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  1. LJSexay

    OAO Anime/Manga Thread

    I reallyreally liked the Hidan/Kakuzu arc in Naruto Shippuuden, and I miss it so bad compared to what's happenning now =(
  2. LJSexay


    I have no idea but suddenly I can play . Youre good man! You can tell I have absolutely no time with the damn game, but boy do I enjoy it.
  3. LJSexay


    alright, is anybody else about done with trying to connect to other people in Mario Kart Wii? For about a week now I get the damn message 86420. I used to be able to play without a hitch... what the hell changed? I went to support.nintendo.com and did all the troubleshooting for this message. The wii's IP is now my DMZ, I changed router channels, I am out of ideas here... ah, and the best part: I filled out one of those online order things. I get an immediate reply from NOA saying they want to call me for more details on this issue. I mention that I just moved to Mexico, and they wanna redirect me to the nearest call center... which is in Panama. I live 2 hours from Texas! ...anyway, that 86420. Kill me, has anyone seen or gotten rid of this one?
  4. LJSexay

    Wii Numbers

    what is your smash code luke-o?
  5. LJSexay

    Scientists: Same sex couples found in nature.

    We'd always laugh about people from Bakersfield and Kern county without going past the hick and conservative nature of it versus the rest of California, and now... it all makes perfect sense. Totally stupid.
  6. LJSexay

    Wii Numbers

    hey guys, I'm back from purgatory . It's been about six months since I was moved to Mexico, and now I wanna play wii with you guys! Mario Kart - 4468-2325-6526 Smash Brothers - 0602-7739-4301 I also own NiGHTS and Metroid Prime 3. I am in serious need of friend tokens in Prime. Help a guy outtttt Ill be adding everyone - and I mean everyone, today. Hope you guys return the favor!
  7. LJSexay

    Wii Numbers

    I just wanna chime in and say that since I was deported I haven't been able to get my Wii, hence no online funtimes. The day I get it and I get smash, you guys BETTER ADD MY NUMBER!
  8. LJSexay


    The following is the email I managed to send to college friends and professors I worked with. The reason why I felt I should post this for you all to see is simple. I have lived my whole life in California, never knowing anything else, always hiding and always running scared because of one crooked lawyers mistakes. Never being able to drive a car or get a job, I decided to become one fucking good student, finally getting my BA in Psychology, minor in Philosophy at UCR this past June. 3.5 GPA! With my life now taken away and my family fragmented, more than before I wish to make people aware of how disjointed and stagnant the USs Immigration system is, so that you all can make informed decisions when deciding who to vote for in November. Why this matters to me is because I want to go back home, I want to go back to the only thing I know since 1986, when I was one. I want to see my brother and sister again, she turned 13 today. Poor girl. I wont have a computer, internet or telephone access anytime soon after my time here is up, and I just wanted to let you fellas know the situation. Regardless of your stance on these political issues, please try to understand that I make my story known in order to get the news out _ that families and lives are thrown to shambles because of how the system currently functions. You know something is wrong when sets of Immigration officers and lawyers tell you you shouldnt even be in their custody. Thanks for your time in reading and evaluating this. You will hear from me again once I find a place to stay, and am able to access the net somewhere safe and sound. Man. Who expects this kind of mess to happen. Vote for change, for someone _ anyone who wants to fix this system, so that no more innocent families are split up needlessly. LJ
  9. LJSexay

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    seems like a ridiculous challenge, one I am up for trying out. I'll admit though - I've always HATED seeing Pikmin die.
  10. LJSexay

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    guys, I really want to play as Olimar after seeing how he controls. MAN I want a new Pikmin game!
  11. INDIANA~ Milky - I like that he's so fucking blunt. Luke-o - fellow wii fiend Ripper - cuz yeah! Agent - good, rational posts.. I like rationality (ok tired of descriptionexplanations..) Dr. Venkman Nightwing Matt Youngin' this one KKK HELP IM A ROCK Carlito NYU Sideburnious KOAB JN News Carnival Mole Jingus CULTURE BEAT Czech Devo Kinetic Pbone Vitamin X Youth N Asia El Dandy Bob Barron POWDERFINGER (what a great name) Black Lushus Sensei John Kreese Spaceman Spiff E. MacPhisto Chave AndrewTS Smues Marvin man, I really really like all the guys I chose, especially in POWDERFINGER. Maybe one day I will explain porque.
  12. LJSexay

    New Soul Calibur IV characters announced

    this seems like a bad idea; like a jumpy-sharky idea. I dunno, while this is nothing new for the series (to add outside people).. his may be a step too far down that road.
  13. LJSexay

    Awkward moments involving roommates.

    I swear that's all I've got on the awkward roommate list. =X I may not have much room to talk, but who the hell did you live with?????!
  14. LJSexay

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    they really won't be able to top this game with any sequel. I wanna smack people with purple fat pikmin!