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    Flair/Piper fight

    I just DLed this video of Flair attacking Piper (who was announcing) during his entrance. I can't place the time or purpose of this particular altercation. During the fight, Flair hits Piper with the belt, then Macho Man (also announcing) tries to help (McMahon mentions how he better stay out of it, as "he's on probation"?). Then Piper gets hold of a chair and accidentally knocks out McMahon. Anyone remember this? It'd be a big help. -Cheex
  2. Cheex Incarnate

    WrestleMania 25

    Like alot of you, I had at least 2 big matches i was expecting for WM 25. Batista/Cena and HHH/Edge just seemed like the two biggest match-ups that they could offer which is what i think WM 25 deserves. WRESLEMANIA is now a QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD! Why not save these feature bouts for what should be the biggest show of all time. Edge/HHH has been given away at the GAB, Cena/Batista seems to be going down at SummerSlam. Who now does the WWE have to offer as the match-ups WORTHY of WM25's main event? Logically, who do you think WWE has penciled in to main event their premier show? Do they have anyone penned at all? Has the WWE discounted the notion of WM "Dream matches" because WM sells itself while these other smaller events need the draw? If so is that legit? Anybody have an opinion on these issues? -cheex
  3. Cheex Incarnate

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    You know, I'd love to have Dustin come in and do a Venture Bros. Rusty/JJ type storyline. Have dustin come in and say that Cody is no brother of his and is stealing his birthright. Having Hardcore bring him in would make sense whenever Holly's heat goes down. -cheex
  4. Cheex Incarnate

    WrestleMania 25

    I think HHH/Kennedy would be an awesome match and could have an awesome build. Kennedy is known for taking a good ass wipping and HHH can certainly dish one out. I'd like to see them in some kind of Last Man Standing match at WM, but not for the title. Keep in mind this is IF Kennedy can stay out of trouble. Punk/Orton would also be a good match-up, but I dont think WWE has Punk scheduled to be anywhere near thworld title matches at WM, same goes for Hardy. It's really just not in their nature. Sure there are cases like Benoit and Eddie, but neither Punk or Hardy really have either of those two's legacy on their side. I expect an HBK/Taker match to occur. -cheex
  5. Cheex Incarnate

    WWE Raw (7/28/2008)

    While the Adamle angle interests me, i'm more pissed off that they are including Batista/Cena in on the whole thing for some reason. If Adamle wanted to "make a splash" so to speak with his first announcement, a multi-man JBL/Punk/Batista/Cena/Kane/Jericho match would've sufficed, but instead they waste the best WM 25 main event they have to offer. Seriously does this company not believe in waiting for WM anymore to feature the best of the best match-ups? They've already given away HHH/Edge at GAB of all places as an afterthought of the Vickie storyline. What now does RAW have to offer in the main event that has as big a buzz around it as Cena/Batista would? Nothing with Orton or Punk i'd imagine, maybe Jerocho but i'd be surprised to see WWE put him at the top again. HBK is stale, Regal has a long way to go to restore his heat. Seriously, why not tease Cena/Batista till April when the fans are really salivating for it instead of putting them together by Adamle for no real reason? I dunno....maybe it'll be worth it. -Cheex
  6. Cheex Incarnate

    The Dark Knight

    With the Rachel situation what it is, I'd be surprised not to see Catwoman in the third installment if not just to have a female presence. I for one would prefer a sexy cat burglar be the one to tempt Batman/Wayne's heart rather than some trite Girl-Of-the-Week like in the original 4. I'd also like to see a cool, serious version of arms dealer Penguine, but I doubt they'd to another Penguine/Catwoman teamup To join in on the casting fun here's my picks for new supervillians: Catwoman: Asia Argento, Maria Bello The Penguine: Ray Winstone, Tobin Bell, James Gandolfini The Riddler: Crispin Glover, Nicholas Cage Mr. Freeze: fucking Arnold Schwarzeneggar My biggest concern with the third one is that it follows the original four's mistakes by having EVERY villian just a cheap knockoff of the Joker. With Heath's performance so acclaimed I hope we dont get a completely demented, unkempt Penguine like we got a moronic, laughing Two-Face and Riddler from Batman Forever (seriously, did Jones and Carey just watch 89's Batman and go "well, that seemed to work, I'll just do it exactly the same?) love, cheex
  7. Cheex Incarnate

