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  1. KanadianKrusty

    About ''About Mike''

    I miss my old thread.
  2. KanadianKrusty

    So... what happened?

    He's probably working on a new kickass midi file for his website, give 'em time
  3. KanadianKrusty

    pigeon from CWM

    I was kind of tempted to post but decided not to. Mike offered several times to help us out including offering hosting. We didn't take him up on it but if he really was sincere then deleting all of these PM's make no sense. Spammers are people who join a board just to spam everyone. We're established members of the community messaging our friends. Even if you still want to call it spam the method he went about combating it shows he has no comprehension of how to interact with people. You don't invade their private message box and start deleting things. You don't tell people who are offering feedback to stop offering feedback. I think the real deal is that Mike never thought people would leave TSM. He was dead wrong, and when he realized it he panicked and has done even more to alienate the remaining TSM posters.
  4. KanadianKrusty

    About Mike

    Shall he be dragged into the street and hanged on the 6 o'clock news or merely publicly depantsed?
  5. KanadianKrusty


    oh SNAP
  6. KanadianKrusty

    So... what happened?

    Can Obama bail out Mike?!?!?!?!
  7. KanadianKrusty

    The End - Part Deux

    Ditto. But I'm not quite sure if a Leena-centric TSM is something I want to live in, what's Dames doing these days anyway?
  8. KanadianKrusty

    Shamwow guy beats prostitute

    Master is displeased
  9. KanadianKrusty

    TSM Death Pool -- 2009

    Jade Goody: DEAD Cancer, SOMEONE must've seen it coming right?
  10. KanadianKrusty

    Happy Jingus Sucks Day!

    Southpaw chokeslam ftw
  11. KanadianKrusty

    CTDWAT: Indies/Overseas/General

    Jacques Rougeau went on TV this week to say that he was approached recently by Hulk Hogan to promote the Montreal show of his tour if it materializes. He also mentionned that Tito Santana would work the show (THAT I would mark out for). I think this is a pretty good idea since Rougeau is drawing 3000 to 4000 on his own (well... there's Kurrgan too) in shows across the province so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that Hogan and a bunch of old timers could sell out the Bell Center.
  12. KanadianKrusty

    Guys, I think Marney is dead.

    Sad if true, but I'd be a god damned hypocrite if I said that she'll be missed
  13. KanadianKrusty

    TSM Death Pool -- 2009

    1- Barack Obama 2- Kirk Douglas 3- Scott Steiner 4- Fidel Castro 5- Vladimir Putin 6- Amy Winehouse *BEST BET* 7- Ted Kennedy 8- Fred Phelps 9- Nancy Reagan 10- Larry Craig 11- Katie Holmes 12- Mickey Rooney 13- Ernest Borgnine 14- David Letterman 15- Betty Ford 16- Walter Kronkite 17- Mae Young 18- Eli Wallach *BEST BET* 19- Hugo Chavez 20- Patrick Swayze
  14. KanadianKrusty

    Airbag/How Am I Driving?

    Can I be put back to 687?, see I'd like to get in the 4 digits by the end of the Obama administration.
  15. KanadianKrusty

    Wrestlemania XXIV Discussion Thread

    For the two of you who might care, The Model was in rare form on sunday night: He may or may not have sprayed some Arrogance, and put some guy in the Quebec Crab. Then he took pics with fans (w/AWA title replica) and signed stuff for free for just about everybody there (over 300), GREAT guy.