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A Tale of New Beginnings!

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I gotta dust the dirt off my shoulder...




So I was reading through some of the better blogs around here (not gonna name names) and I decided I wanted to try this again. However, there's only so many times I can write about why I like Randy Orton or how great the history of the Intercontinental Championship is. So, I'm gonna try this in a more conventional manner. And if it takes, it takes. Hopefully I'm a pretty interesting guy. If it fails, then all I'm out is a little time. Who could ask for a sweeter deal?


All right, so, the first entry of the new blog era. If you read it all the way through, I promise you a noteworthy surprise. DON'T YOU DARE SCROLL DOWN...


So, today was pretty awesome. Worked a short day, and the weather was fantastic -- 72 and sunny, with a nice breeze. I immediately came home, changed into shorts, and partook of some Asian delicacies with the roommates. A good time was had by all. Did some spring cleaning when I got home, including busting out my tennis racket. I don't know where my balls are (ha), but I can procure some rather easily (double ha). Looking forward to it.


This weekend was great. I drove out to Wisconsin Rapids and saw my dad, who is going to become a priest. Starting in August, the old man (58!) is going to seminary in Boston for FOUR YEARS to become an ordained Catholic priest. It's been a wild experience for the whole family, just sharing it with him, and I'm thrilled for him, even if it's not my scene. He's...you wouldn't say he's born again, but he fell off the path, so to speak, and now he's found it again and you know, it works for him, so great, right? Right. So, anyway, I need to see him as much as possible before the move to Boston. Massachusettes is a much farther drive than Wisconsin.


This weekend should ALSO kick ass...hell, the whole week. Twins game on WEDNESDAY with my best friend, new computer arrives on Thursday, and old friends come into town for Easter weekend. Hopefully I'll be wiast-deep in liquor by Friday night.


Weather should hold, since I know you all care. A little rain off and on, high 60s and 70s all week. I'm gonna TRY to get a tennis match in next weekend. Wish me luck!


A brief wrestling thought, as I watch RAW: Trish Stratus just came out dressed as Mickie and it was HILARIOUS. I'm glad they found something else to do with these two. It makes the show that much better.


Okay, I'm done for now. More soon. Oh, and the big surprise.










Brace yourselves.








Some of you will love this, some will think me a fool. But I'm retiring the account, so no need to keep the secret.









I, Mr. Hoff, yours truly....I was Heel Turn.



Have a good night!

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Recommended Comments

I look forward to your tennis stories.

You have to remember that I'm NOT very good. I can play a whole match (or I could last summer) and I love the game, but that doesn't equate to talent.


I, Mr. Hoff, yours truly....I was Heel Turn.


Uh, omg ban plz?

I'll ban YOU! ...Somehow.

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Lapse in judgement. Plus I'm like Kurt Angle. I try to play heel but I'm just so very popular that I get cheered.

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I'll give this more coverage in the next entry. Five minutes earlier and you'd have made tonight. Suffice to say, Piss made one good-ass dessert for him and his on Easter. Or, will make. I don't know.

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