    Comic Request thread

    what current batman do you have? -cheex
  8. Cheex Incarnate

    WWE Raw (7/14/2008)

    I blame Josh Thompson
  9. Cheex Incarnate

    Venture Bros. Season 3

    Dr. Henry Killinger may be my 2nd favorite character behind Dr. Venture. Everything he says, be it a joke or not, is hilarious. -cheex
  10. Cheex Incarnate

    Venture Bros. Season 3

  11. Cheex Incarnate

    Venture Bros. Season 3

    Things that still need to be revealed having not seen the first episode of the new season yet: -what Dr. Girlfriend said -how the original Dr. Venture died -why The Monarch hates Dr. Venture, my guess is something in college -anything about Dr. Venture's mom -King Gorilla never dies as far as I remember so i hope he shows thats all I can come up with now, but i'm freaking pumped for season 3
  12. Cheex Incarnate

    Dream matches

    Since WWE became the only game in town, a steady flow of these hyped "dream matches" have been occuring. just off the top of my head, since WCW folded: WCW/ECW vs. WWF Inaugeral Brawl Title Unification match Hogan vs. The Rock The Rock vs. Goldberg Ric Flair vs. HBK Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg HBK vs. Hogan Undertaker vs. Ric Flair They planted the seeds for Hogan/Austin, but that of course wont happen. TNA offered up Joe/Angle, and to lesser extents Steiner/Joe and Sting/Angle. How do they rank against eachother? Was the hype worth it? Are there any left? I think WWE would be foolish not to run with Batista/Cena at 25. I think it could be this generations Hogan/Savage, Hogan/Warrior or Austin/Rock as far as era defining WrestleMania ME's. I wouldn't call it a dream match i guess though, as i could see wwe giving it away at some lesser ppv (ala Lashley/Cena). I would lvoe to watch the hype for a Sting/Taker match, and I'm sure you all feel the same. Anyone else offer any ideas for a dream match? -Cheex
  13. Cheex Incarnate

    Dream matches

    I actually think MVP/Eric Young would be a better match than MVP/Roode. Roode is so boring to me, i cant stand or believe his character for a minute. But i guess MVP would warrant a bigger opponent, how about Black Machismo? oh, and its Cheex by the way not cheech -CHEEX
  14. Cheex Incarnate

    Dream matches

    WWE vs. TNA: The Undertaker vs. Sting Triple H vs. Kurt Angle (yeah it's happened a bunch, but not in a long while and i think the build-up would be intense) John Cena vs. Samoa Joe (old buddies from UPW, i'd think Cena would really try to tear the house down in this) Batista vs. Scott Steiner Shawn Michaels vs. Booker T The Miz and John Morrison vs. AJ Styles and Tomko Big Show vs. Rhino Chris Jericho vs. James Storm CM Punk vs. Homicide MVP vs. Eric London/Kendrick vs. MCMGs Umaga vs. Abyss Randy Orton vs. Kevin Nash JBL vs. Matt Morgan Mr. Kennedy vs. Christian Cage
  15. Cheex Incarnate

    Dream matches

    Along with Batista/Cena, i think HHH/Edge would be a great addition to the WM25 card. It's got a Warrior/Savage feel if you ask me, not sure why i get that vibe though. -cheex
  16. Cheex Incarnate

    Dream matches

    I don't mean to only include WWE picks, no. So Sting or Joe vs. pretty much any WWE competitor counts. -cheex
  17. Cheex Incarnate

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    Judgement Day 05, my mistake.
  18. Cheex Incarnate

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    I think a alternate entrances for certain superstars would be cool as an unlockable feature. HHH's and Cena's WM23, Cena's Backlash '05, HBK's zipline, Wrestlemania carts, or any of taker's. That or be able to customize a "wrestlemania entrance" for people. -Cheex
  19. Cheex Incarnate

    Wrestlemania 18

    Anybody else but me upset that a Angle/Perfect match never occured around this time?
  20. Cheex Incarnate

