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  1. Y2BigJ


    Rambo's dad's name is clearly Rambo Rambo.
  2. Y2BigJ

    Madden '05 question

    10 minute quarters with the Accelerated clock on tends to create a realistic game.
  3. Y2BigJ

    Super Bowl XXXIX discussion thread

    Eagles are very good.Pats are great. 31-17 Pats but closer then the the score.
  4. Y2BigJ

    World Series 2004

    I think there is a club option for Timlin so he isn't really a FA.
  5. Y2BigJ

    World Series 2004

    Schilling was wearing a throwback Steelers jersey a few times during spring training so I'm assuming he is just a Steelers fan.
  6. Y2BigJ

    Who is your teams greatest player of all time?

    I have a slight problem calling Bird the greatest Celtic ever, what about Bill Russell?
  7. Y2BigJ

    Dillion Traded to Patriots

    The best thing about this deal is in essence it's Dillon for a third round pick. The draft pick their trading was in a trade with Miami for their third rounder in last years draft. As usual with the Pats their is one key word that they live by: VALUE.
  8. Y2BigJ

    Anybody in the New England area been to...

    I go to the Bellingham one, it's only a town away from me.
  9. Y2BigJ

    The OAO Super Bowl Thread

    Does anyone here expect the Panter's to win? I know it could happen but other then 3 or 4 of turnovers by the Pats is there anyway they can win this game?
  10. Y2BigJ

    The NFL Playoff Graveyard

    I don't get this whole Pats overrated thing. They are simply the best post salary cap team ever.
  11. Y2BigJ

    What does your team need?

    Does anyone agree with me that the Pats are in a position to be the best team in the NFL for years to come? They are the best team in the NFL with a ton of drat picks and th best coach in the NFL and a franchise QB. I know the word dynasty is dead in the NFL but could this be the start of a new one?
  12. Y2BigJ

    What does your team need?

    The Pats really have no need for a CB unless they get rid of Law. In my mind the Poole and Law combo has been the best in the league this year.They may use Wilson as a CB next year and get another safety. The Pats are really in a superb position with the draft (2 first rd,2 nd and two 4ths) So they can basically get a good RB,WR some Ol help and a little youth to the dl or lb corps.
  13. Y2BigJ

    Recent purchases

    Bad Boys 1 and 2 The fisher king Rushmore Greenmile Shawshank Redemption
  14. Y2BigJ

    The one and only emulation thread

    I think it came out for PC, 3do and PSX