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Yet another boring entry.

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Gary Floyd


Man, only one response? I must have the most boring blog in this place.


Anyways, I'm mostly posting today out of boredom. So, here's a list I made up, out of boredom.


8 things in music, and things about music fans, that annoy me.


1.) Bands who do entire albums either without a title, or without a song title. Really, it's the most pretentious thing on Earth. Examples of artists who have done this include Sigur Ros, Merzbow, and Farmers Manual. While I like Merzbow and Sigur Ros, I still find this annoying.


2.) People who constantly go on about what Punk was about back in the day. You wanna know something? Nobody will ever really know what punk was about, because it was about a lot of things. It wasn't about just one single thing.


3.) People who complain about Hip Hop. This usually comes from 1.) Classic Rock and Prog Rock fans, 2.) Jazz Snobs, and 3.) Racist Halfwits. Basically, the same kind of people who will debate Pink Floyd (who I love) or John Coltrane (not a diss on Coltrane, since I also love his work), but are either too boring, or too self important to recognize something different and innovative now and then. Just remember this rock snobs: You may badmouth someone like Acelyone, but remember that there was a time when the bands you loved were dismissed.


4.) Ridiculously long album titles. This is very common in the world of Post Rock (i.e. A Silver MT. Zion, GYBE!). While I do enjoy Post Rock, this really gets on my nerves.


5.) Tool fans. Most of the Tool fans I've encountered are incredibly boring pseudo-intellecualist pricks. Also, most ICP fans I've encountered are complete retards. Carnival is probably the only ICP fan I've discovered on the net who doesn't annoy me.


6.) Frank Zappa fans. Not really a complaint, but more of an observation: On every message board on the internet, there is someone who go on and on about Frank Zappas brilliance. Again, not a diss or complaint, just an observation.


7.) People who dismiss Pitchfork, but embrace other pretentious, scenester music websites. Sure, I think Pitchfork sucks, but people wh go on about why it sucks, but then embrace an equally pretentious webpage like Brainwashed are basically like the pot calling the kettle black.


8.) People who call you an idiot for liking a certain band. It seems like your not allowed to like bands like The Killers these days, because if you do, you'll have somebody call you an idiot, or go on a pointless rant (much like this one) about why they think that band sucks. Well, sorry that I haven't praised whatever new Sufjan Stevens album has come out, but there are bands that I can't bring myself to hate, so shove it hipsters.


Well, that's all I have to say.

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Idiot. :P


Actually, I feel you for number 8. I like to listen to Green Day and the Offspring every now and then, and a few of my friends who are really into punk have to remind me that these two bands really "aren't" punk. So what? If you like listening to something, then listen.

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