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    How do you guys think WWE 2005 will be remembered? Sure it was the breakthrough year of Batista and Cena, but what a jobberific roster they had outisde the main event. On SmackDown, we had to deal with Animal and Heidenreich going over in a feud with MNM, Christian and Booker T floating around aimlessly in the midcard, Hussein being murdered, and the whole main event scene (Taker, JBL, Batista, Orton, Eddie, Rey) really just seemed to be a stagnant place and weren't doing anything new. Oh, and Benoit vs. Orlando 50 times. RAW had the burial of Jericho at Cena's hands, Angle's awkward and failed attempt at getting boos, HHH's weak turn against Flair, a weekly Edge/Kane match along with a weird double turn considering the circumstances (Lita, the liberated forced wife of psycho/rapist Kane who we now feel sorry for). Shelton and Carlito held up the midcard pretty well and Matt Hardy spiced things up for a bit, but by and large RAW was forgettable. Hogan/Michaels, in my opinion, was a really embarassing display. An entire feud based on who was the biggest politician. All the talk on the boards were wondering who pulled more stroke not to do the JOB. The highlight of the feud was the shameless Bret Hart tease. Oh, and semi-retired Hogan went over active competitor Michaels. If you ask me, Cena, Batista and One Night Stand were the only unmitigated success stories of a largely forgetable year. -cheex
  21. Cheex Incarnate

    Rebooking WWE

    RAW/SD/ECW storylines leading to Armageddon -Commissioner Regal, upset with their lack of loyalty to the RAW brand, signs a 4 way tag title match involving Cade/Murdoch, London/Kendrick, WGTT, and Duggan/Crazy -Striker, furious from t he events at SurSer, targets Batista. This coincides with a trade venture between SD and ECW where for a few weeks, various trades are made. Rey Mysterio, Jamie Noble, and Kenny Dykstra move to ECW while Big Daddy V, The Miz, and Stevie Richards move to SD. Striker challenges Batista to find a tag partner for Armageddon against Henry and BDV and Kane fills the void. In the weeks leading up to the PPV, Striker courts Kane to join his stable of monsters. –After successfully defending his title in a rematch against Henry, Taker is attacked by Edge brutally with a steel chair. He is taken off TV for 2 weeks before making his return and agreeing to match at the PPV -Hardy confronts Michaels about his actions at SurSer, but HBK brushes him off saying all he wanted was a chance at Orton. Hardy says he’s sick of people calling him a fluke and challenges HBK to a match at the PPV to solidify his championship status. –Morrison continues to lead on Dreamer, saying Punk has been ducking him since becoming champion. Punk and ECW original Balls Mahoney unsuccessfully tries to convince otherwise. An extreme rules tag match is signed -MVP states disgust in the ECW/SD trades, which Stevie Richards takes offense to. Richards pins MVP in a non-title match, and a rematch is made -Finlay approaches his former friend Kingsley McMahon about his recent alliance with McMahon (formally Hornswaggle). Vince punishes Finlay by making a match with him and Khali -RAW XV is headlines by a No DQ match involving HBK and Orton which Michaels wins. Other notable appearances include the returnees in the gimmick battle royal and the Nasty Boys who take up a challenge by Cade/Murdoch. The end of the show is pretty much kept as was held in real life. –JBL challenges Mysterio to one last SD match at Armageddon. –Kennedy and Y2J continue their program -HHH continues to be a thorn in McMahon’s side, embarrassing him at the anniversary show. He signs a match with him and Orton Armageddon: -MVP def. Stevie Richards to retain US title -Chris Jericho def. Mr. Kennedy -The Great Khali def. Finlay after Kingsley McMahon interferes -Rey Mysterio def. JBL -Triple H def. Randy Orton by DQ when Orton uses a chair to beat down The Game. Umaga also runs in for the beat down -Batista and Kane def. Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. Post match, Striker comes down with a flame thrower of sorts and aims at Batista who ducks out of the way only for the flames to hit Kane, who goes down and is taken out of the arena on a stretcher with EMTs taking care of him - London and Kendrick def. Cade/Murdoch, Duggan/Crazy, and WGTT to win WWE tag titles -Tommy Dreamer and John Morrison def. CM Punk and Balls Mahoney in a wild extreme rules match -Beth Phoenix def. Mickie James to retain WWE Women’s Title -Edge def. The Undertaker with help from the Major Bros. to win World Heavyweight Championship -Carlito's Cabana: Carlito interviews Cody Rhodes which quickly turns into a sneak attack. Rhodes is saved by Hardcore Holly, who has been trying to beat respect into Rhodes since his debut -Jeff Hardy def. Shawn Michaels cleanly to retain WWE Title. the two shake hands afterwards
  22. Cheex Incarnate

