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    The Vitamin X Question Of The Day

    Kind of keeping in line for what we talked about yesterday, and knowing people have all sorts of strange ideas for it.. What's your favorite cure for a hangover? Or for those of us who don't drink, talk about what you do when you feel sick as a dog to get better ASAP. This could be a pretty useful thread for me today.
  2. Hitler Cubano

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Yeah I understand how you feel. I saw a doctor a few years ago and figured out that I had DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome), which is basically that my circadian rhythm lags behind severely no matter how much I try to get a regular sleep schedule going. Basically the only way I'd be a morning person is if the length of day was 27 hours instead of 24. This past term I was switched over to being the morning guy because I am hopefully getting promoted soon and also because the last morning guy had to leave because he was moving out of state. As a result, I couldn't switch over completely right away and developed a really strange sleep pattern- somewhere between 4-6 hours of sleep at night/early morning and then I'd come home and sleep another 2-3 hours. Even when I came home and didn't sleep those last couple hours, I'd still wake up in the middle of my sleep, so it was just completely messed up. Of course, once my body FINALLY started adjusting a bit- as in getting closer to going to sleep at midnight or so, around 1am, that's when finals hit and then spring break so naturally it's still a little whack right now. The only thing I've found helps me is to get as much daylight as possible although with the cloudiness and lack of sun we get here from November-March, it's pretty damn difficult.
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    Pictures I Like

  4. Hitler Cubano

    Magazine Subscriptions

    I love print magazines, but all of them are so damn specialized these days, and the ones that are more generalized are so awful or have generally outdated information (especially considering how the net runs these days) that it's difficult for me to justify paying for a subscription. Generally speaking, I tend to just have a magazine or two for bathroom reading material- I think I've been getting Blender for free for a bit now, which, while I don't care much for their reviews, at least let me know about the new music out there and have some decent interviews here and there. Blogs have really replaced the utility that magazines provided me with, and they're free. The only subscription I (don't) pay for is Google Reader, which will aggregate them into one place for me to read.
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    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    I hate to be the dissenter knowing that I've had sleep problems keeping me up at weird hours too but an interview at 10am isn't that ridiculous or anything, especially since it's only Friday. If you can't get to sleep earlier, just drink a bunch of wine or something the night before in a pinch or whatever. Always makes me ridiculously tired, no matter what time of day.
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    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    New Lions logo and lettering leaked:
  7. Hitler Cubano

    This week in the NBA

    5 points in 3 seconds. God I love Rudy. Look where he is after he scores and where he comes from to pick off that pass. So awesome.
  8. Hitler Cubano

    National Security & Defense

    He's good, I was just being ironic considering which headline I picked as preposterous. He does get injured a lot, though.
  9. Hitler Cubano

    National Security & Defense

    hahaha, now that's just silly.
  10. Hitler Cubano

    New Thomas Pynchon novel

    Sounds pretty interesting. I'm still getting around to reading his other novels, but I'm going through so many books right now it'll take me a bit to get to the epic lengths of V. and Gravity's Rainbow as well. This one, like Against the Day (which was my introduction to him) might be another one I'd get to before those guys too.
  11. Hitler Cubano

    I'm enlisting in the Army.

    The enemy cannot push a button, if you disable his hand!
  12. Hitler Cubano

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    That was a pretty bad post. I apologize, folks. I was pretty peeved but in retrospect, I realized that it was probably for the best that it happened- I got a free ride for most of the way and I didn't beat the shit out of the guy in front of me which would've certainly gotten me assault charges and/or thrown in the drunk tank. Inconvenient if when I had to go to the Department of Human Services this morning they'd probably inquire about that, or I'd miss my appointment altogether.
  13. Hitler Cubano

