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    Sean Atlas vs. Longdogger Pete

    - Hmm?




    Wild and Dangerous vs. Mike Van Siclen and Beezel

    - Bee Van Siezel.




    Janus vs. Dace Night vs. Jay Dawg

    - Had to be Jay Dawg here.




    Judge Mental vs. TNT

    - Ohh, tough call. I'll go with Judge here, to balance things out.




    The Boston Strangler vs. Neilsen of the Jungle

    - Strangler may have some ring rust left to lose, and Neilsen loves these matches. I'll go with him.




    Frost vs. Ejiro Fasaki

    - Balancing things out, Ejiro gets a loss here.





    “The Superior One” Tom Flesher© vs. “Deathwish” Danny Williams

    - Gotta go with Tom in this one. He's gone through plenty of challengers, and for one reason or another, I don't think this is the one that'll stop him.




    - It's all about Matthews. He's on a huge roll and should retain here, though Dillon will have a good showing as well.





    - Duran retains, though I wouldn't be surprised is Tarakanov pulls out a shock win.




    - If he writes, Trepanier.





    VA'AIGA vs CROW©

    - The Bird beats the Maori with the Bird Dropping~!

  3. The way I approach it is that the in-show promos are always in kayfabe, while anything posted independently can be whatever you want it to be. With this I was trying to show what's going on inside the head of the new guy on his first day (The PPV was more of an event rather than a regular day at the office kind of thing).

  4. Atlas, I'll be making some changes to my stats on Saturday afternoon or evening. I'm not sure yet how much I'll be changing. If you really need to start your match before then, go ahead and start, but if not, I'll have the new stats ready by Saturday night.

    No problem, Pete. I'll probably be here, sacrificing three kittens and a small goat to maybe have a chance to actually win.

  5. The loud garage door opens once Security has confirmed the driver’s identity. Guards step aside as the enormous metal wall shifts higher, letting in some sunlight from the outside. The shadow of a vehicle appears, followed by the vehicle itself – a rented Chevy Imapala. Just as the door clears, the driver passes under it, riding past the guards into the rapidly growing group of parked cars within.


    He finds his spot and shuts the vehicle off, stepping out of the driver’s side door with an athletic bag in hand. The driver, which until now hasn’t been revealed finally shows his face... sort of. It’s Sean Atlas, and it’s his mask that we see rather then mug underneath. Other than the mask, he’s dressed in street clothes: blue jeans, a black T-shirt with some vague wrestling references, covered by a very worn leather jacket that clearly has some years on it.


    Parking attendants give him strange glances as he continues down the lot. It’s not too often that someone arrives at the arena already wearing a mask. How committed is this man to his gimmick? And more importantly, what does he have to hide?


    Placing the strap of the bag over his shoulder, Sean walks through to an exit out of the lot. He walks up to a door with a guard standing by.


    “Good afternoon, sir.” says the security guard with a wary look on his face. Sean Atlas’ reply to him...




    He passes through the doorway and continues down the hall, past many closed doors and storage carts. Cabling and various production equipment lines the hallways here, and the amount of people surrounding him gradually increases as he strolls on. Fleet Center staff and SWF employees say hello to him, receiving little in return save for an occasional glance or nod. Seemingly focused, Sean moves past them all speedily.



    He then reaches a vast area with lights, cameras, and plenty of action going on. Backdrops are being set up for wrestlers to cut promos, cameramen and production assistants communicate over their radios, adding to the general volume of noise. Different from his setting in the Junior League, this really is the big time, thought. A company that gets the respect it deserves, rather than a simple farm league or a startup group.


    “Things sure are different here.” he says.


    From a distance, he spots his co-workers in the room. Some discuss their matches for later that night. Others confer with cameramen and producers between promo takes. Plenty of them line the snack table along one wall, getting their hands on all the free food, courtesy of Baker’s Best Catering in Boston. He wants none of it, however.


    A new group of people to work with, he thought, far and away more talented than those the League provided. He won’t storm through these guys like he did down there. Just looking at them, it’s clear that this is a whole new ballgame, with all new players... Well, almost. Over by the corner, his fellow Leaguers from months gone by, Janus and Dace Night stand next to a road agent, probably discussing the Hardcore Title match that will follow his own.


    Elsewhere, Tag Team champions William Hearford-The Judge, and Ejiro Fasaki pass by looking a bit anxious about their match against a returning Boston Strangler in his own hometown. As the two of them walk out of view, Atlas can’t help but miss the enormous frame of the Icelander himself, Frost. He sits at a table, calmly eating a hefty meal by himself. TNT is nowhere to be found however.


    Realizing he’s been standing in one spot for far too long, Sean starts walking across the large room. Then, not too far away appears the form of another masked man, Beezel. Atlas smiles a bit at the sign of another man hiding his identity. Luckily, this guy took the extra step and got himself a voice modulator. The two both reach near the center of the room and acknowledge one another with a mild glance lasting less than a second. “Freak,” Atlas mouths to himself, then realizes Beezel probably thought the same.


    Sean continues his way across the room, glancing around to see more Federation talent. As the room gradually becomes a hallway, he sees another familiar face, Mike Van Siclen, exiting a room. Mike notices him as well and greets the man that rose up through the SJL in just a fraction of the time that he did.


    “Atlas, glad you’re here. Settle in and come back here in around an hour. If you find Johnny, let him know. We’ve got a match to talk about, and I think Raynor’s the agent. Should be great.” Says Van Siclen as he walks away, not awaiting an answer.


    Atlas simply mouths an OK and walks on. Surprised at just how far above him Mike and the others seemingly are, he realizes that he’s at the bottom of the ladder. Losing to Dace at Battleground didn’t help his cause, but at least he got another shot at contendership. Good commissioner, that King.


    He reaches the general locker room and walks in. Seemingly alone in here, Atlas sits down on a bench and takes a breather, absorbing all the information he just took in. Raynor as his agent, he thought. That should be interesting. That Beezel guy, another mask wandering around the place. Should he go find Johnny now, or just hope to bump into him?


    His thoughts are cut off by some racket outside. Through the closed door, he hears someone passing by, yelling obscenities at the people behind him. The unique tapping of sandals identifies the man as Neilsen, which for some reason makes Atlas smile a bit. He soon walks past and away, taking the noise with him...


    Sean continues to think. Will Raynor bring him great news about the match? Going by Mike’s confidence it seems that the Craven/MVS feud isn’t over yet. Or maybe it is, and creative would rather do a Wildchild/Dangerous match for the belt to add some intrigue. But then what about himself? Hopefully it’ll be Johnny that stares up at the lights tonight and not him. Another consecutive loss just isn’t acceptable.


    Atlas shakes the thoughts off and picks up his gym bag. Opening it, he takes out his wrestling gear – tights, boots, pads, tape, etc. The camera pans around him in a circle, then backs away towards the door while the masked Atlas starts to change. The door opens, seemingly for no one as the view back up further, then closes again, blacking out the scene.

  6. I think it'd be better if we did the update log in a test file stored on the server itself. Spamming this thread up with replies about minor updates and changes would get tedious, and people would know to take a look at the sites only when there's a reply here. Keeping the update log private would encourage people to visit on their own.


    Sean "Control Freak" Atlas.

  7. To the people involved with the website, mainly Johnny and Atlas, if you make any updates to the site, try to post them either here (for the SWF) or on the JL Website Thread (for the JL). That way we're not stepping on each other's toes, so to speak. Atlas, I know that at least remotely follow the WF, and more so now that you've been bumped, so feel free to update the SWF site since it would seem that you have more time than me, and I'm a lazy bastard. And don't worry about giving me a chance to update it cause chances are, I'll be very happy that you did so. The only thing I ask is that you leave the rankings to me. :) If you see it needs updating, and you've got the time and/or desire, go right ahead.


    Da "but don't do it this time cause I'm about to update in about 45 minutes when my boss leaves" H

    No problem. I'll actually end up focusing more on the SWF site now that I'm following that more. And with the JL's decreasing roster, it won't be difficult to take care of that site.


    I did notice some small things here and there that still need updating (Career Highlighs under peoples' names, SJL site link, etc). But that's stuff I implemented with the design and they're really minor. I'll update that stuff too, along with graphics for future PPVs and such.

  8. “Welcome to Battleground!” announces the energized voice of Mark Stevens as the camera pans around the crowd inside a sold out Pepsi Center. “Coming to you live from Denver, Colorado!”


    People of all ages cheer and hold up signs like “Neilsen fears the King!” and “Flesher Sucks!” while the beats of Mudvayne’s “Not Falling” blast throughout the arena. Finally the camera slows down and settles on the entranceway, showing the AH-64 Helicopter crashing above it, A-10 Warthogs, and an M-1 Abrams Tank decorating the sides.


    “The stage is set, and the battle lines are drawn up here in Denver as the Battleground prepares to see its first battle!” yells Grand Slam.


    “We’ll be seeing seven encounters tonight,” says Riley “among them a fight inside a steel cage, a huge battle with using tables ladders and chairs as artillery, and topping it off is an enormous encounter for the world title, where our World Champion may have to fight on two fronts to defend his title.”


    “But coming up first is a match between two former SJL World Champions,” Stevens notes “The High Priest of Horrorcore, Dace Night and the man that defeated him twice before, Sean Atlas.”



    Cutting the commentary off are the drums and guitar riffs of “Fuel for Hatred” by Satyricon blast into the Pepsi Center. The house lights fade down while a bust of black pyro goes off onstage, followed by red and purple overhead lights illuminating the ramp. The of Horrorcore himself, Dace Night, emerges from behind the curtain and walks out onto the stage, then continues down the ramp.



    “The following match is set for one fall, and is for number one contendership to either the Hardcore Gamers title, or the United States Title. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from Birmingham, England, weighing in at 254 pounds, to receive number one contendership to the Hardcore Gamers Title if victorious...... DAAAAACCCCEE NIGHT!”



    Funyon’s announcement ends just as Dace climbs into the ring. He leans on the ropes and raises the Rock Horns sign into the air, eliciting a mild cheer from the fans. He takes off the Inverted Crucifix necklace and stretches for a bit, showing off his new “Unholy trinity” T-shirt.



    “You know Bobby, this new group could cause some huge changes in the Federation.” Mark notes.


    “Come on, there’s only three of them, and one is still a leaguer.” Riley replies “Until I see something impressive from them, I’m not convinced of anything.”



