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Suck it, "global warming" nutjobs

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That's right, bitches.


It snowed.




More than one inch.




Does THAT sound like global warming to you??



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Actually you can blame my wife. She flew into Houston last night. So an Alaskan flys in and you get your first snow in 4 years. Yeah that's a coincidence. She really enjoyed (see: did not enjoy) seeing live long Texans deal with it on the road.

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Neither did I. In fact, I had this text exchange with a friend of mine:


FRIEND (4:38 p.m.): It's SNOWING!!

ME: Yeah, great. Gonna be a bunch of dumb motherfuckers on the road for the drive home.


Sure enough, traffic was slowed to a crawl in a few spots because some of us down here are too ignorant to realize that snow, sleet, and ice make roads slick.



But, hey, if Smuesette is coming back any time soon and wants to bring more Alaskan air with her, I welcome her. We have 9 months of temperatures that are either "warm" or "hot"--I think it's only fair that we get a few days of freezing weather every now and then.

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She flew down as part of a grant with NASA, and I think it was the end of the grant, so no more travel. If they renew the grant though I'll tell her to bring a bunch more weather with her next time.

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