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Quick blurbs before I head home for the day

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- So the Giants won the Super Bowl. Whatever. I didn't even turn the game on until halfway through the 3rd quarter, but I guess I saw the most important parts of the game. What a spectacular 4th quarter. If you'd offered me a $1,000 bet that ELI MANNING of all people would lead his team 83 yards in just over 2 minutes to win the Super Bowl, well, you'd have $1,000 of my money because I'd have taken that bet.


As for the result of the game, well, it sucks...and yet it doesn't. As a Cowboys fan, I fucking hate the Giants. Plus, I wanted to see the Patriots go 19-0 just because 19-0 is really fucking impressive and will probably never happen again in my lifetime, if ever. On the other hand, neither Randy Moss nor Junior Seau will be getting Super Bowl rings. So I'm torn.


Pitchers and catchers report in a couple of weeks. That's all that matters at this point.



- Tax cuts my ass. After doing a quick estimate of our income taxes this past year, it appears that getting married did nothing for me except reduce the amount of my refund by a little more than half. Of course, total income reported is more than double what it was last year, but still?



- sfaJill is pissed off. We turned in our wedding album to the photographer in September and still have not received the final copy of it despite it being promised to us "no later than January 10." She just called to say that she is on her way over there right now to (presumably) beat the hell out of someone. I told her I'll stop by the bank on my way home to pick up her bail money. She laughed.



- After FOUR MONTHS of discussion, my company's latest "reorganization" has finally been completed. I've been here just over six years and this is the SIXTH official "reorganization" during that time. It's mindboggling.


Anyway, this one has actually affected me because I am being pulled out of my little corporate accounting black hole and switched over to our projects group, which is a total change in job responsibilities--and exactly what I needed.


What's ironic is that the day this was announced was the very same day that I spent some of my time in the early morning browsing the job listings in the paper for the first time in three years.



- sfaJill and I signed up with 24 Hour Fitness over the weekend. I don't want to pay $50 a month for this, but since our gym here at work closed and we have no room in the house for workout equipment it is the best option (especially since I hate jogging and will do damn near anything to avoid it). Our first workout is tonight. Should be fun.

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Some athletes go through coaches in that same amount of time.


And if you're going to look for a new job, now is the best time to do so while you're still getting a paycheck.

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Damn you got hosed. Being married netted me a cool $1,300 or so in extra refund.

I'm not a tax accountant so the only thing I can figure is that since the taxable income is more than twice what it was last year we fall into that dreaded "middle class trap" or whatever you call it where you get screwed no matter what. Damn that George Bush.


Maybe it'd help if we adopt six African orphans this year. Or claim the puppy and the cat as dependents.


Some athletes go through coaches in that same amount of time.

I've probably been here too long but since 1) my boss generally leaves me alone and just lets me do my work, 2) they keep giving me good raises and/or promotions each year, and 3) I get to work my preferred schedule (6A-4P, with minimal overtime/weekends) in addition to getting every other Friday off, I'm pretty much content. Bored with the work a lot of the time...but content.


I've felt motivated to browse the want ads recently because there are certain lazy/incompetent people I'm tired of dealing with and management has made some weird decisions in the past few months that I don't think are necessarily in the company's best interest. But since this "new" job will put me away from the people I'm tired of dealing with all the time and is a near-complete change of job responsibilities, I figure I'll stick it out for a while. Plus, I figure that there will be lazy/incompetent people and questionable management at whatever other place I might go to.



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