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6/25: Click The Vote

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11:45 p.m.


• So this gets a little chuckle out of me whenever I see it. All across America the po-lice are CRACKING DOWN on drivers not wearing their seat belts. Oh Noz~! Anyway, these stupid click it or ticket billboards have sprung up in my neck of the woods. If you don’t have one around where you live, here’s how they look.




Now the difference in this billboard from the ones in Pennsylvania is that instead of that “click it’ logo on the lower right we have some hippie state symbol and our logo. What is my commonwealth’s logo titled? “State of Independence.” Yeah, we got a mean independent streak. As long as we wear our seat belts…


…and not drive more than two miles in the left lane.


…and remove all the snow from our vehicle before driving.


…and buy your booze from a state-controlled liquor store.


Other than that, and the million other nitpicky laws on the books, we’re free to do as we please. Now I need to move the better half away from my half of the fridge we are sleeping on top of. Damn you Bush economy.


• Gee, I wonder who will be paying for air time on MTV? I bet it's McCain trying to appeal to the young'ins.


Politicians can finally get their MTV. After declining political advertising since its inception in 1981, MTV is reversing course...


...MTV's announcement of the switch follows a report in the New York Times on June 22 that Democratic Sen. Barack Obama's campaign wanted to do an MTV buy. It's also probably not a coincidence that Mr. Obama, who is opting out of public funding, will likely have plenty of money to spend on youth-directed ads. A political expert said the most immediate beneficiary of the switch is the Obama campaign.


Wow, Barack Osama really is that dumb. I'm sure this network would have slobbed his knob through November for free.

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The snow law is very legitimate, IMO. I've been hit by chunks of ice flying off of trucks. At the least, drivers who drive off with snow create a visibility hazard to other drivers.


Yes, I'm guilty of this myself.

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