    The house lights start to return to normal while “Fuel for Hatred” fades out. However, they quickly go back to darkness just as the notes to "Heaven's a Lie" by Lacuna Coil chime in. A white light shines through the grating on the ramp, illuminating the set above. In the middle of the stage, a door opens up, allowing in even more light. As the soft notes play on, a large structure rises through the hole from beneath the stage - it seems to be a cross with a man hanging from it. His feet are supported, however, and as the cross ascends, it becomes clear that this is Sean Atlas.


    As the soft notes come to an end, just before the drums kick in, the bottom of the cross stops just a foot above the stage's surface... a gradually louder electric guitar brings the start of the song to a climax, and then...






    A colossal explosion goes off onstage and on the cross, the clasps at Atlas' wrists and feet are released. He instantly jumps off, as if to symbolically avoid the crucifixion and lands on the stage. To the heavier part of the song, Sean Atlas walks down the ramp, staring out into the crowd with confidence while the fans show their apathy toward him. Introducing the masked man to them for the first time is Funyon:


    “And his opponent, currently making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 240 pounds, to receive number one contendership to the United States Title if victorious...... SEEEEAAAANNNN ATLAS!”


    Sean makes it down to the base of the ramp, showboating the entire time. He looks at Dace Night through the ropes as he walks around the ring to the steps on the commentary side. He slowly walks up, onto the apron and steps through the ropes. Referee Anthony Michael Hall, assigned to the match for his familiarity with the participants, separates the two as they prepare for the start of the bout.



    “These two men have quite a history, facing each other in two Junior League matches, both of which were incredibly violent.” Informs Grand Slam “The second bout actually forced Sean Atlas to stitch up his mask, which he has since retired and replaced with a brand new one.”


    “Since when are you so up to date on Junior League matters?” asks Riley. “You’re making such a big deal out of the ‘storied’ history between them.”


    “Unlike you, I actually have other duties here.” Mark retorts “And it’s not my fault that Dace and Atlas held two more SJL titles than you have Mr. Lost-The-First-SJL-Championship-Match.”


    “...Bitch. Cheap shot...”



    *DING, DING*


    “And with that, the first battle is on!”


    The two grapplers lunge at each other just as the bell sounds, locking in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. They briefly struggle until Dace, the larger of the two, gets a decisive advantage and forces Sean to back up. Pushing him all the way to the ropes, Dace gets out of the tie-up and takes Sean’s arm. Leaning him against the ropes, Dace whips Atlas across to the other side. He bounces off and runs back...


    Dace with a lariat! But Atlas ducks it, running under the arm and to the other ropes. He comes off just as Dace turns around... and knocks Horrorcore down with a Shoulderblock! Atlas runs towards the near ropes while Dace remains on the mat. He springs off and comes back, forcing Dace to flatten himself on the mat while Sean jumps over him. He bounces off the opposite ropes while Dace stands up and prepares for Sean to come back...


    But Atlas slides down, slithering under his opponent’s legs and turning around behind him, grabs his feet and pulls them back to drop Night to the mat! Dace quickly gets back up after the rear leg takedown, but finds himself losing balance as Sean Atlas rolls him up with an Inside Cradle.....!










    NO! Dace quickly kicks out, rolling out of the cover.



    “Fast paced action to start the match off, Bobby.” says an observant Mark Stevens.


    “I’m liking this Atlas character.” states Riley. “Slick and swift, and he seems to know his opponent pretty well.”



    Both men come to their feet and Atlas goes on the attack, continuing the speedy action by sending Dace to the corner with an Irish Whip. He rams into it with his back as Sean darts towards him, lifting his arm for a back elbow... But Dace moves out of the way, forcing Atlas to collide with the pads with his back...


    *Smack* ‘Whooo!’



    “Dace Night, sending sharp, knife edges chops into the chest of Sean Atlas!” notes Stevens.


    *Smack* ‘Whooo!’


    *Smack* ‘Whooo!’


    *Smack* ‘Whooo!’


    *SMACK* ‘WHOOO!’



    Dace finally lets up and takes the red-chested Atlas by the hand. He steps back and tugs on it to send him to the opposite corner... but Atlas holds on and reverses, shooting Night off to another set of pads. He collides into them chest-first and recoils, taking several steps back. But he quickly finds himself in a rear-waistlock, and before he knows it, Sean Atlas gets him in the air, and SLAMS him into the canvas with a Release German Suplex!



    “Powerful Belly to Back Release by Sean Atlas, who has dominated thus far.” Stevens says.


    “You say he beat this Dace guy twice already?” asks Bobby. “I’m not surprised.”



    Atlas stands up, walking over to a half-standing Dace night. He takes him by the arm and gets him standing. He pulls back and Irish whips him towards the side, but as he so often does, Sean holds on, snapping Dace back to him. He instantly wraps his arms around the High Priest of Horrorcore and locks them in, then pops his hips and flips Dace over with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex!



    “Another Suplex from the masked man, Riley.” says Mark.


    “I’m right here, buddy, I can see that.” Bobby retorts.


    “Just doing my job.”



    Sean quickly gets to standing and walks up behind Dace, who doesn’t get up quite as fast as last time. Once he does though, Sean stands to his side and locks his leg between Dace’s. Extending his arm behind Night’s back, Atlas latches on to the far shoulder and falls back, taking Dace down with him! Right away, he hooks the leg as Hall drops down to make the count...










    NO! Dace kicks out again, getting the shoulder up.



    “I’m guessing this Horrorcore guy is a pretty resilient bastard, eh?” asks Bobby Riley.


    “Indeed he is. It takes a lot to win a match against him on your own.” Answers Stevens. “Though if anyone, Sean over there knows how to do it.”



    Atlas gets back to his feet, pulling Dace up with him. Whilst sending punches and forearms to his face, Sean backs Dace into the ropes. Pushing off, Atlas launches him across the ring into the far ropes. Night bounces and returns to a doubled over Atlas, looking to hook Dace around the waist. He quickly stops and sends a swift kick to Sean’s chest, knocking him onto his back.



    “Oh, small mistake, buddy.” notes Riley.



    Sean rolls over and gets to his feet, but Dace already has him by the neck and after taking a running start, turns over and slams Sean down with a Neckbreaker. He stands up, pulling Atlas up with him and slides on a Front Face Lock. Dace tries to lift Atlas up for a Suplex, but Sean resists, forcing Dace to drop Atlas down onto the mat, face-first, with the Front Face Locked in place.



    “Is that guy working on a submission now?” asks Riley.


    “Looks like it.” Mark answers. “Following up on the Neckbreaker, it seems as though the man they call Horrorcore is working solely on Sean’s neck.


    “Dumbass. We want to see some action!”



    And action they shall see as Sean Atlas, momentum still in him, tries to overpower the larger Dace Night. Despite the Referee’s presence to his side and Dace’s constant badgering of him to call the submission, Sean manages to slither out of the lock rather quickly, backing up and getting to his feet as he does so.


    Dace, meanwhile jumps right off the ground and goes after Atlas, leveling him back to the canvas with a Clothesline! Sean pops up again, then turns around and meets an Elbow Smash from Dace Night! Another one... and then one more sends him back into the ropes. Dace pushed against his chest and uses the ropes to whips Sean across to the other side... Atlas hits the ropes, but didn’t realize that Dace followed and as soon as he turns around...






    “Dace Night just LEVELED Sean Atlas with a Zakuza Kick!” yells an excited Mark Stevens. “And the crowd responds!”



    Dace quickly dives down to pin Atlas’ shoulders to the mat...











    ..NO! Sean Atlas kicks out of the cover, rolling over to his side to get a shoulder up.


    He shakes his head from side to side, getting himself back together after the stiff Yakuza Kick from Night. He’s soon pulls up to a stands however, as Dace continues the assault. He locks on a Front Face Lock again, this time lifting Sean into the air and snapping him back down with a Snap Suplex.


    Face lock in place, Dace gets himself standing and as a result brings Sean up as well. Before Atlas even plants his feet, Dace lifts him high into the air, then slams him down, hitting a slightly slower Suplex on the masked opponent. Still keeping the facelock on, Dace stands Atlas and himself up a third time. His snaps his hips and lifts again, this time trying a delayed vertical Suplex....


    But he can’t keep holding as Sean powers his way back down to his own feet, and using the momentum swings Dace up into the air and down with a Snap Suplex of his own!



    “Great job by Sean Atlas, picking up on Dace Night’s strategy of multiple Suplexes.” says Stevens.


    “The strategy wasn’t that complicated, Mark.” Bobby replies. “Longer Suplexes each time. Whoopie.”



    Atlas gets to his feet, but Dace is on pace with him and stands right when Sean does. Dace takes a swing, but Atlas ducks and slides his leg behind Dace while keeping an arm on his chest, then pushes him down with an STO! Atlas bends down to Dace’s legs and grabs one, straightening it up. He backs up and kicks Kaine in the back of the knee! Still holding his leg, he kicks it some more, from the side and the bottom too.



    Atlas drops the leg and lifts the other one up, but gets some resistance from Dace, who pulls him closer, then kicks him away! Atlas stumbles back but keeps his balance while Dace stands up. Sean quickly takes his arm and sends him running towards the ropes, where Dace bounces and prepares to defend himself against Sean’s waiting arms...


    But isn’t fast enough as Atlas sweeps his feet out from under him, slamming Dace Night down with a Spinebuster! Sean instantly back up and runs towards the ropes closest to Dace’s feet. He bounces off and heads for his downed opponent, then bends down to scoop up Dace’s legs and flips over, his own feet landing on the canvas just to the side of Dace’s face!



    “Jackknife hold by Sean Atlas!” yells Mark Stevens. “A unique pinning predicament for him as Referee Hall makes the count...”
















    ...NO!! Dace manages to get one of his legs out of Sean’s grip, escaping the hold and makes it easier to lift a shoulder. Sean rolls over and stands up, his anger clearly growing. He lifts Dace up to his feet and stands behind him locking on a Half Nelson. He locks Dace’s other arm in a Chickenwing, then bends backwards and carries Dace over his head, flipping him on the way, and DRIVING him face-first into the canvas!!!



    “What the hell was that?” asks Riley.


    “I believe it’s called the Tequila Sunrise.” Mark replies. “The technical term though is a Belly-to-Back Half-Nelson Chickenwing Suplex.”


    “Tequila Sunrise it is.”



    Dace straightens his arms out, lifting his head off the mat and shakes it, trying to gather himself. Atlas is back on him though, getting him to stand. He wraps his arms around Dace in a waistlock to attempt a Northern Loght Suplex... but Dace reads it manages to avoid it, gut wrenching Atlas onto his shoulders instead! He then bends down to one knee and slides Sean forward, hitting a...



