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RUDO. Idiot at work. Love.

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Hawk 34


Random Thoughts


-Idiot co-worker




Pretty frustrating, last Thursday I met with a well known cereal company about doing a job for them and everything was on board and ready to go and we were to start production in early august for it. I sent the rep to our sales exec to finalize it.


I come in on Friday morning and I’m told we lost the account. This was a HUGE account and the old fuck we have as our sales exec fumbled the ball on the 1 yard line.


It happens though, you don’t get them all but I pissed because I gave a great pitch all for nothing.


All the asshole had to say was “We’ll get the next one, trust me”.


Fuck you Old timer. You can’t do your fucking job.


-Making it work


I hate not having time for a relationship now that I am actually in one that I want to be in. The previous relationships were us constantly together and that was nice but now I really want to be with my current GF but since I work mornings and afternoons with her working nights as a hostess…obviously our time is limited. We usually meet once a day for lunch together. 90 minutes isn’t enough. Luckily, I’m taking a week vacation soon and we’ll probably escape there and catch up on lost time.


I guess, this is one of those “growing up” things that KKK talks about…when relationships can’t be a constant state of Puppy Love.





The ECW stuff has been a complete joke. From the start of the entire idea of the re-birth.


Rudo, nailed it last night. The only thing interesting about the PPV was the crowd and you can get that at any ROH or Indy show. You won’t get that crowd night in and night out.


WWE is being raped by Sci-Fi already. THEY DON’T WANT TO BE WITH WRESTLING.


Remember the last time a network didn’t want ECW? The WWE name helps slightly but not enough.


I can’t fathom how they expected this to work after conceptualizing the idea just 2 months ago. You can’t launch a huge rebirth in that short time frame.


It’ll never work. It’ll be as irrelevant as Smackdown only with a couple smark orientated angles from Heyman to appease his fan base.


Last night just shows It’ll be the same style with a different name slapped on it.


People want to call RUDO a negative minded person, but not what he really is. A open eyed person. Does he nit-pick? Sure. He pays attention to details, which isn't allowed in the minds of the mutants who have spawned again in the fake rebirth.




This is deserving of the praise it has gotten from Meltzer and the rave reviews from across the net.


Just superb.

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Recommended Comments

What did the sales guy do to fuck up the account?


Lost time? Where does she work -- Nevada?


Apparently from what I'm hearing, he came off unprepared and wouldn't come down on the cost. I basically set up the design and the production, his job was to simply say "we'll do this and that, and it'll cost this and that". Me and the company were agreement with everything and I guess the other company didn't want to work with our sales exec.


Lost time meaning she works til midnight and we haven't really gotten to the whole "staying at each others place" stage yet. We're in constant communication via txt, phone or aim but it's not the same as being there live obviously.


I've jokingly asked her to quit her job and go back to being an assistant for some office job she had before but she likes her job as it pays well.


Once start school (I'm only taking a couple night classes next semester because I can't leave a lofty job like mine) she won't be working nights anymore and we'll have no trouble finding time for each other. It's just a matter of holding on for the next few weeks.

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