    The Vitamin X Question Of The Day

    Yeah I had a pretty important meeting this morning which I'd forgotten about until I was well into drinking pretty strongly last night, so I had to deal with the worst sort of hangover when trying to be presentable- the one where you're still drunk when you wake up. I was lucky I didn't throw up or anything- or just really used to being drunk, perhaps- but I had to do the hangover stuff after, and just brush my teeth and deal with the world. Usually I try to nip hangovers and generally shitty post-drunk mornings in the BUTT by eating a big meal and washing it down with a bunch of water or fruit juice before going to sleep, and making sure to sleep for a looong time. A friend of mine swears by taking Alka Seltzer as part of pregaming which I find kind of weird, but I can see how it'd work. He's a champion alkie, too, so I wouldn't discredit his opinion at all. Menudo is also quite a godsend for feeling any sort of sick, but especially so for drinking. If I can find it, I will also DEFINITELY go somewhere that has ceviche and have that, as the liquid that it's brined in, known as leche de tigre (Tiger's Milk) is an instant hangover cure. It is some strooooong shit though. Basically anything that's really acidic the morning of helps and anything greasy the night before is key. I try to pretty much get all that food in there so when I hit the can the next morning, I essentially shit the drunkedness/hangover out. It's pretty much the same principle as drinking water and pissing it out. Effective.
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    DECLASSIFIED: Seriously

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    It isn't so much that her tits as big as that bra is too small. She has great, cornfed AMERICAN SIZED tits.
  16. Hitler Cubano

    Food Porn

    goes great with mashed potatoes or bread. Or just by itself with some veggies on the side. Or bacon. However you want to roll.
  17. Hitler Cubano

    The Vag That Defined A Generation

    Anyone who's voting for Meatloaf after that picture of Lisa Loeb in that thong is a fucking fag. That especially includes Darthtiki and Cowboy Numbers. Seriously guys you want bitch tits over really nice tits?
  18. Hitler Cubano

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    So tonight I got a bit hammered and stopped by a local food joint to get some grub before coming home. As I was walking out, I noticed a cab dropping some people off and flagged it down, then as I got into the cab some other drunk douchebags visiting from out of town got in and said they'd pay my fare as long as they could get where they were going. I said that wasn't necessary I was just tryin to get where I was going, but ten along the line the guy in front started talking a crazy amount of shit for no reason and, of course, being drunk as I am, I responded and then the cab guy kicked me out because I wasn't the bigger fare. Go figure. At least, on the bright side, I got halfway home before walking which really wasn't that much, probably 1/4-1/2 mile, it's just that it's uphill and all and that I was drunk that was a pain. That kinda sucked.
  19. Hitler Cubano

    The Vag That Defined A Generation

    Snoop Doggy Dogg- "Gin and Juice" - In the event the next one doesn't work, this is the better song. I hope it doesn't go all the way, though. Fiona Apple- "Criminal" - Regulate is probably the better song, but like byron, this is partly a vote for the video and also because I really like her. Nirvana- "Heart Shaped Box"- Defined the 90's better, I think. Also a much better song. I think I may have only voted for 1979 once. R.E.M.- "Losing My Religion"- This is kind of tough because although No Rain is very 90's, it's kind of a one hit by an otherwise non-noteworthy band, while Losing My Religion is one of the best songs of one of the better mainstream rock bands ever. 2Pac- "California Love" - Much as I love Skee-Lo, 2Pac was a much better rapper and although I'm trying to stay away from rap/hip-hop votes, I have to give love to this. I don't remember much of "I Wish" outside of the beginning and chorus. Dr. Dre (ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg)- "Nuthin But a G Thang"- The hell did that awful Chili Peppers song make it this far? Last time I'm probably voting for this, but it's a landmark song on a classic album. Faith No More- "Epic" - I don't care. Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories- "Stay" - I think, this late in the tournament, this is my personal pick to try and win it all. It's got some good match-ups, especially for those of us who are annoyed with the genre domination of hip-hop by now, and it's a song that most of the rest of us like. Plus,
  20. Hitler Cubano

