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  1. Hitler Cubano

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Yeah I understand how you feel. I saw a doctor a few years ago and figured out that I had DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome), which is basically that my circadian rhythm lags behind severely no matter how much I try to get a regular sleep schedule going. Basically the only way I'd be a morning person is if the length of day was 27 hours instead of 24. This past term I was switched over to being the morning guy because I am hopefully getting promoted soon and also because the last morning guy had to leave because he was moving out of state. As a result, I couldn't switch over completely right away and developed a really strange sleep pattern- somewhere between 4-6 hours of sleep at night/early morning and then I'd come home and sleep another 2-3 hours. Even when I came home and didn't sleep those last couple hours, I'd still wake up in the middle of my sleep, so it was just completely messed up. Of course, once my body FINALLY started adjusting a bit- as in getting closer to going to sleep at midnight or so, around 1am, that's when finals hit and then spring break so naturally it's still a little whack right now. The only thing I've found helps me is to get as much daylight as possible although with the cloudiness and lack of sun we get here from November-March, it's pretty damn difficult.
  2. Hitler Cubano

    Pictures I Like

  3. Hitler Cubano

    Magazine Subscriptions

    I love print magazines, but all of them are so damn specialized these days, and the ones that are more generalized are so awful or have generally outdated information (especially considering how the net runs these days) that it's difficult for me to justify paying for a subscription. Generally speaking, I tend to just have a magazine or two for bathroom reading material- I think I've been getting Blender for free for a bit now, which, while I don't care much for their reviews, at least let me know about the new music out there and have some decent interviews here and there. Blogs have really replaced the utility that magazines provided me with, and they're free. The only subscription I (don't) pay for is Google Reader, which will aggregate them into one place for me to read.
  4. Hitler Cubano

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    I hate to be the dissenter knowing that I've had sleep problems keeping me up at weird hours too but an interview at 10am isn't that ridiculous or anything, especially since it's only Friday. If you can't get to sleep earlier, just drink a bunch of wine or something the night before in a pinch or whatever. Always makes me ridiculously tired, no matter what time of day.
  5. Hitler Cubano

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    New Lions logo and lettering leaked:
  6. Hitler Cubano

    This week in the NBA

    5 points in 3 seconds. God I love Rudy. Look where he is after he scores and where he comes from to pick off that pass. So awesome.
  7. Hitler Cubano

    National Security & Defense

    He's good, I was just being ironic considering which headline I picked as preposterous. He does get injured a lot, though.
  8. Hitler Cubano

    National Security & Defense

    hahaha, now that's just silly.
  9. Hitler Cubano

    I'm enlisting in the Army.

    The enemy cannot push a button, if you disable his hand!
  10. Hitler Cubano

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    That was a pretty bad post. I apologize, folks. I was pretty peeved but in retrospect, I realized that it was probably for the best that it happened- I got a free ride for most of the way and I didn't beat the shit out of the guy in front of me which would've certainly gotten me assault charges and/or thrown in the drunk tank. Inconvenient if when I had to go to the Department of Human Services this morning they'd probably inquire about that, or I'd miss my appointment altogether.
  11. Hitler Cubano

    The Vitamin X Question Of The Day

    Yeah I had a pretty important meeting this morning which I'd forgotten about until I was well into drinking pretty strongly last night, so I had to deal with the worst sort of hangover when trying to be presentable- the one where you're still drunk when you wake up. I was lucky I didn't throw up or anything- or just really used to being drunk, perhaps- but I had to do the hangover stuff after, and just brush my teeth and deal with the world. Usually I try to nip hangovers and generally shitty post-drunk mornings in the BUTT by eating a big meal and washing it down with a bunch of water or fruit juice before going to sleep, and making sure to sleep for a looong time. A friend of mine swears by taking Alka Seltzer as part of pregaming which I find kind of weird, but I can see how it'd work. He's a champion alkie, too, so I wouldn't discredit his opinion at all. Menudo is also quite a godsend for feeling any sort of sick, but especially so for drinking. If I can find it, I will also DEFINITELY go somewhere that has ceviche and have that, as the liquid that it's brined in, known as leche de tigre (Tiger's Milk) is an instant hangover cure. It is some strooooong shit though. Basically anything that's really acidic the morning of helps and anything greasy the night before is key. I try to pretty much get all that food in there so when I hit the can the next morning, I essentially shit the drunkedness/hangover out. It's pretty much the same principle as drinking water and pissing it out. Effective.
  12. Hitler Cubano

    New Thomas Pynchon novel

    Sounds pretty interesting. I'm still getting around to reading his other novels, but I'm going through so many books right now it'll take me a bit to get to the epic lengths of V. and Gravity's Rainbow as well. This one, like Against the Day (which was my introduction to him) might be another one I'd get to before those guys too.
  13. Hitler Cubano

    The Vitamin X Question Of The Day

    Kind of keeping in line for what we talked about yesterday, and knowing people have all sorts of strange ideas for it.. What's your favorite cure for a hangover? Or for those of us who don't drink, talk about what you do when you feel sick as a dog to get better ASAP. This could be a pretty useful thread for me today.
  14. Hitler Cubano

    DECLASSIFIED: Seriously

  15. Hitler Cubano


    It isn't so much that her tits as big as that bra is too small. She has great, cornfed AMERICAN SIZED tits.