    Rebooking WWE

    Tell me what you guys think. I tried to stay as realistic as possible, but still offer a better alternative to what we have now. I intend to book this until WrestleMania 24, but here is just part 1; No Mercy-Survivor Series No Mercy -McMahon comes out and addresses the title situation. He says that the top 3 contenders on RAW will compete in a triple threat match and face the winner of an ECW vs. SmackDown contest to determine the new champ. ECW will be represented by the returning John Morrison who returns and cuts a quick promo before being interrupted by the lights dimming and SmackDown’s competitor, The Undertaker makes his entrance -Undertaker def. John Morrison -Rey Mysterio def. Finlay with the 619 -Beth Phoenix def. Candace Michelle to win WWE Women’s Title -CM Punk def. Big Daddy V by DQ to retain ECW Title -Jeff Hardy def. Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy by pinning Kennedy after the Swanton Bomb to advance to face the Undertaker -MVP’s Lounge: His guest is Mark Henry who voices displeasure in being left out of the WWE title scene -Batista def. The Great Khali in Punjabi Prison to retain World Championship -Triple H goes backstage to confront Vince about being left out of the WWE title race, but Vince blows him off and tells him he better focus on his match with Umaga, which is next -Umaga def. Triple H after Vince (on commentary) distracts Hunter and allows Umaga to hit the Samoan Spike -Jeff Hardy def. The Undertaker after Mark Henry interferes to win WWE Title RAW/SmackDown/ECW storylines leading to Cyber Sunday -Randy Orton brutally attacks Hardy on the RAW following No Mercy. He states that Hardy does not deserve to be anywhere near the title and his opportunity to beat John Cena was robbed from him. RAW’s main event is set to be Hardy vs. Orton in either a TLC, Falls Count Anywhere, or Cage match -It is announced the fans will choose between Undertaker, The Great Khali, Kane and Mark Henry to face Batista for the world title. Henry focuses his energy on Taker leading to the event and in after a match teaming with Khali against the BoD, he pilmanizes Taker’s ankle -CM Punk will face John Morrison in a Dream tag partner match where the fans choose either Balls Mahoney, Rey Mysterio or Hardcore Holly for Punk’s teammate and Finlay, The Miz, or Snitsky for Morrison’s. Each person faces their possible opposition in the weeks leading to the PPV -Umaga continues to be a thorn in HHH’s side, along with Vince. The two will face off with the fan’s choice of referee; Ric Flair, Shane McMahon, or Steve Austin -Matt Hardy isn’t medically cleared to compete at the PPV, so the people not voted into the WHC contest will compete in a 4 corners match with MVP. –Mr. Kennedy becomes obsessed with the Save Us 222 vignettes and forms a think-tank involving Santino, Snitksy, Maria, Duggan, and Super Crazy to crack the codes. In the team’s most hilarious exchange Santino says “It’s probably Chris Jericho” to which Kennedy replies, “Don’t be and ass, Santino.” Cyber Sunday: -Carlito def. Cody Rhodes for the vacant IC title in which the fans vote for the competitors -CM Punk and Rey Mysterio def. John Morrison and The Miz -Jesse and Festus win a Tag Team Turmoil match involving all the teams from each brand. The fans voted for the SD! Titles to be on the line -MVP gets counted out of the 4 corners match involving Kane, Khali and Henry after it is announced Taker won the popular vote. -Triple H def. Umaga, Special ref Steve Austin -Kennedy demands that 222 reveal themselves, but another vignette appears on the tron hyping “his return” on the next nights RAW -The Undertaker def. Batista to win WHC -Jeff Hardy def. Randy Orton in TLC to retain WWE Title, but only when HBK makes a surprise return superkicking Orton. RAW/SD/ECW storylines leading to SurSer -HBK returns and vows revenge against Orton -The announcers are questioning whether Hardy is a fluke champion quickly running out of time following close victories over Umaga, Orton, Snitsky, and Kennedy -Hornswaggle begins to fall in Vince’s favor. He says had he had another son he would have named him Kinglsey, so Hornswaggle takes on that moniker. Shane begins to grow threatened by Kingsley’s role -Y2J returns and targets Kennedy for spoiling his big surprise return -It is announced that 4 traditional SurSer matches will take place (one RAW, one SD, one ECW, one RAW vs. SD tag teams) and the survivors will compete in Ultimate Survivor -DH Smith debuts in ECW, Highlanders quietly traded to SD -Morrison chooses Tommy Dreamer as a member of his teams during a draft session on ECW. He plants the seeds of dissention between Punk and Dreamer -Batista requests a title shot, but is denied once it is revealed Matt Striker has taken Mark Henry on as a client and signed a match for SurSer with the Taker -JBL attack Mysterio after a match with Finlay, saying he will compete and SurSer to avenge his career ending injury Survivor Series -Jeff Hardy, HBK, Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes def. Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, Carlito, and Snitsky. The final 3 are HBK and Hardy vs. Orton. HBK holds Hardy’s leg down to insure he will have Orton 1 on 1, who he ends up pinning -Cade/Murdoch, London/Kenrick, Duggan/Crazy and WGTT def. Duece/Domino, Jesse/Festus, Majors and Highlanders. Cade Murdoch are last to survive -Triple H def. Umaga in Hell in a Cell -Finlay, JBL, MVP, and Great Khali def. Rey Mysterio, Batista, Kane, and Chuck Palumbo. Batista is last to survive on his team against Finlay, MVP, and JBL, but distraction from Striker costs him the match -CM Punk, Elijah Burke (last minute sub for Dreamer), Balls Mahoney and DH Smith def. John Morrison, Tommy Dreamer, The Miz and Big Daddy V. The final two are Punk and Dreamer who go about 10 minutes alone before Punks hits the GTS -HBK congratulates Punk and they agree to team up in Ultimate Survivor. HBK then goes to Cade/Murdoch’s dressing room and assumes they will also join up (considering their RAW membership). They rebuff Michaels’s request and say they don’t like his kind. -The Undertaker def. Mark Henry to retain WHC. Post-match, Batista runs out and delivers a Batista Bomb to Striker behind Henry’s back -CM Punk and Shawn Michaels def. Finlay, MVP, JBL, Cade, and Murdoch one by one to be declared the ultimate survivors. part II in a few days! -Cheex
  23. Cheex Incarnate

