, what's the deal. It's not the 80's anymore, we don't need to rent porn, because it's right there, and sometimes it's free. But that's just my opinion.


In a nutshell, I like porn as much as the next guy, but I'm not exactly an enthusiast.


-I might watch Raw tonight, since I'm (mostly) done with homework, and I've got nothing else to do. There's really nothing else on.

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did you enjoy Raw?

No, it was a waste of time (as usual), especially the "Rosie"/"Donald" bullshit, though it was great to see the crowd shot all over it.

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I griped in the OAO thread and it was pretty much no-sold, but my biggest complaint was why bring Khali over when you have a guy that could probably do well in the ME scene, Monty Brown, RIGHT FUCKING THERE! Sure the guy isn't the best wrestler in the world, but he's imposing and super charasmatic and the crowd will get into him based on those traits alone!

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I actually watched the first five minutes of RAW -- what happened in the Rosie/Trump bit?

Well, it was actually two indy wrestlers dressed up as Rosie and Trump. The crowd shit all over it, chanting "Refund","We Want Wrestling", and even "TNA" and "VKM" (let's just say the VKM didn't stand for Vince's initials.) It was completely unwactchable, and was almost Katie Vick levels bad. Hell, it made me long for the "Vince operates on JR" bit from a while back, and that's saying something.

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