    “Backbreaker!” yells an enthusiastic Mark Stevens. “He gutwrenched out of the waistlock, then brought Sean Atlas down across his knee with a backbreaker. Great strategy by Dace Night.”



    Dace lifts Sean off the mat. Locking his own arms around Sean’s body, Dace slides around and gets behind Atlas, belly-to-back. He pops his hips and lifts, trying a German Suplex... and he can’t do it as Sean struggles down, causing Dace to swing him back. Using the momentum and still holding on to Dace’s arm Atlas slides, feet first, under Dace and once there, grabs onto Dace’s other arm to lock in a Half Nelson! He lifts the champion off his feet and prepares to slam him down with a Stretch Suplex until...


    Dace escapes! He manages to pull one arm out of Sean’s grip and avoid the move. Swinging around behind him once again, Dace locks on a Half Nelson of his own, until Atlas spins out of it and faces him. Extremely alert, Dace lifts his knee and strikes Atlas’ gut with it once again. He puts on a front face lock and lifts Sean off his feet, vertically into the air...


    And brings him down with a Sheer Drop Brainbuster!!! The fans pop for it as Atlas’ back comes down to the mat to join his head, meanwhile Dace floats over to make the cover...














    ...TH.. NO! Atlas gets his shoulder up, despite the rapidly growing pain in his neck.



    “Looks like Dace is focused on getting that neck to snap, Grand Slam.” Riley says.


    “I don’t think so, Bobby. He’s a vicious competitor, but he’s just working on the neck because his finishing moves attack it as well.” Mark replies as Dace brings Atlas to his feet.



    Taking Sean by the neck, Dace walks him over to the corner. Clutching onto the leather of his mask on the back of his head, Dace takes Sean and SLAMS his head into the top turnbuckle! He pull sit back... and does it again!




    Taking Atlas a third time, he pushes him forward and slams his head against the top turnbuckle once more!












    Dace tries it a sixth time...




    But the crowd is wrong on that one, as Sean elbows Night in the gut, avoiding another collision with the turnbuckle pad. He Lifts Dace’s arm and wraps it around his neck, tying up Horrorcore with his own limb. Atlas then turns around, back to back with Dace and balls back, going for the Immaculate Neckbreaker...!


    And he slams himself into the mat but not Dace! Dace spun back around and out of the grip of his own arm, causing Sean to do nothing but drop himself to the canvas! He drags Atlas out near the middle of the ring while he tries to get to his feet, which Dace then helps with. He steps to Sean’s side and hooks the leg while spreading his arm across Atlas’ body, then he lifts and drops Atlas down with a Backdrop Suplex in the center of the ring!



    “Small mistake by Atlas turns into Dace’s advantage.” Mark notes.


    “You know, I’m still not convinced that this Atlas guy is any good. How did he beat Dace twice?” Riley asks.


    “Hardcore stuff, my friend.” says Stevens. “Hardcore stuff.”



    Dace lifts Sean off the mat again and up to his feet. He scoops him up, lifting him onto his shoulder and walks around, watching the crowd as they see this masked man get manhandled by Dace Night... and then Dace leans forward, flipping Atlas over and SLAMS him down with Powerslam! The fans give him one of the louder reactions so far, as Dace leans in for the cover...


    But meets nothing but Sean’s forearm!



    “Ohh, Atlas got Dace in the nose before he can cover. Good move, buddy.” Riley says.



    Sean begins to stand up, but he obviously angered his opponent, hi take shim by the head while he’s still down on one knee and wraps it with his arm. Dace takes one step forward, then falls back, sweeping his own feet out and dropping Atlas down towards the surface of the ring with a DDT!!!!



    “DDT by Dace Night!” yells Stevens. “He goes for the pin, this time with no cheap shots from Sean...”

















    ...THHRR...NO!!! Atlas gets his shoulder up just before Hall’s arm came down a third time, then grabs his neck which is quickly becoming incredibly vulnerable.


    Dace comes to his feet, frustration building up inside of him. He gets gets the slightly woozy Sean Atlas to stands and taking his arm, whips him to the ropes. Atlas runs, bounces and comes back, watching as Dace Night’s leg rises towards him... And he catches it! Atlas grabs on to Dace’s leg and quickly swings around to put on a facelock. Lifting him high in the air, Atlas SLAMS him down, hitting the Leg Capture Suplex!!



    “Great read of Dace’s offence by Sean.” says Riley.



    Atlas comes to his feet, standing up before Dace does. He takes him by the arm and steps around him to the back. Butting on a Full Nelson, Atlas slides his foot between dace’s legs and sweeps them out, then leans forward to drop Dace Night’s fact to the mat with a Forward Full Nelson Russian Leg Sweep! The crowd actually cheers him for this as he slides his hands down to Dace’s waist and locks them in. He leans back, working quickly so as to not give Dace a chance, and lifts him up, over and back down with...



    “A Wheelbarrow Suplex by Sean Atlas!” yells Mark.


    “Great combination by the masked man.” Bobby Riley claims.



    Rolling over onto his stomach, Dace slowly begins to stand up. He gets to one knee when Atlas come sup to his side and extends Dace’s arm out. Sean steps over it, his back to Dace’s shoulder with Night’s arm between his legs. Holding it firmly, Atlas flips forward, driving the back of his knees into Dace’s chest, carrying him over onto his back with the Stepover Leg Drop!!!



    “What a move by Atlas as he flips Dace Night over with that amazing maneuver!” says Mark. “And he keeps his legs on him for the cover!”



















    ...TTTHRRRRNNNNNOOOOO!!!!! Dace Night kicks out with just a bit of time left!



    “Resilient bastard, isn’t he?” asks Riley.


    “Sure is.” Mark replies.



    Atlas rage is growing, He stands up and returns to his original strategy. Getting Dace to stand, he take shim by the arm and launches him into the ropes. Night bounces off and heads back to Sean Atlas, who simply stands there waiting. Dace immediately gets a leg into the air, going for Yakuza Kick yet again...!


    And Atlas catches it, falls onto his back, wrapping the leg and knocking Dace down with a Dragon Screw Legwhip! He instantly comes to his feet, placing his leg between Dace’s and to the side. Crossing Dace’s legs around him, Atlas grabs on to his boots and flips him over, confirming some suspicious as to why he was attacking the legs by locking in the SHARPSHOOTER!!



    “Sharpshooter by Sean Atlas!” yells Bobby Riley.


    “This is the move that Sean lost to in his last SJL match!” Mark Stevens informs. “I guess he found it to be useful.”



    Atlas pulls back, yelling as he does so... Dace, surprised that Sean will pull this out elevates himself off the canvas, trying to fight back... The fans grow louder as they wonder whether Dace will go for the ropes, escape the move or actually tap... Referee Anthony Michael Hall dives down to Dace, asking whether or not He wants to quit.... Dace denies any such thought and forces him to move out of the way, allowing him to see the ropes...



    “You think Dace’ll make it here, Mark?” Riley asks.


    “I sure hope so. This contest doesn’t feel like it’s over yet...”



    Dace crawls on forward on his hands, his legs elevated by Atlas... the crowd is split between the two of them, many cheering Dace on to get to the ropes while the others hope Sean Atlas can hold out... Neither side is definitive enough though, as Dace claws his way along the match coming closer and closer to the ropes....



    “Almost there, man, come on...” Mark says...



    Dace inches closer while Sean yells, trying to fight it but is forced to step back with him... He can feel himself losing the force on Dace, meanwhile his own neck and back are in some pain from earlier on... Finally, Atlas hears the crowd roar as referee Hall stands up and asks him to drop the hold. Turning around, he notices that Dace’s hand is firmly latching on to the bottom rope... Reluctantly, he lets it go.



    “He did it! Dace Night looks like he’s about to get the upper hand here, after avoiding a painful loss to the Sharpshooter.” Notes Mark Stevens.


    “I would think that Sean Atlas will try to prevent that, Grand Slam.” Riley replies.



    Indeed, Atlas is right back on him, lifting Dace away from the rope and to his feet. Pushing back against the rubber, Atlas uses the ropes to launch Dace across the ring with an Irish whip. Dace bounces off the ropes and comes back to Sean, lowering his shoulder to go for a double leg takedown...


    But Atlas avoids it, pushing the already winded Dace Night down to the mat. He picks him up and whips him again, but this time, Dace reverses, desperately getting Atlas to run off to the ropes. Sean bounces and comes back, leaping into the air with a Thesz Press....!!


    And Dace ducks down, causing him to land on the flat canvas! Atlas stands up, but he meets nothing but the waiting arms of Dace Night as he scoops him up onto his shoulder, then lets him slide forward a bit...



    “If he going for a...” Mark starts...



    Dace falls down to his knees while Sean slides down and out of nowhere, he DRVIES Atlas’ head into the mat with a Tombstone Piledriver!



    “HE IS! Tombstone from Dace Night!” yells Riley.


    “But why isn’t he covering?”



    Resting a bit, Dace catches his breath while Sean Atlas holds his neck. He is soon lifted up by Dace though, and is given less time to recover than he’d like. Adrenaline rushing through his veins, Dace lifts his leg and sends it flying into the gut of Sean Atlas, causing him to double over. Quickly, he grabs onto Sean’s arms catching them both in a Double Underhook, then lifts Atlas off his feet....



    “This is the Defenstration, Riley! It could be over for Sean Atlas right now!



    ...But he can’t bring him back down! Atlas gets one arm free and slides around, ducking under and around Dace to slide up behind him, back to back. Somehow, even after the Tombstone, he gets his own extended arms under Dace’s lifting him up slightly off his feet in a Crucifix position...



    “And according to your papers, this would the the Angel’s Punishment!” Riley calls.



    Atlas takes a slight run foreward, then ducks lower to flip Dace over for the final part of the move – a DDT – but he does too far! Dace manages to escape and land on his feet, having experienced the move before! He lowers his shoulder and drives it into the gut of Sean Atlas, forcing him back all the way into the corner. He grabs Sean’s head, spiking it into his knee and getting Atlas to double over. Then leaning in, Dace lifts Atlas onto his shoulders in a Torture Rack, getting the fans to the heigh of their excitement...



    “No... Not the Psycho Driver... I know it’s Pay Per View but...” Mark says, cocerningly.


    “What’s the Psycho Driver?” Riley asks, taking Mark’s notes again. “.....Ohhhh.”



    The fans come to their feet as Dace shifts Atlas around on his shoulders, preparing to shift him over into a Piledriver position... but as he starts to move him, Atlas slides the over way, coming down feet-first instead! He quickly gets his balance and hooks Dace’s leg, then his neck, and finally lifts him up in the same position that Dace just had him in!



