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9. I was halfway through with my latest entry...

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Then, this happens:




Oh, Lordy.


THIS is the shit I LIVE for on message boards.


Since I've (somewhat) matured, and most of the Internet has matured as well... it's been a long time since I got one of these. One of those posts that I can look back on every day for months, and just laugh.


Thank you, Damian. I knew you were capable of spreading such joy.


That's all for this entry... I better copy Damians' joy for safe keeping.


"The Gloves are off, motherfucker.


I've gone out of my way to pretty much cut you out of my existence for the last 2 or 3 years or so and your ass continues to come back, so fuck it. This will be theraputic.


I'm gone from pure anger towards you, to indifference, to just being goddamned annoyed by you lately.


What the fuck makes you so special?


Out of about 500+ guys that post on the board, you seem to attract the most attention simply because of the fact that you have a vagina and this is probably the closest that a lot of guys would get to associating themselves with a psycho bitch like yourself.


Guys, there's tons hotter, most of whom aren't racist pieces of shit who are actually a lot hotter and dont have their heads all gassed up, like this crazy attention whore.




I hope your doctors have gotten the most they can out of the research money theyve been able to come up with to deal with your bipolar, mental disorders and if not...then hopefully one day, the medical industry will do us all a favor and make sure you don't reproduce.


Goodbye, Bitch.




I might have another entry tonight.


Luvz u, blog.



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I'm shocked that I am saying this, but I'm turning around on you. You used to annoy me but others are just increasingly frustrating in their worthless attempts to steal attention away. Sure, you like attention but isn't that the main reason most are here anyways?


You have boobs. This, makes you a target for these kids. Fight the power, sister.

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I can't help but like Leena as well. I don't see the big fuss about her though, meaning why people dislike her. There are far more annoying people on this board.

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Hah. I haven't had a good laugh like that in a while.

























I'm not stalking, I just think she's awfully intoxicating !

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