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    Connecticut Cunts (The 2 Drivers)

    And Get at least 10 years Jail/Gaol. Dogs Both Were over The Double Line, No Excuses. http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=...&id=6187147 http://news.google.com.au/news?hl=en&r...;ncl=1219101809 http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/na...0,1772009.story
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    WWF & WCW TV/PPV events overseas

    I went to one of them, I don't know which. I remembered this the other night when I Saw the match Kronik - Goldberg taped off the Aussie PPV provider and it said after the ppv thunderdownunder would be shown. I feel So Depressed over this; over not Remembering nothing, no Battle Royal and no Mike Awesome. I can't believe I may have seen Mike Awesome and not known about it.
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    Tim Russert dead

    He will be Greatly missed. I enjoyed watching him host Meet the Press.
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    Euro 2008

    Just put on SBS; thinking the News hour with Jim Lehrer would be on; and a 1 hour highlights program is on instead. I'm really angry at SBS for not advertising the fact they would have a hour highlights each day. It was in the TV guide though but I saw no ads on the telly; not during South Park and not during the news; Bullshit fucking bullshit. But at least I know now, and can look forward to an hours highlights in twenty three hours EDIT: The Swiss are up against Turkey now. yes it looks like an Official Chokejob as they're the hosts, seeing the first goal now; the ground is soaked. This match is awesome 'cos of the rain. Tough on the (Swiss) Strikers though. Just started 2nd half (Highlights) the pitch is Less Water logged What a Fluent looking Goal For Turkey Awesome looking 2nd, bounced off Swiss Leg though
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    Matt's WWE® DVD Market Thread

    A few months ago at my local Market heaps of WWE® DVDs came in. Missed out on a few. This Thread Explains What Dvds I Currently Kinda want from my Local Market. I am broke so I probably no trip to market this week. The Other Week I got: Judgement Day 2007 History of Wrestlemania 1-9 From The Vault: Shawn Michaels SS 04 Here's some Stories From the Market Stall: When I first went to Market There was a TNA Dvd there; I didn't buy it I bought ECW Rise/Fall from a Closing Down Rental Shop, Went to watch Sandman - Whipwreck but the dvds Fully Scratched. There's Two of 'em at the Market! Once I was going to get one, but got Stone-Cold Truth Instead and the Match is On That. Found a Diva DVD had been stolen, the Seller chucked the Cover, then I bought it for 50 cents. Last Time I went I was looking though the box, a kid yelled John Cena so I put Cena's dvd over to the front of the stall on a display thing in front of him and his family. I felt bad. I saw a Hunchback Woman Get Fully Ripped off by the Stall holder, That was Bad.
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    Where self-celebration happens.

    The Logo's fine. I thought I had been banned yesterday. I was so depressed. Logging on tonight has cured it. Now I don't feel depressed.
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    Matt's WWE® DVD Market Thread

    Yeah but I want to get the Troop One though because I think Joey Styles is in it. When I went to JB I saw a $22 No Way Out 08 and the rest were $28 I didn't consider buying it after what happened at the store the previous time. Full Priced DVDs I'd want to get. Pick your Poison Jake Roberts Raw 3-Disc This Years WM for the Hall of Fame insulting Crowd Backash last year. WM 3. Cheapo: NY Rev red & White one, Wanted to get it from the market but it was gone, it's $13 at Kmart, chose Vince DVD instead.
  8. Display Name

    Euro 2008

    Nice Tux From the Czech Republic National Anthem Singer. Koller Up Front With Baroš on the Bench SWISS SHOT AND MISS CZ will win for sure now Gooooooolllllllllllll SWI 0-1 CZE Nice Med Ball Forward. _______________________ The Poor Swiss Hit the Crossbar 0-1 full time
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    Connecticut Cunts (The 2 Drivers)

    If ya talkin 'bout me last post; I ain't Making a New Topic about My Nose, It's a Little bit better now though.
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    Euro 2008

    Who will win it?[ 293 vote(s) ] 1. Czech Republic 5 / 2% 2. Portugal 33 / 11% 3. Switzerland 1 / 0% 4. Turkey 3 / 1% 5. Austria 1 / 0% 6. Croatia 21 / 7% 7. Germany 54 / 18% 8. Poland 2 / 1% 9. France 28 / 10% 10. Holland 29 / 10% 11. Italy 29 / 10% 12. Romania 5 / 2% 13. Greece 7 / 2% 14. Russia 7 / 2% 15. Spain 62 / 21% 16. Sweden 6 / 2% Who will be Top Goalscorer?[ 19 vote(s) ] 1. Fernando Torres (Spain) 2 / 11% 2. Jan Koller (Czech Rep) 1 / 5% 4. Miroslav Klose (Germany) 5 / 26% 7. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) 1 / 5% 10. Luca Toni (Italy) 1 / 5% 13. Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Holland) 1 / 5% 16. Mario Gomez (Germany) 1 / 5% 22. Thierry Henry (France) 1 / 5% 25. Lukas Podolski (Germany) 1 / 5% 37. M Ballack (Germany) 1 / 5% 46. Adrian Mutu (Romania) 1 / 5% 62. Roman Pavlyuchenko (Russia) 1 / 5% 64. Pavel Poyrebnyak (Russia) 1 / 5% 66. Daniel Guiza (Spain) 1 / 5% Out of 74 Player Options
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    Connecticut Cunts (The 2 Drivers)

    I Just hit my Nose and Skull Fucken Hard. Long Story Short I hope I haven't Broken it; I haven't Slept for 22 Hours and I think I have Concussion. But I'm posting here to say: I bought a CT Car Plate Last year.
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    Euro 2008

    This Topic Should be in Current Events Only Joking I just realised I haven't Slept All Day Hope I don't Miss it. Czech Republic Will win tonight I reckon or draw or lose There's A total of 8 Matches on SBS here I think.
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    Guy who sued Telemarketers...