    “Sean Atlas escapes the Psycho Driver and prepares to hit his own finisher, the SAINT’S DEMISE!!” yells Grand Slam.


    “A DVD?” Riles asks.





    Atlas turns around, as he so often does before executing the move, watching the fans cheer him on, not knowing any better since they aren’t incredibly familiar with him yet. He starts the mtion, leaving his feet to execute the Jumping DVD...





    But Dace escapes it! Avoiding another of Sean Atlas finishing maneuvers, Dace slid out from behind just as Atlas jumped up! Standing behind Sean, Dace uses the element of surprise to his advantage. The noise from the crowd becoming deafening, he turns around and with his back to Atlas, backs up to swipe his feet out from under him and cause Sean to fall backwards, right onto his shoulder. Dace quickly grabs him and tries to hold on, snakily setting up the DARK STAR DRIVER!!!



    “DSD! Dark Star Driver from Dace Night is being set up, without the Gutwrench!”



    He tries to balance Atlas, hoping that the sneaky setup surprised him enough to catch him off guard. Once satisfied, Dace leans forward and bends down, using the move to end all moves – a totally vertical Powerbomb to finish Sean Atlas off....













    Yet Atlas escapes once again! Dace just didn’t have a good enough grip on him to hit the move, and Sean unclasped Night’s hands to slide out!




    “Every finisher has been tried dammit, come on guys finish this thing up!” yells Riley.


    “Not every finisher, Bobby.” Mark retorts...



    Indeed, Sean Atlas still has a trick in the bag. He quickly turns around before Dace does and latches on to his head, wrapping an arm around it. He then slides his other arm under Dace’s and hooks it near the shoulder. As the few fans who haven’t yet come to their feet do so, Atlas firmly locks both of his arms in place, putting the High Priest of Horrocore in the Katahajime Choke!!!!”



    “KATAHAJIME! Sean Atlas’ signature submission finisher!” Mark yells.


    “Ironic, since it was Dace that was working on the neck this whole time.” Riley replies.


    “True,” Mark says. “but the Sharpshooter didn’t work out for him earlier, and this has finished Dace off once before, why not again? Just look at this crowd! Atlas wasn’t a fan favorite in the Junior League, but many fans here don’t know him and they’re cheering for this!”





    Atlas continues to hold the move in place as Anthony Michael Hall walks over to ask Dace about quitting... Night holds back though, refusing to give up at any cost... He flails his arms wildly, reaching behind him to grab Atlas head... It’s no use though, as Sean avoids his arms, not willing to have Dace escape this finisher... Dace begins to yell as he reaches forward instead, hoping to get to a rope...


    He pushes referee Hall out of the way inadvertently, stumbling towards the nearest top rope while dragging Atlas behind him... But Sean refuses to let him go and just as Dace gets to the safety of the ropes, Atlas bends back, lifting Dace over his head, falling towards the mat and SLAMS him down with a Katahajime Suplex!!!



    “Tez-plex!” yells Riley.


    “Katahajime Suplex, actually.” Mark corrects.



    Atlas rolls him over onto his belly, keeping the hold intact... He mounts Dace from behind, pulling back on the neck at all times... The referee drops down, continuously asking Dace if he wishes to quit.... Dace refuses again, though Hall doesn’t head over the loud noise made by the Denver crowd.... The ropes, which are opposite the ones he was so close to a moment ago are now all the way on the other side of the ring...



    “Think this may be it for Dace Night, Riley?”


    “Well, if it is then Sean Atlas definitely has my approval. But if Dace somehow manages to reach those ropes, he’s my new man, Mark.”


    “Your ‘new man’?”


    “Yeah, my new... HEY!”



    Despite the odds being against him, in spite of the distance in front of him, Dace begins to crawl forward... His neck now in more pain than even Sean Atlas, Horrocore’s High Priest claws his way towards the other side of the ring, hoping against all hope that he’ll manage to get there sooner or later... as he takes in inch forward, Anthony Michael Hall shifts as well... Atlas tries holding him back, but having nothing to latch on to is powerless against the heavier Dace Night...


    Crawling closer and closer to the ropes, now less than halfway across the ring, the fans seem to show more support towards Dace... Naturally rooting for the underdog, the crowd begins to start up small chants... None of them is substantial enough though, and are not heard above the overall commotion inside the Pepsi Center. Atlas, meanwhile is grimacing behind his mask, tugging away at the neck and one arm, trying to knock Dace out before he gets to the rope... but with every passing moment, he seems to come closer and closer that one elusive rubber-covered steep rope in front of him....





    “It seems this crowd is now favoring Dace Night!” Mark says. “Looks like the SJL viewers have won over the SWF-only fans and got this chant to spread!”


    “But can he do it, Mark?!” Riley asks. “Can Dace Night reach that bottom rope??”



    He crawls forward with all the patience of a Buddhist... Continuously refusing to quit, Dace is just several feet away, making this a realistic goal... He claws his way along the surface of the ring, his masked opponent lying along his back and tearing away at the neck... One foot away now and he’s almost there... Sean Atlas’ grip can’t get any tighter... and it slows Dace down, preventing him from coming any closer... He reaches forward, but just isn’t close enough! With nothing but the arm making an effort towards the rope, Dace finally stops that and lays motionless underneath Sean Atlas....



    “I think he’s out, Stevens!” Riley yells. “It’s all over now!”


    “Not yet... not yet...”



    Anthony Michael Hall takes Dace’s arm.... It Drops!







    Referee Hall lifts it off the canvas again....





    It drops!!!





    Taking it a third time, Hall picks up Dace Night’s arm, then lets it go...























    It doesn’t drop!



    “He’s still in it!” yells Mark Stevens.



    Dace keeps the arm erect and extended towards the rope, one finger pointing right at it... He begins to crawl forward again, surprising everyone in the building, most of all Sean Atlas... He makes up a good distance, and inches closer and closer towards it... Less than a foot away now as the fans cheer him on, those in the front row ahead of him, reaching out, as if to motivate him even more... Closer now... Closer...



    Just a little bit left...




    ...just a bit more...






    “HE GETS IT!”



    Dace Night grabs on to the bottom rope! The Pepsi Center erupts with cheers as the referee orders Sean Atlas to let the hold go! Aggravated and extremely pissed off, Sean breaks the hold rolling over on to his back clutching his face.



    “What will Sean Atlas have to do to beat Dace Night, dammit?!?” Stevens asks. “He’s done it twice, but each time with the assistance of other objects. Can he defeat him one on one or not?”


    “Apparently not, Mark.” Riley replies. “Dace Night is THE MAN for getting to that rope, and it looks like Sean Atlas is out of options.”



    But Sean Atlas isn’t. Far beyond his boiling point now, Atlas rolls out of the ring to the outside for the first time, leaning on the ring apron to catch his breath. Dace Night finally lets the rope go, but doesn’t move as Sean on the outside bends down. He reaches under the apron, looking for a particular object... Seemingly rejecting a couple at first, he continues to look for one specific thing...



    “Why would he go down there?” Mark asks. “It’ll only get him disqualified.”


    “Don’t ask me, I just talk here.” Riley says.



    He finally comes back out from underneath the ring, holding something in his hand. He slides it unto his tights while the referee tends to Dace. Sliding back into the ring, Sean stands and walks towards Dace, but Anthony Michael Hall sees Atlas and the bulge in his pants, smiling for a moment before confronting him about it.



    “Oh, come on.” Riley says. “No way he’s that big.”




    “Oh, no. I mean uh, no way that’s real!”




    “Uh, wait, no. Get that rod ou... No.. Ugh, dammit!”



    Hall orders Atlas to pull out whatever he’s hiding in his tights. Atlas shrugs it off though, motioning to the crowd that he’s not hiding anything that isn’t normally there... But the referee knows Atlas all too well from his SJL days and decides to bother asking him and instead, pulls his tight forward, exposing the hidden object. He points at it while yelling at Atlas to take it out since there’s no way he’s reaching in there. Reluctantly, Sean reaches down and pulls out...



    “A glass light tube??” asks Mark.


    “See? Told you it was a fake!” Riley says.


    “Of course, but that distraction gave Dace Night enough time to recover and nearly stand up!”



    The ref orders Atlas to get rid of the light tube. Meanwhile, Dace night leans against the ropes, clutching each one of them to get himself standing. Atlas ignores the referee and heads for his opponent, standing behind him and out of view. With the tube in his left hand, Atlas reaches around Dace’s head with his right, locking in his neck once again. Then, with the left hand, he hooks Dace’s arm just like before, but makes sure not to make any contact with the glass light bulb tube...


    Fixing his hands in place, Atlas pulls back and gets the standing Dace Night away from the ropes, locking in the KATAHAJIME CHOKE ONCE AGAIN!



    “Watch that light tube Atlas, you don’t want to get disqualified!” yells Riley.


    “All Dace has to do is force Sean to hit him and it’s over!” Mark Stevens suggests.



    Atlas pulls Dace back, dragging him all around the ring... Holding the light tube just inches away from his face, Atlas is cautious about not using it... Referee Hall stands in front of Dace, watching both the tube and Dace’s mouth to see if he’ll quit... The fans don’t know whether to sheer of boo, but they make the most noise they’ve made all night anyway, screaming hoping for some amazing event to occur...


    Swinging Dace around, Atlas gets him out of Hall’s view... The referee follows though, keeping a close eye on the action... Sean continues to spin around, getting himself dizzy and Dace as well, who is halfway to unconsciousness at this point... His arms flail wildly in the air whilst he tries to loosen Atlas’ grip... he has no strength to do so however...


    Sean rotates again, this time making sure to trap Hall behind him in a corner... Leaning forward, he allows Dace to plant his feet firmly and pushes back, causing them both to back up until Hall, sandwiching him between them and the pads! This distracts him for a moment, but doesn’t knock down the former wrestler turned ref...



    “Close call for Hall” Riley says...



    Atlas takes advantage of the distraction though and shifts that left arm, getting the light tube into Dace’s hand. He wraps the weakened fingers of his opponent around the glass tube, making sure that Dace holds it tightly...



    “What’s he doing?!?” Mark asks.



    Atlas then takes Dace’s wrist allowing him to escape the hold for one moment... Holding Night’s hand, Atlas leans his head forward and with one wild swing, Atlas executes his devious plan...









    “WHAT THE HELL?!?” Stevens screams. “Did the ref see that?”


    “I don’t think so!!!” Riley replies!



