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  1. majormayhem1

    WCW SuperBrawl V

    I watched this a week or two ago. I thought Paul Roma was great, but this event was a low point for WCW. The Bash at the Beach from the same year was worse though. I was dissappointed to see that they included the Lifeguard match on the Savage DVD.
  2. majormayhem1

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    Fucking Liberals.
  3. majormayhem1

    Best Live Show that you've attended

    Anarchy at Piper's Pit. Eugene Oregon April 2000.
  4. majormayhem1

    The Old School questions thread

    Jake Roberts was put out of action thanks to the dasterdly Million Dollar Man and his Million Dollar Dream sleeper hold. Z-man vs. "Beautiful" Bobby...I love that match.
  5. majormayhem1

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

  6. majormayhem1

    Tom Brady: Season over

    Thanks a lot Vince Wilfork.
  7. majormayhem1

    shoot interviews

    Hunters Creek Middle School...alright.
  8. majormayhem1

    The Legacy of the Radicals

    I thought it would be interesting to sum each of the "Radicals" legacy up in one word. Perry Saturn: Moppy Eddie Guerrerro: Mustache Chris Benoit: Woman Dean Malenko: Oompa-Loompa
  9. majormayhem1

    Most Dastardly Heel Acts

    Without a doubt, that was a dastardly heel act, second only to his interview after the fact.
  10. majormayhem1

    Foley to TNA????

    I enjoyed Cactus Jack's commentary on Smackdown. Anything is better than Jim Ross, except of course, the announce team for TNA. What does a Cactus Jack have to offer in the ring these days other than nostalgia? Stick to broadcasting, Jack. This "Mainstream appeal" issue is overrated. You're either a wrestling fan or your not. If you aren't, then it doesn't matter if Mick Foley is the president of the USA. You're not going to watch.
  11. majormayhem1

    John Cena having major neck problems

    Imagine that.
  12. majormayhem1

    Recent Purchases

    Chinese Democracy by Guns n Roses.
  13. majormayhem1

    Your favorite near fall spots/moves

    Anytime a wrestler performs a sunset flip I jump out of my seat and spill my drink. Inevitably, I turn to the person next to me and say "Did you see that?!"
  14. majormayhem1

    Ric Flair gone from WWE?

    Hey, I thought Ric Flair retired. What's with this "available for independant bookings" crap? Sounds like he's been getting some bad ideas from Brett Favre. Har har har.