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  1. tonyjaymzretro

    RE: Procedural Note (Taking Legal Action)

    Matt, to be honest, you've been acting like a bitch. Contacting the host over the sharing folder, deleting the classic threads, over what? An silly argument over video games? Broward shouldn't have made a comment about your sister but come the fuck on, its TSM. Glad no one took offense over your jewberg comments or your love of the word Nigga, right? Just, you know, chill the fuck out.
  2. tonyjaymzretro

    RE: Procedural Note (Taking Legal Action)

    Is it really worth it, Matt? It's words on a screen. There are far better things in the world to get upset about than words on a screen, now matter how insulting they may be.
  3. tonyjaymzretro


    ah shit, im beatin
  4. tonyjaymzretro

    Yo, Masked Retard

    Awesome. *Back to the other board*
  5. tonyjaymzretro

    Yo, Masked Retard

  6. tonyjaymzretro

    100 Posts of Solitude

    How can you say that when Leena exists? It's a dead heat of pathetic between the two....and I'm pretty sure XC wants to fuck leena
  7. tonyjaymzretro

    100 Posts of Solitude

    So this was basically 12 pages of XC jerkings himself off, and Leena helping with it?
  8. tonyjaymzretro

    100 Posts of Solitude

    you know what the funny thing is? The other board doesn't talk about this board at all...everyone is pretty much past it...but you come here? And it seems every thread is about that board or how this board is dying.
  9. tonyjaymzretro

    Somali Pirates

    XC I have read this entire thread and come to the conclusion that your whole defending of the pirates is incredibly fucking retarded. Seriously.
  10. tonyjaymzretro

    Xbox 360

    I'd go RE5 then Fallout 3, with SF4 bouts mixed in
  11. tonyjaymzretro

    The Vitamin X Question Of The Day

    Ice and cold water in a sink, I dip my head in and hold it for for a little bit. After that, its coffee and excedrin, and I'm good to go
  12. tonyjaymzretro

    Comic Request thread

    Casanova 1-14 http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=70b7e93...621d66e282a0ee8 Cable & Deadpool 1-49 http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=70b7e93...8eada0a1ae8665a The Pro http://www.mediafire.com/?tnq2zjzrlym
  13. tonyjaymzretro

    I thought I'd write a book

    haha classic. Think I'm going down the deadly serious with light relief moments, the more I think about the less I think I'm going to concentrate on the Zombies themselves and the more about the human survival. Obviously though Zombies will feature and will be the ever present/hinted protagonist. If you have your old script around I'd love to read it, just for the Zombie Squirrels. haha if i can find a copy...i lost about 5 years worth of stuff when my old computer died....the best part is, the script was actually pretty serious...those zombie squirrels? not to be fucked with
  14. tonyjaymzretro

    Book recommendations

    Shadow Warriors:A History of The US Army Rangers by Mir Bahmanyar is a great read, if you're at all interested in military history.