    Sean falls back, clutching his white mask which is covered with shards of glass... Blood begins to seep out of eye holes of the mask, legitimately flowing from out of his head. Dace Night, who fell forward when Atlas let him go holds the unbroken end of the light tube, unaware of what exactly transpired just a second ago. The fans wonder as well, unsure of what occurred. The referee though, sees the piece of glass in Dace’s hand, and Sean bleeding nearby. Distracted a moment ago by being knocked into the corner, he makes his assertion of the situation...



    “NO, Hall! That’s not what happened!” Stevens yells desperately. “It’s not what it looks like!”


    “Brilliant...” says Riley.


    “He didn’t do it, ref!”



    But Hall doesn’t hear him, nor does he care. The evidence shows it all and he walks towards the corner near the timekeeper, waving his finger in the air...






    His words are not heard over the commotion of the crowd as he yells something out to Funyon. Reluctantly, the ring announcer listens to him and draws the microphone to his mouth.



    “As a result of a Disqualification, the winner of this bout.... and New number one contender to...



    ... to the United States Title is SEAN ATLAS!”






    “DAMMIT!” yells a furious Mark Stevens. “What a prick! He made it look like Dace hit him with the tube to wind the match! Just because he couldn’t do it on his own!”


    “Hey, it’s the referee’s fault for not seeing it!” Riley replies.


    “But Sean bumped into him INTENTIONALLY, Riley! It was all a part of his plan!”


    “And what a plan! The damn masochist literally hit HIMSELF with a glass light tube to win. Now is that’s not sacrificing to win, nothing is.”


    “It’s not right. It just isn’t.”



    Lacuna Coil’s “Heaven’s a Lie” blasts over the speakers once more, signifying Sean’s win. Dace Night finally realizes what just happened and throws the piece of glass away. He walks over to Anthony Michael Hall, pulling him away from the downed Atlas. Getting in his face, Dace tries to explain to him what he missed... but Hall refuses to listen!



    “Carefully Anthony, that guy doesn’t like anyone but himself!” Riley says. “He’s partnering up with Danny Williams and some Viagra guy from the League. Everyone else is fair game!”



    Hall walks around Dace, bumping into him as he passes, trying to get back to the bloody Atlas, who clearly oversells the shot with the tube. Suddenly, Hall feels a hand on the back of his neck as Dace Night grabs him, lifts him, and forces him running to the side and over the top rope out of the ring!!!



    “Told ya.” says Riley.



    Dace quickly turns his attention to Atlas, hoping to get revenge on someone here. But after seeing the referee get thrown out of the ring, Sean quickly rolled to the outside, still holding his bleeding head beneatht he mask, but not nearly selling it like he did a moment ago. All the fans finally catch on as Sean walks up the ramp, smiling wildly at an enraged Dace Night in the ring.



    “Sean Atlas has introduces himself to the SWF, showing exactly just how he chooses to fight.” Says Grand Slam Mark Stevens


    “But it works, Mark.” Riley replies. “It works, and that number one contendership just might be worth a small scar on your head.”


    “He is indeed the number one contender to the United States title, which is to be decided later on tonight.” notes Stevens. “But first, and next, we shall see Janus and Beezel fight for the Hardcore Gamers Title, which in a perfect world, Dace Night would be next in line for, inside a STEEL CAGE!”


    “I can’t wait to see it!” Riley says as the view fades out to black.

  9. Stats:

    Smarks Board Name: Atlas

    Wrestlers Name: Sean Atlas


    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 245

    Hometown: Supposedly Chicago, Illinois. Read the Bio for more info.

    Age: 22

    Face/Heel: Heel. There are some scattered followers, but not many.

    Stable: Magnificent Seven all the way.

    Ring Escort: None

    Weapon(s): He's used Ladders, tack filled light bulb tubes, a bat with nails driven through it, and a chainsaw... Go wild.

    Quote: "It must make life unbearable for a man, to think as I did."

    "A casual stroll through the insane asylum shows that faith does not prove anything."

    "To you I'm an atheist; to God, I'm the Loyal Opposition."


    Looks: The important thing is that Sean Atlas always wears a mask. It covers his entire face, and the area across the eyes is a black strip. Everything, including the black, is made of leather. On the body, he's got white pants, usually with some kind of design on them. Shirtless on top, but he's got a few scars on his back from previous matches. There's also a tattoo on his left shoulder of the letters "MS" creatively drawn, impaled with a dagger, all over an outline of the globe. White wrist tape and black boots with white laces.



    Ring Entrance: The arena suddenly goes dark, just as the notes to "Heaven's a Lie" by Lacuna Coil play through the arena. Blinging white light shines through the grating on the ramp, illuminating the set. As the soft notes play on, the Smarktron shows Sean Atlas' Crucifix Entrance (Atlas on a crucifix rising through the stage. The camera rotates around the image, escalating with the instensity of the music). As the soft notes come to an end, just before the drums kick in, a gradually louder electic guitar brings the start of the song to a climax, and...






    A colossal explosion goes off onstage leaving behind a misty haze of smoke. As it dissipates, the silhouette of a man appears, and is soon revealed to be Sean Atlas. (The Smarktron showed him breaking off the Crucifix during the explosion and now plays old match clips to the music). Sean walks down the ramp, staring out into the crowd with confidence while the fans show their apathy toward him. Introducing the masked man to them for the first time is Funyon:


    “Currently making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 240 pounds... SEEEEAAAANNNN ATLAS!”


    Continue as needed...




    Strength: 6 (Very well built, good conditioning. Continues to put on more pounds of muscle and get back into shape)

    Speed: 5 (Can pull out some surprises and evade some attacks, but not all)

    Vitality: 6 (Can last Ironman, will have trouble actually winning one)

    Charisma: 3 (Speaks less than he did in the JL, not willing to say too much about himself)


    Style: Atlas' wrestling is more of a technical style than any other. He uses plenty of stylised Suplexes, in addition to some striking moves, concentrating on the legs. Most of the suplexes and takedowns used are executed from behind, showing that Sean will hit a man when he's not looking. Usually stays away from working a certain body part, choosing to pummel the opponent with high impact suplexes instead. He has proven himself more than capable in a hardcore environment, as demostrated in his late SJL days. Tends to work well with others, showing an ability to wrestle in tag team matches, but prefers to work on his own.


    Signature moves:

    - Leg Capture Suplex (Done after catching opponent's leg after a kick. While holding the leg, Atlas puts on a face lock and flips over into a Suplex)

    - Katahajime Suplex (Taz-Plex; Often done during or just before the victim escapes the Katahajime Choke)

    - Wheelbarrow Suplex (sometimes flips opponent over onto face ala flipover German)

    - Tequila Sunrise (Belly to Back Half Nelson and Chicken Wing Suplex)

    - Straightjacket Suplex (Belly to Back Crossed Arms Suplex)

    - Texas Cloverleaf (Sean debuted the move at 13th Hour, then decided to keep it as a regular.

    - Immaculate Neckbreaker (Arm Trap Shoulder Neck Breaker)

    - Six Point Star Splash (Not exactly a five star, or a frog splash, but hey, he tried.)

    - Stepover Legdrop (Opponent is doubled over, their arm stretched out to the side. Atlas steps over it, arm between his legs, facing away from the body. He flips forward, catching the opponent with his legs on the way, carrying them over onto their back. A pin can follow.)

    - Cruise Kick (Performed when opponent catches Sean's leg after a kick. Instead of an Enzuguri, Atlas jumps and does a backflip, kicking the opponent in the face. Done rarely, and Sean will not always land back on his feet, especially if it's late in the match)



    Common moves:

    - German Suplex (Release, Rolling, Bridged, Flipover)

    - Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex

    - Stretch Suplex (Pumphandle Suplex)

    - Sweep Spinebuster (ala The Rock)

    - Russian Leg Sweep

    - Full Nelson Forward Russian Leg Sweep

    - DDT (Normal, Reverse, Single Arm)

    - Chops

    - Leapfrog

    - Thesz Press

    - Spear (To the gut, back, legs, etc)

    - Superkick

    - Dragon Screw Legwhip

    - Side Leg Trip (STO)

    - Unreleased Irish Whip

    - Rear Leg Takedown (the thing Angle does when he pulls your feet out from behind you)

    - Baseball Slide (Often after recieving an Irish Whip)

    - Kicks (Specifically to the knees, sometimes the midsection.)

    - Jacknife Hold (Bridging Double Leg Pickup Pin)

    - School Boy/Inside Cradle


    Rare moves:

    - Spinal Tap(Backdrop/Vertebreaker. When places in a standing headlock, double arm DDt or other similar maneuver, Atlas typically counters out, hitting something between your regular backdrop and a vertebreaker. Thus, the Spinal Tap)

    - Short Fuse (3/4 Facelock Bulldog into Inverted Facelock DDT. Pops the crowd huge. Atlas lands on his chest for the Inverted DDT. Often covers right after. Used very rarely.)

    - Sharpshooter (Used as an alternate to the Katahajime when working the back/legs instead of the neck.)

    - Belly-to-Belly Piledriver (Doesn't like attacking the neck this way, but will do it if necesarry. Uses only this variation)

    - Knife Through The Heart (From the apron, he'll slingshot himself onto the top rope, not in the corner but in the middle of the rope (if it's late in the match he'll just climb to the top one) then dive and hit an elbow drop into the chest. This one is the rarest of the rare, used mostly for flair.)




    - The Saint's Demise (Jumping Death Valley Driver)

    - Katahajime Choke (Modified Tazzmission, applied with either arm.)

    - Angel's Punishment (Cruifix Powerbomb DDT. Starts from a Crucifix position like the Razor's Edge, then flips the opponent forward and turns it into a DDT. Vertical position of opponent upon landing changes based on size. Used sparingly.)



    Notes: To those writing matches against Atlas, never remove his mask. The mask stays on, period. If you try though, please do it VERY rarely. I don't want people going for the mask in every match. When someone does try, it'll just anger him further. Sometimes, the anger will cause a DQ, but it doesn't make him fearful. Again, please don't have him lose the mask. Not even if his face is covered with hands.


    Bio: Sean Atlas started out as a prick when he first came into the SJL. He was a bastard heel, and berated people for their religious beliefs. He even refused to speak to Ben Hardy until Ben took his cross off when interviewing him. Soon after, however, segments started airing about his past. One in new York, where he was distraught after recieving a poor crowd reacion, and one in Chicago that revealed his time spend at a mental institution.


    Many of his promos out of the ring and out of the arena are done without the mask, but his face is never shown. He benefits from this, because fans never come up to him, asking for an autograph or anything. It allows him total anonymity out of the ring, even to fellow wrestlers. To hide his face and identity, he books his own flights and hotel rooms, so that even management doesn't find out. Hearing some of the sacreligios speeches he often makes, hiding his face benefits him greatly. Though he is identifiable by the tattoo of "MS" on his shoulder, he makes sure to hide it when not wearing the mask.


