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12/14: A Message To Smues

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I normally don't pay attention to the NFL's Thursday Night Game, so I didn't know who won/covered the spread. After going through your picks this week I now know New Orleans was the victor -- either outright or the team lost by less than 3.5 points. Thanks for saving me a trip to NFL.com.


1 p.m.


• So the guy from Oklahoma won the Heisman. Whatever. I was pulling for Colt, but this guy had the bigger numbers 'n stuff. Not like any of this matters in the NFL, though.


• And last night while having SportsCenter on as background noise, I got to hear this gem. Some idiot anchor was trying to make a connection with the RECSSSION and people getting there jobs turk'en with the plethora of NBA coaches getting fired. Uh, dipshit, NBA coaches getting fired isn't quite the same as Joe Blow getting laid off because his business is closing. Why can't you idiots just stick to reading scores? Even Jay Harris, who is probably my favorite SportsCenter anchor, was acting a fool alongside this other guy, who I saw host a NFL Live once in a while but that's about it. Ugh.

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I don't usually like the "pick the first game right then match your opponents picks to screw them" method, but I didn't have any time to really come up with picks on my own. Plus it's against the Patriots, so I have motivation. Nothing against Harley, but anyone who picks the Pats needs to lose.


And Chicago won but only by 3, giving those of us that picked NO the win by half a point. I was watching the game at the airport bar in Juneau and was quite happy to see that turn of events.

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