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Dodgers/Athletics World Series: Game 3

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EVIL~! alkeiper


I rented this game recently off Netflix. I thought I had pegged the Gibson walk-off, but this game certainly did not disappoint. A 2-1 victory highlighted by Mark McGwire's walk-off home run in the ninth. A few thoughts:


-It surprises me somewhat that you rarely hear about this homer from McGwire, even during his playing days. You would think a player known for his home run exploits would have this one highlighted.


-McGwire's home run game came three days after Gibson won game one with his own home run. This was the first time two batters hit walk-off home runs in the same series. The only other series to earn this distinction was the 2004 NLCS.


-I will never, ever complain about too many pickoff throws again. Bob Welch threw over eight times after Steve Sax reached base to leadoff the game. The eighth inning was interminable, with the Athletics obsessed with neutralizing Lasorda's running attack.


-Despite the throw overs, the constant threat of hit and runs, steals, etc. make this game very interesting. Broadcaster Vin Scully does an outstanding job of giving the relevant situation, letting the viewer know the potential strategy given the statistics and results of the season. Fox should watch Scully and NBC work games and take notes.



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McGwire's homerun is forgotten because of Gibson pure and simple. I would love to rewatch this game but I don't have Netflix and there's no way in hell I'll ever buy the whole set. Maybe down the line I'll check Ebay to see if anyone is selling individual games from the set.


I'd have to imagine impartial viewers at the time through three games must of thought this could be one of the greatest series of all-time. Didn't quite workout that way.


Oh and if you post a screencap of McGwire raising his arms right after he hits it you'll be my hero.

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I wanted to make a crack about how "big home runs from losing teams are never talked about" and somehow work in a Carlton Fisk Game 6 remark, but I'm too lazy.

And to a lesser extent Derek Jeter's walkoff in the 2001 World Series.

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Was that the year the Jap gave up walkoffs in back-to-back games? I felt bad for him.

Korean Byung Hyun Kim. I blame Bob Brenly for the fiasco. Kim threw 61 pitches in Game Four, culminating with Derek Jeter's walkoff home run. Brenly brought back Kim the next night where he again blew a save thanks to Scott Brosius' home run. Kim did not actually surrender the game-winning hit in game five however. Alfonso Soriano won it with an RBI single off reliever Albie Lopez in the 12th inning.

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