    The main reason he's wrestling isn't known, but one can deduce, from past promos, that he's here because no other venue provides him with such a great audience on such a regular basis. He can spread his message to a great amount of people more efficiently. It helps that he is incredibly fit, physically. He also talks about a wrestling past, with a different organization, and mentions underachieving there. Many factors seem to ast as motivation for Sean Atlas.


    SJL Record: 12-3-2 (W-L-Cowrites)


    02.04.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Omega Storm vs Aecas (triple Threat Debut Match)

    02.09.03 - W - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Aecas (Euro #1 Contendership)

    02.14.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Chris Card (European Title Match)

    02.18.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Aecas (European Title Match)

    02.23.03 - W - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins vs Matt Myers (Cruiser-Triple Threat)

    02.27.03 - L - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins (Singles Match)

    03.04.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Thor (Singles Match)

    03.09.03 - W - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Manson (European Title Defense)

    03.13.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins (European Title Defense Submission Match)

    03.23.03 - L - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Tryst (European Title Defense Match)

    03.27.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Dace Night (Pinfall vs Submission Match)

    04.01.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Crow vs Tryst (World #1 Contendership)

    04.06.03 - DQL* - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins (Dace on Commentary)

    04.10.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Dace Night (Barbed Wire Deathmatch for World Title)

    04.20.03 - DQW** - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Va'aiga & Spike Jenkins (Handicap)

    04.24.03 - L - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Crow vs Christian Blackwell (Three Minute Three Way World Title Defense)

    04.29.03 - L¹ - SJL Bringing' The Funk - Sean Atlas vs Crow (Hell in a Cell World Title Match)


    * Winning match, Atlas attacking Spike with Dace's belt caused the DQ.

    ** Co-written with Va'aiga, Spike using a chair caused the DQ.

    ¹ Co-written with Crow. Last Match in the SJL.



    David Blazenwing vs Charlie "Grappler" Matthews vs Leo Breslin vs John Duran©

    - If Duran doesn't retain, Grappler has the best chance of taking it. That would help John more though, as he'd move onto the Euro division.




    Spike Jenkins vs Kaine

    - Depends on who has time to write. Spike's in PPV mode, so he's got a good chance here.





    Viktor Tarakanov vs Christian Blackwell©

    - Blackwell's Match.





    Va'aiga vs Tryst

    - If he writes, Tryst.





    Dace Night vs Manson

    - Manson in the storylines.






    Sean Atlas vs Crow©

    - The fans. :headbang:

  11. Even doing the

















    bit is pointless. All you're doing is giving yourself less words to work with, sicne every letter is it's own word. Try saving up by doing something like this:











    As long as the word connects. It might not seem like a problem now, but later on when you're past the limit and have to cut down, it'll come in handy.

  12. My version. It was very close, as I'm told. I understand why I lost though, since my logic breaks down towards the end, and the flow seems a bit awkward.


    I still blame it on the last of the obligatory SJL © 2003 message at the end. Stupid details.


    “The following contest is a Three Minute Three Way Elimination Match for the SJL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!! One a competitor has been eliminated, he is out of the match for three minutes. If, during that time, another elimination is made, the match will end and a winner declared! The waiting man may not interfere, under penalty of disqualification, or hold up the match by failing to re-enter the ring.”



    [Axis] Some sick mind must have thought up the rules for this one.


    [King] Sure did. He creates crazy stipulations and still whoops your ass at online fighting games.


    [Axis] Huh?



    “Natural Born Chaos” by Soilwork blasts through the arena. The fans come rising to their feet to greet the Antichrist Superstar as he emerges from behind the curtain, customarily smoking his cigarette. As he walks down the ramp, a mixed reaction greets him, many booing but his cult followers cheering him on. As usual, he is introduced by Funyon:


    “Introducing first, on his way to the ring, from Anchorage, Alaska, weighing in at 231 pounds, The Antichrist Superstar... CROW!”


    Arriving at ringside, Crow quickly slides into the ring. Taking the cigarette out of his mouth, he rushes up to the far turnbuckle and stands on the middle rope, arms stretched out in a crucifix. Fans in front of him applaud and snap photos, hoping to walk away with a picture of Crow on the night he wins the World Championship.



    [Axis] Too bad that match against Tryst didn’t go down on Wrath. I’d have liked to see what The Fable would do to Crow.


    [King] More like what Crow would do to him. Do you know what it feels like to get shot with an arrow in the groin?


    [Axis] Well, as a matter of fact, this one time behind the shed...


    [King] Axis, please! There are children watching...



    We are given nary a moment before Crow’s music fades out, and the opening strums of “Three Libras” by A Perfect Circle resonates through the United Center, as the fans who haven’t yet come to their feet now stand up to cheer in the darkness. Small bursts of fire on the stage shoot up, illuminating the Irishman between them. He walks down the ramp, lighting up more flames on his way while Funyon, reading from his card, announces him.


    “And his opponent, making his way to the ring from Rosslare, Ireland, weighing in at 237 pounds, he is the SJL European Champion... CHRISTIAN BLACKWELL!”


    Lighting up the last flame of the fiery line, Blackwell steps off the ramp and calmly and patiently walks around the ring. Taking off his belt, Christian hands it to the timekeeper, then walks up the steps and steps into the squared circle. He takes his position in a corner adjacent to Crow’s and stands in as they exchange glances, both knowing the challenge that lies ahead.



    Before the house lights can return to their normal brightness, they start to flash to the beats of “Polyamorous” by Breaking Benjamin. Seconds later...




    A colossal explosion goes off on the stage, leaving behind fumes of smoke. Soon after, the champion, the masked man, the inexplicable one himself, Sean Atlas, makes his way through the smoke, across the stage and down the ramp. Wearing the title he’s about to defend, Sean struts down to an immense chorus of boos, so loud that Funyon has to speak up just to be heard over them.


    “And their opponent, on his way to the ring, supposedly from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, weighing in at 230 pounds, he is the SJL World Heavyweight Champion... SEAN ATLAS!”


    Once the hometown pop dies down, the jeers once again return for Sean Atlas. He gets to the ring and while stepping through the ropes, Atlas tries to keep an eye on both of his opponents. After giving the title to Ced Ordoñez, who raises it above his head to resounding applause, Sean, Crow and Blackwell slowly approach one another...



    [King] Despite this place being Sean’s city, supposedly, mostly everyone here is against him.


    [Axis] That’s right, in the champion’s hometown, in front of a crowd twenty thousand strong, the Three Minute Three Way War is on!






    Before the sound of the bell echoes away, Crow and Blackwell lunge at the champion, throwing hard punches directly at his covered face! As Ced hands his belt over to the timekeeper, Sean is forced back against the ropes by both opponents...







    [Axis] Double Knife Edge Chops to the champion!








    [King] They’re teaming up on him! Bastards!








    [Axis] Nothing wrong with that, King...








    [Axis] Eliminating the champ first makes it easier for one of them to win!







    The fifth chop, or tenth, however you’re counting, end the barrage. Crow and Blackwell each pick up one of Sean’s arms and after pushing him off, send him running across the ring to the ropes. He bounces off, watching his opponents as they come at him with double clotheslines... which he ducks! Atlas runs at the other ropes, and coming off those, catches Blackwell and Crow as they turn around. He speeds it up, to try and get the first... but as lunges at the two men, they catch him and...



    [Axis] ...SLAM Atlas down with authority!


    [King] Sean tried tackling them both, but got caught with a double powerslam from the guys who should be fighting AGAINST each other!


    [Axis] Let it go.



    After bringing Sean down in the center of the ring, Christian and Crow shift to stand laterally to him and both leap up in the air, Crow hitting a Leg Drop to Sean’s midsection while the Irishman drops a knee to the head! Atlas’s body jitters from the impact as he curls up, but isn’t given much time to rest when the two attackers bring him back to his feet.


    Tugging on his arm, Blackwell whips Sean off towards the ropes... He bounces off, watching Blackwell set up while Crow stands off to the side. Meanwhile, Sean reaches the Irishman, but his momentum carries him right into an Arm Drag from Blackwell! Atlas pops right back up after being carried over, and heads right back for Christian... only to be met with a second armdrag! Back up, and the champion sprints at him again, expecting another arm drag...


    But they hardly touch, as Atlas stops short to avoid an Arm Drag while Blackwell sidesteps, not going for an Arm Drag at all. Instead he shifts over, hooking Sean’s other arm from the side, trying a Hip Toss... While on Atlas’ other side, Crow steps up and hooks his other arm, and together they lift, bringing Atas down with a double Hip Toss!


    Making the first move now is Crow, who brings Sean up and quickly throws on a front face lock, then lifts Sean in the air, then Snaps him back down with a quick Suplex. While he comes back up, Blackwell takes over and pulls Sean to his feet again, standing behind him. He shifts to the side and while keeping one arm behind Atlas, he uses his other to lift Sean’s leg off the mat, the strains to lift his entire body up... and brings it back down with a Backdrop Suplex!



    [Axis] Looks like Christian and Crow are slowly working Sean’s back with basic Suplexes. And while the teamwork is there, I’m not sure if it’s premeditated or is just coming together as we watch them.



    Taking control of Sean once again, Crow gets him standing, then shoots him off into the ropes. Atlas bounces, and on his way back sees a doubled-over Crow waiting for him, arms outstretched to grab. Atlas quickly slows down and sends a kick to his chest, knocking the Antichrist Superstar back! As the noise in the arena changes to complete antipathy for Sean, he grabs on to Crow’s head, setting him up for a DDT...



    [King] About to see Atlas’ first offence here...



    But it’s delayed when unexpectedly, Christian Blackwell catches Sean from behind, wrapping his arm around Atlas’ neck with an Inverted facelock, then falls straight down... taking the champion out with an Inverted Facelock DDT which Atlas himself drives Crow’s head to the mat with a DDT!



    [King] DDTs for everybody!


    [Axis] Like a domino effect, Blackwell takes down Sean Atlas while he consequently gets Crow!


    [King] And now Blackwell’s going for the cover...!













    NO! Getting his shoulder off the mat in time is Sean Atlas, kicking out shortly after two!



    To booing, hissing and disappointment, Blackwell gets to his feet. Taking Sean by his head, he stands the champion, then scoops him off his feet and flips him upside-down... slamming Atlas across his knee with a Backbreaker! The crowd oohs as Blackwell stands up while Sean holds on to his back as the pain increases. He’s soon forced to his feet by Blackwell however, while off to the side, Crow finally stands as well.


