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Just something I gotta say

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USC Wuz Robbed!


Ok, in the fanofcoils thread, there's those discussions about sniper bans and who deserves a ban/who doesn't. Personally I think the people who were banned, they deserved it, not so much because I don't like them, but more because they had nothing of value to offer. Now for some reason, there are people on this board that seems to share that opinion, however, it's of ME. I don't understand why. I would like to preface that with that I'm not crying about it, not complaining about it, or anything. I'm just legitimately confused as to why people think I'm so terrible. Now it's just the internet, and people shouldn't care what the others think of them, however it is opinions that creates a dynamic on the board, whether it's a positive one or negative one. Take a look at those people who are "established" like Slayer, FFMS, etc, and for the most part, people take to them positively. They're allowed to delve into discussions without someone *coughs* bob barron *coughs* comes in and intentionally try to make the poster look bad, just because he doesn't like that poster. Now truth be told, I'm guilty of this, with past incidents involving Damaramu, EHME, etc. Two years ago, I first became a father. I still retained my personality, because for the most part, one kid is pretty much easy to handle, so I was able to have some "me" time on-line, which was spent on various forums like this one. Last January, however, my little daughter was brought in the world. Now any parents of more than 1 child will know that it's a lot harder to handle two kids. You'd have to keep a close eye on a toddler, in addition to a newborn. Tough but I manage. I love my kids, and while I may come off like an asshole or whatever on the board, I'm for the most part a nice guy who looks out for my friends or family. My wife's in-laws just loves me because of how well I take care of their daughter, and how I am one of those dads who spends a lot of time with his kids. One of the advantages of being a dad at such a young age is that my body hasn't deteriorated yet, so I am able to keep pace with my son, who likes to keep himself active. I also take on a large load of changing my kids' diapers or feeding them or whatnot. Not that I want a medal or anything, don't get me wrong, but that's how it is in my household.


The reason I'm talking about this, is because I frankly don't have time for my detractors. They don't know who I am, they look at a few posts of mine, and decree me an idiot or someone not worth their time. That's fine if I rub them the wrong way, but the last thing I need is for a bob barron or whoever to come in right after my posts and just try to take me down a notch. The internet is about opinions. Am I not allowed to express mine? When my daughter came into my life, I realized, life is too precious and short, that you know what? All the grudges, all the petty bullshit, it didn't matter anymore. Leena hates me, fine. Bob Barron hates me, fine. Whoever else, if they hate me, that's fine. If that's the case, just put me on ignore and leave it at that. It's not so hard. I would much rather be ignored than be ragged on for no apparent reason other than a vendetta. As EHME would say, "they're just catching feelings". Well stop it. If you are a legal adult, act like it. Stop all the petty bullshit. I buried my hatchet with Damaramu, so you won't be seeing any more Porter/Dama crap in college football threads. I think I buried my hatchet with EHME, so nothing between us either. When I first joined, I spoke with Czech Republic and Bob Barron on AIM. We seemed to have civil conversations. I told Bob I enjoyed his SNL recap. I talked about the Cubs with Czech despite my team being the White Sox. Now they're acting like I'm the bane of their existence, it's just stupid and silly.


So in closure, I'm giving those detractors a rare opportunity. An opportunity to get rid of me without waiting for the admin to deem me undesirable and taking me out with a sniped ban. If you want me gone, just say so. I will not waste any more time on this board if I'm not wanted.


Also, if there are ANYONE who feels that I'm a decent guy or a guy worth talking to, and I got banned/exiled, then my AIM SN is Slasherflick, so shoot me an IM whenever you wanna talk wrestling/sports/etc.


Thanks for reading. And my apologies if this sounded emo-ish. I just needed to get it off my chest. Well toodles.

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I think a big reason why your "detractors" don't like you is because you seem to throw out childish insults even in the most insignificant of debates. For example, the "which skipper gets the boot first" thread...I think we can all agree that EHME isn't a bright kid, but there was really no reason for you to flamebait him over what he said, especially when you hadn't added anything to said thread yourself.


Other than that, you seem to be a nice enough guy.

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Yeah I know, I am trying to stop that shit. Like I said, I dropped my issues with EHME and even Damaramu, so hopefully I can just be "cool" and post normally.

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the problem here is that everyone (myself included) tries to "one-up" everyone...who can flame the best, who can outsmart the fastest, etc. Everyone tries to be "the coolest kid on TSM" and it really kills a lot of good discussion. I mean, it's to the point where you have to read, re-read and re-read again what you typed before you post it because there's always at least one asshole who will crack on you no matter what you say.


oh and I feel you on the parenting thing, my daughter is 3 and we have another one due in September so I'll be right there with ya!

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