    I like to be off the Register. If I'm Asleep or in the middle of doing stuff and I get the Indian "Free Mobile or Holiday" Call I Fuckin Yell at them real fun. Sometimes I speak French and say my name is Praveen or something Indian Like that. Then They Hang up; 'cos they don't want to scam a fellow Indian or 'cos they don't understand
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    Matt's WWE® DVD Market Thread

    No No I Don't; I may get told about Dvds that people own and get told that they are good. Avatars are better than Faces Aren't they.
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    Nick Hogan

    Seventeen-year-old Nick Bollea is now sharing living space with three other juvenile inmates. http://www.tmz.com/2008/06/05/nick-wont-be...-soap-any-more/ http://www.tmz.com/2008/06/03/nick-hogan-is-egg-mcscrewed/ http://www.tmz.com/search/?q=+hogan&sort=date http://www.tmz.com/2008/06/02/nick-to-john...eing-my-friend/ http://www.tmz.com/2008/06/03/hogans-got-h...on-phone-calls/ http://www.tmz.com/2008/05/23/bird-brain-l...d-nick-on-hold/ Did Anyone See his Post on The Supra Forum last year? FUCKWIT What's a 17 or 16 year old Boy doing with a Fucking License To Drive A Supra Anyway http://tv.hollyscoop.com/reality-tv/hulk-h...imself_889.aspx
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    Music From WWE® PPVs that are good.

    Here's Two which are from this year: Royal Rumble Airbourne - Stand Up For Rock and Roll and Judgement Day Ozzy Osbourne - I don't want to stop I'm Probably Gonna Buy both the Cd's; Even though TNA Watcher Wayne has Ozzys one I want to get the Tour Edition Bonus Cd. Wayne Fucken Got it when it came out, should have waited; I Can't afford $30
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    Matt's WWE® DVD Market Thread

    I went to JB Hi Fi The other day and that DVD was the only one there that's on sale, $20. It was the First time I went back after trying to Buy Wrestlemania 3 for $9 instead of $32 Rebellion Looks Good. I Just won the right to get King of the Ring 1994 on ebay
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    Connecticut Cunts (The 2 Drivers)

    Yes I do, I say it more than I type it. I have to Stop. I just happened to read some of Wiki page on Swearing. But this is defo a thread that swearing is warranted.
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    Connecticut Cunts (The 2 Drivers)

    The "Dogs" as I call them are the two Drivers. Wasn't watching the Tv with attention then, saw him pull up, was looking down after that. yeah what a cunt though. My friends thought I'd be real Mad at the story; but I was only a bit and it was 'cos of the Driving. No one walking 5-500 steps within a minute to the Man Didn't really Phase me; Not much "shock and outrage" as GreenCardHopeful says.
  20. Display Name

    Connecticut Cunts (The 2 Drivers)

    Bryant Hayre, 37, told the Hartford Courant he didn't feel comfortable helping Torres, who he said was bleeding and conscious. "I'm not skilled enough when it comes to blood flowing or I would have helped him," I've can't choose what to write about this cunt
  21. Display Name

    WWE Signs D-Lo Brown

    Good On Ya Mate For Gettin' A WWE Gig. Wonder if his Web Radio Will Stop.
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    One Night Stand Roundtable

    How The Fuck Do I Post a Poll? I want to know if I should get ONS2007 at the market for $13.
  23. Display Name


    Sounds Cool. However, I do not feel the need to request one as well; as me Fuckin Downloaded heaps in the past week. Now I gotta wait 4/5 of a month before going D/L Nuts again
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    ECW tapings to take place before Raw; Heat canceled

    Yes I have Broadband Soughta, it's not my Connection. In regards to Streaming TV, I'd rather have a Tape off the TV, Plus I've been warned of streaming and youtube as it chews though Download Limit. I've been Downloading Video Files of old shit. Sometimes there Quality, sometimes there not that good. Lately some have been in other languages, which is shit for DoubleyouseaDoubleyou Matches as The Commentary is "Great" and I like it. I've got to finally see some TNA. If I had Basic Cable Where I Lived then I would Tape Everything, except probably WWE Expierience. The First Tape I taped was the Raw Episode after No Mercy; It was great, with the Vince Titantron Start. I wanted to tape the free Pre PPV Shows but never did. Here I noticed The Fucking Cable Cunts don't replay Heat, so it's either be awake on a Sunday or Get Fucked. I may be mistaken but there still Cunts. I read in a Synopsis of an interview that TNA had better ratings than WWE In Australia. That's because the Premiere of Raw, ECW & FNS is at 3:30PM on weekdays (Wed Thur Fri) And TNA iMapctomagram is on Saturdays at around 10pm, which would defo get more people watching it.
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    ECW tapings to take place before Raw; Heat canceled

    ^ At my Parents house is Basic Cable, I Considered going there and recording the Raw King of the Ring Episode earlier this year, but Didn't