    Taking Sean by the arm, Blackwell whips him off to the ring ropes, then follows for a step and just as Sean hits the ropes, the Irishman leaves his feet, trying a standing Dropkick... But Atlas holds on to the rubber covered iron, recoiling back and fourth but avoiding Blackwell’s offense. Crow, meanwhile, sees the opportunity and charges at Sean by the ropes... only to receive a kick to the face!



    [King] Atlas is fighting back now, using a defensive strategy.


    [Axis] But how long can it last?



    Working on borrowed time, Atlas quickly throws a front face lock on Crow. Sean lifts him straight up in the air, holding him vertically while walking closer to the downed Irishman. When close enough, Sean leaves his feet and falls forward, bringing the Antichrist Superstar down with a Front Suplex across the upper body of Christian Blackwell! He doesn’t let the Front Face Lock go, however, holding Crow down across Blackwell’s shoulder...



    [King] That’s a cover! Ced should be counting...


    [Axis] And there he goes...














    ...NO! Realizing how he’s been pinned, Blackwell kicks out.



    [Axis] Desperate but creative offense from Sean Atlas, trying to eliminate one guy using the body of another.


    [King] If only Atlas could have done more to Blackwell before. Had he done that, we could have seen an elimination.



    Frustrated but adamant, Atlas keeps the front face lock on as he stands up, bringing Crow with him. With Blackwell in between the two, Sean lifts Crow again and holds him vertically while Christian, fearing a repeat of the front suplex, rolls away. As a result, Sean turns around and facing the ropes, brings Crow down across them.



    [Axis] Seems like Sean is working on Crow’s midsection, particularly his abs. Otherwise he would have simply used a vertical suplex.



    Meanwhile Christian makes it to his feet, and darts towards Sean... Atlas feels the ring shake beneath his feet, knowing it’s not his own doing and immediately sidesteps... Causing Blackwell to run into Crow, hung up on the top rope! The bird bounces on the rope, balanced between the ring mat and the apron, while Blackwell looks for Atlas to his side, and finds him setting up for a Russian Leg Sweep. He instantly slides away and turns to face Sean, then wraps his arms around him in a Belly-to-Belly.


    With his back to the center of the ring, Blackwell lifts Atlas, but finds that Sean’s leg is still trapped between his, blocking the move. Instead, Atlas locks his arms behind the Irishman, pops his hips and lifts... releasing him in mid-motion...! Completing the suplex as Blackwell collides with the hung up Crow!!!



    [King] What the...??


    [Axis] Sean Atlas powered Christian Blackwell with a release overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex into Crow! He landed on the bird instead of the mat!


    [King] That’s why he’s the champ, folks. They don’t teach you that in training.



    Blackwell crashing onto Crow finally brought him off the rope and down to the mat, where the two lie next to one another; Christian on his chest while Crow clipped over onto his back. Taking him by hand is Atlas, who brings him up to his feet and pushing off the ropes behind him, Atlas whips him to the other side. Crow staggers over and bounces, then comes back to run under a leapfrogging Sean Atlas...


    Bouncing off the ropes again, next to a downed Blackwell is Crow, watching Sean as he attempts a clothesline... and ducks it! Both men stop and turn around, Crow doing so a bit faster as he slides his arms around Sean’s waist and goes for a Northern Lights Suplex... and hits it! He bridges for the pin, despite the toll taken on his abdominals...







    Sean tries to power out of it, bridging himself...







    And he does, lifting his shoulders off the mat and rotating, positioning himself over Crow, arms around his waist. Putting on a standing head scissors, Atlas locks his grip tightly and lifts, flipping Crow up onto his shoulders...



    [King] This looks like...





    [King] A Powerbomb!


    [Axis] What a move by the champion! Pulling out a Powerbomb for only the second time in his SJL tenure!



    To louder loathing from the crowd, Atlas leans forward, bending Crow in half to make the cover...






















    [King] The bird’s eliminated! He’s gone! For three minutes, anyway.


    [Axis] And Blackwell wasn’t even there to stop it.


    [King] Why would he? Crow getting eliminated helps him anyway. That’s why their teamwork here wasn’t completely thought out.


    [Axis] Ah, I get ya, mate.






    “Eliminated from the match for three minutes.. Crow!”



    Immediately after the pinfall, a counter appears on the smaller Smarktron, counting from 2:59 and down. Atlas, though winded, realizes the urgency and rolls Crow out to the edge of the ring. He comes towards Blackwell, who by now is on his way up, using the ropes. Sean takes his hand and pulls him off, trying an Irish whip... but Blackwell, the Irishman, holds on to the top rope near him and sends a stiff kick to the gut of Sean Atlas.


    Doubled over, Sean gets caught with a snapmare, bringing him down near the ropes. From behind now, Blackwell wraps his arms around Atlas’ waist and forcefully gets him standing. Popping his hips, Blackwell lifts Sean over his head and goes for a German Suplex...


    But Atlas flips over and lands on his feet! Standing mid-ring behind the Irishman, Sean bends down to his feet and grabs on, pulling back and taking Christian’s legs out from under him with a rear leg takedown. Floating over to his upper body, Atlas binds Blackwell around the hips and boosts him off the mat, setting up what looks to be a Wheelbarrow Suplex. He lifts Blackwell off the mat and tries, in one motion, to carry him over...


    Yet he can’t do it when Christian loosens Sean’ grip escapes, holding on to one arm as he lands back on his feet. He swings around, locking that arm in a chickenwing and tries doing the same to the other....



    [King] Is he looking for the Narcosynthesis now??


    [Axis] There’s still a good minute and a half left before Crow can come back in. If he does it now he can win this whole thing.


    [King] Aha, but he can’t!



    Getting away from the Cattle Mutilation attempt is Sean as he falls forward, keeping a grip on Blackwell’s arm while he slides down and between his legs. Standing back up behind Blackwell, Sean locks Christian’s other arm, in addition to the one already maneuvered between his legs... and lifts, going for a Stretch Suplex on the Irishman...


    But just as Va’aiga did on Wrath, Blackwell floats over the top of Sean’s head, escaping the move and landing on his feet yet again! The force of Blackwell landing and still holding on to Sean’s arm turns him around, and Blackwell immediately thrusts his leg out to kick Atlas’ side, but Sean catches it, holding on to it with his free hand.



    [King] These two just keep countering, matching each other move for move!


    [Axis] Whoever manages to his something first will definitely have an advantage...



    Hobbling on one foot, Blackwell is pulled closer to Sean who lets the arm go to wrap his hand around Christian’s neck. Finally, he lifts Blackwell off his one foot and carries him through the air until his back meets the ring, hitting the Leg Capture Suplex!



    [King] And there it is!



    Atlas goes to cover...















    ...NO!! Blackwell gets a shoulder up before Ced’s hand hits the mat a third time!



    Atlas checks on the clock ... 0:40 ... and quickly brings Blackwell up. Taking him by the hand, Atlas spins the Irishman around sothat his arw wraps around his own neck...



    [King] Immaculate Neckbreaker coming!



    Atlas turns around, back-to-back with Blackwell, preparing to hit the move but Suddenly, and unknown to Sean, Christian slips out of his own arm and rotates back around, then hooks both of Atlas’ arms...



    [Axis] Double Chickenwing...!



    As the roar of the crowd grows, Christian slips his foot between Sean’s and takes his legs out, driving him forward into the mat.



    [King] Noo... not with half a minute still left...!



    Making sure he’s got Atlas’ arms hooked tightly, Blackwell finally pushes himself over and flips forward, bridging in front to complete his sibmission finisher...



    [Axis] Narcosynthesys! Blackwell locks on the Cattle Mutilation with less than half a minute remaining in this eliminaton!


    [King] Come on Sean, you can do it... Just last a little bit longer...



    With the crowd looking on, leaving many of the seats empty as they stand, Blackwell struggles to hold the bridge in position. Meanwhile, Crow, who by now recovered but hasn’t shown it, pulls himself up to stand. Ced Ordoñez dives down near Sean, looking to hear him quitting over the loud roar of the crowd...



    [Axis] If Atlas gives up here, Blackwell’s going to win it. Crow can’t even interfere, risking disqualification!


    [King] Obviously he doesn’t want him to tap... He’s got to root for Atlas here!


    [Axis] What’s he doing??



    Crow walks over to where the action is and takes the same position as Ced... as the referee asks for a submission, Crow cheers Atlas on, motivating him to last for the next 15 seconds... Above all of this, Blackwell yells out in pain, watching the countdown clock upside down, hoping to become champion in the next few moments... Through all this, Sean Atlas can’t even hear himself screaming as he listens to the noise coming from the ref, his opponents, and the fans, who begin to count down...










    [King] Just a little more, Sean...












    [Axis] Wait for it...

























    [King] He outlasted it! The match keeps going!



    The fans let out a unanimous groan as Blackwell prepares to let the hold go... but Crow tells him to stay! He quickly jumps over Sean and picks up his legs, crossing them around his own and pulling back with a Sharpshooter!!!



    [King] What???


    [Axis] A Sharpshooter! The Antichrist Superstar, who moments ago was begging Atlas to survive is now helping to eliminate him!


    [King] That prick! He’s in it for himself!



    The fans cheer once again to the sight of a Sharpshooter and Narcosynthesys locked in at the same time... Ced resumes the questions to Sean Atlas, asking is he wants to quit, to be eliminated... to give up and lose control of the fate of his championship... Crow tugs back... Christian pushes forward... Sean’s body gets bent out of shape, and suddenly, Ced Ordoñez jumps up and signals to the timekeeper...






    “Eliminated from the match for three minutes... Sean Atlas!”



    [Axis] He’s gone! Sean Atlas is gone!


    [King] For three minutes, numbnuts...


    [Axis] Nevertheless, it’s up to the challengers, Crow and Blackwell, to decide the fate of the SJL World Championship!



    The timer appears once again on the Smarktron, counting down from 2:59. Letting got of their respective holds, Crow and Blackwell take a few moments to recover and while the Irishman gets his wind back, Crow rolls Atlas out to the apron on out of the ring altogether, pushing him to the ringside mat. Well rested from his own three minutes, Crow returns to Blackwell and lets loose with punches to the upper back.


    He brings Blackwell to his feet and whips him off to the far ropes. Christian bounces and on his return meets the outstretched leg of Crow... Avoiding it, he stops short and grabs onto his boot, then throws his leg to the side, spinning Crow around. The bird finally comes back to face Blackwell, and is instantly locked in a Belly-to-Belly...