    saving EWR on a CD

    I've tried once awhile ago to save EWR onto a disk to put it on my laptop but it didnt work. does anyone know how or if its possible? -cheex
  24. Cheex Incarnate

    Rebook a SummerSlam

    The WrestleMania version of this thread was a fun read and I think SummerSlam is even more ripe for rebooking. I'll start things off with a reworked 1995. The undercard is pretty much keepable, nothing offensive about Horrowitz/Skip, HHH/Holly or Kid/Hakushi, and even the Women's match can stay but the ME scene is terrible. What I say you do is this: Mabel vs. Bret Hart Put Mabel in Yankem's place. Have Lawler claim he wanted the help of a fellow royal to take Hart out. It eliminated the retarded dentist gimmick and takes Big Daddy V out of the main event. Bret wins. Sid vs. Shawn Michaels I believe originally this was the plan, but was changed to Ramon/HBK II to try and salvage a buyrate. These two put on good matches with eachother on occasion and I think that this pairing would've been a great IC match. HBK wins Razor Ramon vs. Diesel Story writes itself. Long-time fued gets a big summertime blowoff. Just one year before Ramon wins IC title from BDC at Summerslam, now can he do it again for the big one? Diesel wins. any takers? -cheex
  25. Cheex Incarnate

    Rebook a SummerSlam

    2003: First off, instead of hitting the oh-so-obvious panic button and booking a giant cclusterfuck elimination chamber match yo hide HHH's groin injury, i'd just have Hunter announce that he was injured and there for couldn't compete against goldberg. HHH is still champ and it prolongs the feud a few weeks without deflating goldy. with that in mind, my card would look like: Hair vs. hair Chris Jericho def. Kevin Nash Matt Hardy def. Tajiri Randy Orton def. Shawn Michaels Undertaker def. A-Train La Resistance def. Dudley Boyz when Conway interferes Rob Van Dam def. Christian for the IC title Goldberg DDQ Kane just throw these two together and use both of their momentum at this time to try and get everybody over. Make it a big schmozz brawl of an ending that could logically lead to the Kane-HHH-Goldberg three-way a few months later. eddie Guerrero def. Rhyno and Chris Benoit for US Title Shane McMahon def. Eric Bischoff Kurt Angle def. Brock Lesnar -cheex