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  1. LooseCannon25

    WWE Raw - November 3, 2008

    Damn,......that was unexpected. Good shit.
  2. LooseCannon25

    WWE Raw - November 3, 2008

    What a retarded spot that was. Why wouldn't Batista just walk out the damn door and onto the floor for the win? Why would he actually wait with the door open for JEricho to climb down. Jeez, that was stupid as hell
  3. LooseCannon25

    Ron "R-Truth" Killings

    He's got potential to be really good. Very athletic and has gotten much better in the ring. I remember when I used to watch TNA, that guy was the highlight of the show every week and always had the crowd eating out of the palm of his had. Even though he was a heel. He needs to lose those stupid braids though. They look like the braids that little girls wear and he's been rocking those things forever.
  4. LooseCannon25

    Guys who you KNEW sucked

    Here's my list of guys I knew absolutely sucked: 1) George Steele 2) Sivi Afi 3) Giant Gonzales 4) Zeus 5) Mantaur 6) Junkyard Dog 7) Hillbilly Jim 8) Uncle Elmer 9) Erik Watts 10) Greg Gagne
  5. LooseCannon25

    WWE Signs D-Lo Brown

    I used to love this guy. Very exciting to watch in the ring, good charisma and funny. The chest protector in the Nation was awesome. I still remember that fantastic SummerSlam 98 match he had against Val Venis.
  6. LooseCannon25

    WWE Raw (6/2/2008)

    This is probably the blowoff match of this feud, which will lead to Holly/Rhodes v. DiBiase/???? for the tag titles upcoming. Umm, exnay on the ixnay on that one, I guess that lame program continues. Good lord....how long is this pointless feud gonna go on. Enough is enough....and how many times have Carlito and Santino already beaten Rhodes and Holly in non title matches?
  7. LooseCannon25

    WWE Raw (5/26/2008)

    his name is funny because he actually LOOKS like the lovechild of Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham
  8. LooseCannon25

    WWE Raw (5/26/2008)

    Tell me about it........When they panned to the crowd at the end there they were absolutely dead and all sitting on their hands. Nobody gave a rat's ass about this announcement.
  9. LooseCannon25

    Let's Talk About...

    I was thinking the same thing. I loved the "WildCard" concept and thought at the very least that they should have had one of those matches every year during the survivor series.
  10. LooseCannon25

    WWE Raw (4/28/2008)

    "Tune in to Raw next week LIVE to find out, folks!"
  11. LooseCannon25

    WWE Raw (4/28/2008)

  12. LooseCannon25

    WWE Raw (4/28/2008)

    What the hell? lol
  13. LooseCannon25

    WWE Raw (4/28/2008)

    Wow, KEnnedy could get really over as a face. He had the crowd eating out of his palm
  14. LooseCannon25

    WWE Raw (4/28/2008)

    Kennedy is still using that shitty ass remix????
  15. LooseCannon25

    WWE Raw (4/28/2008)

    That curbstomp is a weak finisher.....C4 definitely needs to come back.