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1/18: A Message to Ken Whisenhunt

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Remember that you're playing against the team that didn't want your services at the helm. For God's sake please beat the Steelers, if only because if the black and gold win I'll have to deal with local stories like, "OMG DAN ROONEY IS GOING TO MEET PRESIDENT HUSSEIN IN THE WHITE HOUSE" once the winning Super Bowl team heads to D.C. Yeah, ol' Dan sure loves Osama -- that's why he was trying to sell the Steelers before President Hussein could jack up the capital gains tax. That old bastard should have to pay out the difference anyway; do as I say not as I do indeed.


8:45 p.m.


• So I don't know what's funnier. Hearing the better half yell "fatass" whenever the Arizona Cardinals did something good in today's game against the Philadelphia Eagles ("fatass" is her pet name for our Philly-based governor; she hates everything from the City of Brotherly Love now), or hearing her shout obscenities whenever there’s yet another ad/reference to President Hussein and his big day.


• I'm glad the Steelers didn't score any points at the end of the first half. That "roughing the punter" call was utter bullshit.

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You fucking traitor! You don't want The Steelers to win their 6th SB because you'll have to deal with retarded fluff pieces on the local news?!? Petty bastard!! :angry:

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Calling me a traitor would imply at one time I donned the black and gold. Actually, I wouldn't mind either team winning. Today's entry aside, the Steelers are a well-run franchise, and I've always liked Whisenhunt. And just because I'm from the area doesn't mean I call 'em like I see 'em. You have to admit that roughing call was b.s.


Hey, Philly lost and once again the "OMG MCNABB DOESN'T HAVE ANYONE TO THROW TO" talk has come up -- lol.

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All joking aside, I thought you might be a Browns or Bengals fan. At least if you still lived in Ohio, you wouldn't have to worry about all this pesky, never ending S.B. talk. *Rimshot* To be honest, if it was anyone other than The Steelers in The SB, I would be rooting for The Cards like (seemingly) everyone else. Oh yeah, that roughing the punter call against The Ravens was utter bullshit. But to be fair, so was that incomplete pass call against Holmes, as well as the pass interference call that led to the first Ravens TD. As far as I'm concerned, bad officiating is just part of the game.

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