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  1. Mrnoitaull

    WWE Raw (7/7/2008)

    Rey's fat
  2. Mrnoitaull

    WWE Raw (7/7/2008)

    ugh Cena teeters on the mic sometimes lovin the no cotrol thing
  3. Mrnoitaull

    Michael Turner RIP

    Yea he missed the philly comic con 'cus of it. Was lookin forward to meeting there too. Wasn't my fav either but def pushed out some nice covers.
  4. Mrnoitaull

    OAO 5/12 Raw Thread

    sorry but Lillian just destroyed Aretha's hit.
  5. Mrnoitaull

    OAO 5/12 Raw Thread

    am i the only one that thought he said the fan mail was form Sean Stasiak?
  6. Mrnoitaull

    WWE Raw (4/21/2008)

    it could go either way for Punk, he could get to the finals which would be a cool story as mr MOTB. then it's like he doesnt need it. OR he could cash in with the King finalist an make it a triple threat. ....its against Matt so I dont know which way this can go,but it should be good.
  7. Mrnoitaull

    WWE Raw (4/14/2008)

    Man whut a sell,London never lets me down
  8. Mrnoitaull

    Raw 3.3.08

    was that an unsuccessful turn ?
  9. Mrnoitaull

    The OaO Raw Is Taped thread - 11/2/2008

    ok he just jobbed like Snitsky...what a waste of talent. Orton's gold. I can't stand Cena
  10. Mrnoitaull

    The Royal Rumble Prediction Game

    1. Who will win the 2008 Royal Rumble? (2 pts.) Lashley 2. Who will be the runner-up? (3 pts.) HHH 3. Who will be the iron-man? (5 pts.)Kennedy 4. Who will have the shortest time? (5 pts.) Kendrick 5. Who will have the most eliminated opponents? (3 pts.) Hornswoggle 6. Who will draw #1 and #2 (3 pts each, 3 bonus for accurately naming both)Kennedy and Cody 7. Who will draw the most successful winning entry of #27? (5 pts.) Umaga 8. Who will draw the #30 spot? (5 pts.) Taker 9. What will be the eventual winning #? (5 pts) 23 10. Will there be any surprise/unannounced entrants? (No point value), If yes, who will they be? (3 pts. each) Yes, Lashley and Big Show 11. Will the endurance record of 62:12 set by Mysterio be broken? (No point value), If so, what will the new record be? (Closest to the supposed new record gets 10 pts). no 12. The final six men eliminated will compete in the second chance Elimination Chamber next month, who will those people be? (3 pts. each, 10 pts bonus for accurately naming all) Kennedy, Big Show, HHH, Umaga, HBK, Lashley 13. How many instances of interference by non-active competitors will we see? (3 pts.) 0 14. How many people will Hornswoggle eliminate? (3 pts.) 3 (with help from Finlay if assited eliminations count) 15. Will anyone bleed? (no point value), if so, who? (2 pts)No
  11. Mrnoitaull

    Raw 1.7.08

    soooo no one else saw the cameraman catch that L running into Triple H? I laughed
  12. Mrnoitaull

    Raw Thread For December 17th

    Jbl is STILL the man on the mic!
  13. Mrnoitaull

    Raw Thread For December 17th

    Honestly, JBL was my favorite superstar before he retired form the ring.
  14. Mrnoitaull

    RAW XV

    WHAT THE HELL?! Bischoff doesn't cry!
  15. Mrnoitaull

    RAW XV

    I marked for Eric. Quietly, I'm ready for a shoot.