    This week in the NBA

    What good will come from the team not making the playoffs right now? You need to give the players something to play for. I never understood why you keep thinking this way, Czech. I mean, if your team was outright awful (like you make them sound to be, yet they're in the running for a playoff spot) then yeah I can understand maybe bettering your chances at a lottery pick, but even that's not guaranteed anything. Sure seeing Vinny Del Negro getting fired would be a good thing, but you can't expect a team to develop if it's not trying to get better and have a goal in mind other than just packing it in. I hate to bring personal perspective into this argument, but it's such a dumb argument from someone who apparently has played very little actual organized sports in his life to understand how a professional athlete is supposed to improve. I mean, even speaking from an armchair coach/GM's standpoint, which is the only way I think I can get you to even come close to comprehending this, if you keep resetting the button and tanking the season to get a better player, consider what that does for your franchise. This is what the fucking Clippers do. Every year they tank, be it intentional or not, and get high lottery picks and look where they are. One playoff appearance and even a series win to show for years and years of existence. Chicago has a decent core with Derrick Rose and... well, whoever else is helping them win games, because they are winning enough to be in the playoff race. Oh yeah, I see John Salmons is on the team, he's good. Anyways, it can only be a good thing for both the fans and players to make it to the playoffs and get closer to a championship. I don't understand what adding more youth- unproven youth at that- to an already ruthlessly inexperienced team will, as you like to say, bring them closer to a championship.
  21. Hitler Cubano

    National Security & Defense

    Two things I want to address here. If you're talking about Pearl Harbor, you should also be aware here that we weren't at war with Japan at the time, which was why the U.S. was caught by surprise as it was, thus FDR's "day that will live in infamy" speech, which was our formal declaration of war. The other Allies were pretty damn happy about it too, since they couldn't hold back the Nazis in Europe and there was a lot of debate here about getting involved with the war until it happened. Japan would've done itself a favor to have not gotten too greedy and just work on dominating their side of the Pacific first before getting too arrogant and taking on the U.S... Not to mention surrendering much, much sooner than they did. The nuclear bombs were a favorable alternative to outright invasion, when every man, woman, and child in Japan was being trained on how to attack and kill invading Americans. The nuclear attacks were atrocious, absolutely, but we had to accept those deaths as collateral damage, and the act was what ultimately led them to surrender. Japan was in the war until the death, until they saw the nuclear attacks and realized they were going to get wiped off the face of the earth if they didn't surrender. Really, it probably averted a much greater loss of life. Really? The whole posturing business with Taiwan doesn't make you think otherwise? Or their lack of willingness to do something with North Korea, if anything supporting them? I trust the Chinese much more than a lot of other potential war opponents to remain peaceful, though, but I'm only cautiously optimistic.
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    Correct I live and work in Dublin. Impossible to make a good wage in Shanghai. Like most young Chinese I go elsewhere for a few years, make some money, then go home. Oh, okay well thanks for explaining that. It's just a bit of a misnomer when your profile says "From: China" on it. Interesting that Dublin was your choice out of all the western cities and countries to choose from, though, and probably pretty telling about the American economy. We haven't had the ability to edit member profiles for a while now, as you may be able to note from us having to "permanently suspend" truthiness and goldengreek. Believe me, I want to use the larvae group, we just can't right now until the board is upgraded to v3.
  23. Hitler Cubano

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    There's too many of these to mention, honestly. Enough that I can't really pick one out in particular. And a lot of them are only really funny or interesting in the "you had to be there" kind of moments. In the past year or so though, I hooked up with this girl in my friend's bathroom- while people were coming in and out to pee- and I tend to get fairly buzzed on Sunday nights when I bomb little kid's bikes down huge steep hills with a bunch of other people. But that's been going on for several years now, although I've only participated (more on-off recently) for about a couple years. I successfully evaded the police at least 2-3 times during the summer when the crowds for this particular event explode to a couple hundred people and they start busting out the stings. That's always fun.
  24. Hitler Cubano

    Worst commissioner in sports?

    If Matt Cassell would've been a total failure- which is frequently the case when the superstar QB gets hurt these days- it could've been disastrous for the Patriots and a large portion of their bandwagon hoppin' fanbase.
  25. Hitler Cubano

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    I hate that idea. I mean, I know I was just speaking against interconference match-ups, but those have provided us with some great games that we might not otherwise see. That's one of the things I hate most about baseball, honestly. There's a lot of teams I'd love to see play each other that might run into a horrible match-up in the playoffs and then we miss out on some particularly good action. If it's going to be 18 games, the season probably needs to be stretched out to 20 weeks instead, and give the players two bye weeks because 16 games is already proving to be enough of a toll on them.