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12/6: A Message To The BcS

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Utah/Boise State isn't my dream matchup for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, but when you play a REGULAR SEASON TOURNAMENT you never know what can happen each week. Great system there.


7 a.m.


• So I was doing some YouTube research for my "Askkking You" thread at the other place, and I took a trip down memory lane with the remix of Craig Mack's "Flava in Your Ear."



Then I saw one of the comments to this video.


this has been my shit since i was 8 fuckin' years old! man, this is old skool shit!


This was released in '94-'95. It's not OLD SKOOL! I was in COLLEGE at the time!


Then again, when I was 8 years old, Run DMC's Rock Box came out and I consider that OLD SKOOL. And at the time I'm sure someone who grew up listening to Parliament-Funkadelic wondered what this shit was that those three rappers from Queens were doing. Looks like I may have edit my response to "Name an event which made you think, 'Fuck, I'm getting older.'"

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