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Stupid blog

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DrVenkman PhD


So, I decided the other day I wanted to start blogging again... and then I couldn't. I had that stupid Canadian skin on, which was only there to say "Hey everyone I'm Canadian", and clicking the entry menu didn't do anything. Well, today I looked at the settings (again) to see if there was something I was missing. I saw an option under "Look" to always show entry options. When I selected it, the blog turned over to the default skin (which works out well) and suddenly clicking "Entries" actually did something! I wish I knew how to permenantly change the blog skin so I didn't have to worry about it flipping back to the Canadian one, but in due time.


Now I am free to share with everyone just how funny I find "The War on Easter" graphic that they use on The Colbert Report... but later.

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