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So this is a blog thing

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Well, we've had fucking all sorts of newspapers and magazines saying about how important blogs are going to be for the future of journalism, and its seriously underwhelming to be honest. Who in the fuck would be interested in anything I've got to say, let alone change events. Looking at some of the other blogs on this page, someone wants to put up a wrestling column a day, holy shit that will be fucking awesome. boxing_smiley.gif No doubt enforcing negative stereotypes and so on. We've got another person talking about his illness(no doubt with some shite emo band on in the background). So to be honest, I'm not exactly sure what to put in this thing, I could whine about having to work long hours(racked up 62.5 hours last week), I could whine about life, and say how suicidial I was, or pretend to be drunk and post "funny" comments. I don't know, I think I'm just going to post shite in this, and see where it takes me.

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