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3/23: A Message To SFA Jack

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When you're good enough to get 63 pages in your "ask" feature, the Best Ending, the Frog Ending, and the Secret Ending, then we'll talk. Until then, keep on digging, Watson.


Man, am I stretching for material now or what? Guess I can comment on President Hussein again. Then again, nothing STRIKES me as worth commenting about this terrorist fucktard. I could make some jokes about his kids, but that would be going in the GUTTER. Perhaps a sex joke about him and Michelle wreslting in the sack -- I bet there's some good PIN ACTION there. Oh look at the time: It's 7:10. I gotta split.


9 p.m.


Those bitches. How dare they think the Octo-Mom is an unfit parent?


Octuplets mother Nadya Suleman has fired a nonprofit group of nurses that helped care for her children, accusing the group of spying on her and reporting her to child welfare officials, her spokesman said Monday.


Suleman attorney Jeff Czech said the relationship started badly between Suleman and Angels in Waiting, which has been training nannies paid by Suleman at the family's La Habra home.


Last month an attorney for Angels in Waiting filed a complaint against Suleman with child welfare officials, seeking an investigation into whether the mother could provide a suitable environment for her 14 children.


Suleman later had several confrontations with the nurses, Czech said, and the situation grew unbearable Sunday when Suleman came to believe that Angels in Waiting founder Linda West-Conforti was allegedly filing a report against her with child welfare officials.


"It started out adversarial and never really resolved itself," Czech told The Associated Press. "Nadya felt that she was being judged wrongfully and she didn't need it. All it did was make a difficult situation worse."


Now here's the big shocker. That feminazi bitch Gloria Allred is finally on the right side of the law.


Czech did not detail the complaint and lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents the nurses' group, refused comment Monday, saying more details will be released Tuesday.


• So Barney Fwank thinks Scalia is a homophobe.


"I wouldn't want wit to gwo to the Wonited Stwates Suprewme Court now because that homophwobe Antwonin Scawlwa has woo many wotes on wis cuwent cwourt."


I swear to Christ you could just burn sound clips of this guy to a CD and it would outsell at least half the comedy albums out there.

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