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All Time MLB Draft

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EVIL~! alkeiper


I'm blatantly ripping off a concept from Bored. The best player from each pick in the draft. The MLB June draft has run from 1965 to the present.


1. Alex Rodriguez, SS

2. Reggie Jackson, OF

3. Robin Yount, SS

4. Dave Winfield, OF or Barry Larkin, SS

5. Dwight Gooden, RHP

6. Barry Bonds, OF

7. Frank Thomas, 1B

8. Todd Helton, 1B

9. Barry Zito, LHP

10. Mark McGwire, 3B


Not one #1 overall pick has yet made the Hall, though Junior Griffey and A-Rod certainly will. Having no player better than Zito at #9 is a surprise, ditto for Doc Gooden at #5.


11. Greg Luzinski, 1B

12. Billy Wagner, LHP or Nomar Garciaparra, SS

13. Manny Ramirez, OF

14. Derrek Lee, 1B

15. Chase Utley, 2B

16. Lance Parrish, IF

17. Roy Halladay, RHP

18. Willie Wilson, OF

19. Roger Clemens, RHP

20. Mike Mussina, RHP


21. Rick Sutcliffe, RHP

22. Craig Biggio, C

23. Jason Kendall, C

24. Rondell White, OF

25. Chuck Knoblauch, 2B

26. Alan Trammell, SS

27. Vida Blue, LHP

28. Lee Smith, RHP

29. George Brett, SS

30. Mike Schmidt, SS


Where are the Hall of Famers? Currently, 19 members of the Hall of Fame began their careers out of the amateur draft. Only six of them (Jackson, Yount, Winfield, Puckett, Fisk, Molitor) were chosen in the first ten picks of the draft. Five of them were not picked in the top 100, and Ryne Sandberg was the 511th pick in his draft. Nolan Ryan was the 226th pick, Goose Goosage was chosen 204th.

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Awww and I was going to do the same before the June draft. Oh well. Maybe I'll do an All-Time NHL Draft...or not.


I think I'd give a slight edge to Kevin Appier over Zito at #9 but ya not a whole lot to offer with just a handful of decent players at that spot.

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I missed Appier. I gave the nod to Zito thanks to three All-Star appearances.


NHL now is covered through hockey-reference.com, so it's a possibility. Or just take a different angle at the MLB draft, perhaps best player at each round.

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Pop question: Who was better: Dave Winfield or Barry Larkin?

Really tough question. Both made twelve All-Star games, both won several Gold Glove and silver slugger awards. Winfield generally did better in MVP award balloting but Larkin actually won the award in 1995. I'll give the nod to Larkin, but it is very close.

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Do the research for me. Was Winfield a better hitter? If not, or if he wasn't a much better hitter, I'd go with Barry because shortstop is a tough position.

Winfield played in a tougher offensive era, so his numbers don't look as good as they would in Larkin's age. Larkin was better at getting on base, Winfield hit for more power. Without adjusting for era, Larkin was actually a better hitter. Winfield comes out ahead slightly when you make the adjustment. On pure ability, Larkin would beat Winfield. The only additional consideration is that Winfield played in 800 more career games.

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