    But still slightly quicker, Crow steps back and prevents Christian from locking his hands together, and traps the Irishman’s arms under his armpits. Latching on from under them, Crow stomps his feet, snaps his hips and gets Blackwell into the air... then SLAMS him down with an Entrapment Suplex!



    [King] Quick thinking by Crow, taking advantage of the fact that Blackwell hasn’t had a rest yet.


    [Axis] Well, he’s got about two minutes to get something conclusive done.



    Crow gets to his feet, trying to get as much offence in during the allotted time. Bringing Blackwell back up, Crow uses the back of his fist to attack the woozy Irishman, groggy from physical punishment rather than alcohol, for a change. He then gets behind Blackwell and wraps his arms around him for a German Suplex... lifts... and hits it! He bridges for a cover...


    ...But Blackwell quickly shifts his weight to the side, falling over. Crow, keeping the rear waistlock on, gets back to his feet, bringing Christian up as a result. Planting his feet and lifting him up again, Crow DRIVES Blackwell down with a second German Suplex! He bridges for the cover...







    ...But again, Blackwell rolls over, getting out of the bridge. His anger growing, Crow drags him up again. He stands, and forces Blackwell to do the same, then follows up with another lifts... and a THIRD German Suplex! He bridges for the pin...!



















    ...NO! Blackwell gets a shoulder up, escapes the bridge, the waistlock and even rolls over into his chest!



    [Axis] The Australian from Alaska takes a page out of Blackwell’s technical book, hitting three rolling German’s in the Irishman.


    [King] Axis, please don’t confuse our viewers like that.


    [Axis] Couldn’t help it.



    The frustrated Crow comes to his feet, yanking on Blackwell’s hair to get him standing. He pulls on his arm and send him running into the near ropes, by the still-downed Sean Atlas on the outside. Christian bounces and comes back to the bird, who waits for him and then uses a perfectly times Roundhouse kick to the head... which Blackwell ducks! He catches the leg in mid motion, forcing Crow to desperately keep his balance... but then saves him the trouble by flipping him over with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip!


    Floating over near Crow’s head, Blackwell takes the bird’s arm and slides it between his legs, putting on a Cross Armbar...



    [King] What, this submission? Now? With just over a minute to go?


    [Axis] It’s not a resthold King. He’s probably doing it to weaken Crow’s arm for the Cattle Mutilation.


    [King] Oh. Alright then, carry on.



    Blackwell gives the arm several good tugs before letting go and standing up again. He leans down to get Crow off the surface of the mat... But suddenly finds his head caught by Crow’s arm, his leg caught by the other, and his body tossed over into its shoulders...



    [Axis] Small Package! Small Package!
























    ...TTHHHNNNNOOOO!!! Blackwell rolls out of it just in time!



    [King] Goddammit, that was close!


    [Axis] In a scene reminiscent of a recent SWF title match, Crow nearly won it with an Small Package! And just under half a minute left, King. You think we’ll see a winner here?


    [King] I... gah! Who knows?!



    Checking on the clock, and on Atlas’ position - which hasn’t changed - Crow gets Blackwell standing. He quickly puts on a Front Face Lock and lifts Blackwell off his feet... he holds him vertical for a few moments and prepares to bring him down for the Brainbuster...


    But Blackwell pushes his weight forward, landing on his back, desperately trying to avoid the move! Crow gets up again, setting up the Front Face Lock again for the Natural Born Chaos... but Blackwell slips out and rams his shoulder into Crow’s gut while throwing his arms around him. IN all his desperation and despite the non-stop wrestling, Blackwell manages to get Crow off his feet and as the clock nears twn seconds, he bring Crow down with a Northern Lights Suplex!







    [Axis] We saw this from Crow earlier...


    [King] And I hope he learned from that experience.






    Blackwell bridges for the cover...

























    ...NO! Crow lifts his shoulders off the mat the same way Atlas did earlier on, forcing Blackwell to break the bridge!









    The Antichrist Superstar scrambles to his feet, trying to win the SJL World Championship in the next...








    ...seconds! He brings Blackwell to his feet, putting on a Front Face Lock...









    He prepares to lift him off his feet, in hopes of having enough time to complete the move and win the match...









    But as he lifts, he suddenly realizes there isn’t nearly enough time left and instinctively hits a measly Snap Suplex...








    And bridges for the cover...!!


































    [Axis] Blackwell kicks out! He still kicks out! The European Champion is one resilient bastard!


    [King] He could have won! Sean wasn’t back in yet and if he hit the NBC he would have been Champion by now!


    [Axis] Who are you rooting for, anyway? He clearly reacted on instinct to the chanting, overbearing crowd.


    [King] Well screw them, and screw these confusing rules! Crow should be the champion by now! Come on, bird, you’ve still got time...



    But alas, the masked champion has begun to move on the outside, in response to countdown from the crowd. Feeling somewhat rested but still incredibly hurt, Sean slowly gets to his feet on the outside while in the ring, Crow gets himself and Blackwell standing. Rushing to hit his finisher, Crow lifts Blackwell off his feet, holding him straight up in the air... Gazing upon this sight, Atlas immediately jumps back in the ring, adrenaline rushing through his body...


    He gets to the two before Crow can finish out the move and pushes the Antichrist Superstar out of the way... Blackwell falls back-first again as the Spear to the back of the bird gets Sean back into the match, but stops Blackwell from suffering any punishment. Thus, Sean immediately stands up and rushes over to the less vigorous Blackwell. He brings Christian up from the mat and ducks down, allowing Blackwell to fall across his shoulders. Standing straight up, Atlas secures his grip on the Irishman...

    [King] Saint’s Demise! The Champion of the World is about to finish off the champion of Europe!



    Charging from behind Atlas, just as Sean starts to lean over is the bird, the Antichrist Superstar, Crow! He tackles the champion from behind, taking him down off his feet and causing Blackwell to fall, once again, onto his back!



    [Axis] Why the hell would he do that? Blackwell getting eliminated only helps him!


    [King] Some things, like revenge for messing up your own finisher, are more important. Sean Atlas stole the opportunity, stole the glory and stole the body of Christian Blackwell away from Crow, trying to hit his own finishing maneuver. But not with the bird around!


    [Axis] Whose side are you on, anyway?



    Shifting his focus from Atlas to the nearly knocked out Blackwell, Crow walks over and brings the European Champion to his feet. Taking him by the arm, Crow whips him towards one of the corners, which Blackwell eventually reaches and hits face first. Meanwhile, Sean Atlas stands up and goes after Crow, pulling him away from Blackwell.


    By his arm, Atlas whips Crow out of the corner... and holds on, snapping the bird back to him! With his back to Blackwell in the corner, Atlas tries to do an encore performance of his earlier feat and tries to get throw Crow into Blackwell with a Belly-to-Belly... but Crow stops him! He locks on a Belly-to-Bellyl of his own and pops his hips, reversing Atlas’ own move!



    [King] Come on, you’re supposed to get rid of the weaker guy first, then fight each other! Stop with the masculine pissing contest, guys!



    The bird quickly stands up and returns to Blackwell, trying to take him out first. He gets him out of the corner and lifts, sitting him atop the turnbuckle. Crow then steps onto the second rope, holding on to Blackwell for support. He hooks his arms around Blackwell and clasps them together...



    [Axis] Kingk I think we’re about to see a Spider German Suplex!


    [King] Top Rope Action, baby!



    But suddenly, Sean Atlas comes up behind Crow, latching on to him with a Belly-to-Back hold as well! He pulls back, trying to his a German Suplex of his own on the bird... but as he pulls back, Crow drags Blackwell with him, and in one massive, enormous chain linked slam, Atlas lifts Crow into the air with a German Suplex while Crow does the same to Blackwell from the top rope...



    [King] AAAAAHHHH!!!







    [Axis] German Suplexes for everyone!


    [King] And Crow somehow bridges it!!!































    [King] Blackwell’s gone!



    “Eliminated from the match for three minutes... Christian Blackwell!”



    [Axis] A massive chain German Suplex finally got rid of Christian Blackwell and King, three minutes may not be enough for this guy to come back.


    [King] You might be right. But now it’s up to my two favorites here, Crow and Atlas to settle the score. You guys have three minutes... let’s go!






    Once again, the countdown clock has appeared, as the fans chant for the incredible spot they just witnessed. Crow then stands and takes Blackwell’s limp body, rolling him out of the ring. He turns his attention to Atlas, who by now is standing up as well. His back to the ropes, Sean takes a step away and springs off them, charging towards the Antichrist Superstar as he gets his wind back. Sean lowers his shoulder as he gets near Crow, but the bird leaps up in the air and flies over him as Sean charges by!


    Atlas reaches to ropes and bounces off, going after Crow again. He Australian turns around, ready for whatever Sean’s got for him... but gets caught as Atlas leaps in the air and lands on him with a Lou Thesz Press!!!


    Sean Atlas goes wild with punches and forearms to the face! A right! A left! Another right! More rights! He doesn’t let up until referee Ordoñez warns him, and then stands up. Bringing Crow up with him, Atlas hits several kicks to the knees before throwing on a Front Face Lock and hooking Crow’s leg... then lifts the him in the air and brings him back down with a Fisherman’s Suplex! Atlas holds on and bridges for the cover...


























    ...NO! Crow kicks out!


    Without giving himself or his opponent even a single moment to rest, Atlas gets back up and brings the Antichrist Superstar to a standing position too. Pulling on his arm, Atlas sends Crow running towards the far ropes. Crow bounces, and as he runs tries to read Sean’s movements for a hint as to what he’s trying... but then decides to attack himself and extends his arm for a clothesline...


    But Sean catches it and reverses the attempt into a Single Arm DDT! The fans show their hatred for him, starting to favor Crow a bit more.



    [Axis] Just over two minutes and Sean Atlas has not let up with the attacks...


    [King] Meanwhile, this Chicago crowd can’t even have the decency to support their hometown boy!



    Atlas stands and gets Crow up as well. He doubles Crow over at the waist and gets his head under his near shoulder, while maneuvering his arm through his own legs, grabbing it from behind. Reaching across Crow’s chest, Atlas hooks his neck with his other arm. Then, extending his body, Atlas lifts Crow’s feet off the surface...



    [King] Exploider ’98!!






    [Axis] Sean Atlas catches Crow with the Expoider ’98, another rarely used maneuver!


    [King] Only a minute and a half left, according to... what the hell, who is that?


    [Axis] It’s.... It’s


    [King & Axis] Dace Night?!


    [Axis] Horrorcore is here!


    [King] But why? To screw Atlas over? You can’t be serious...


    [Axis] He couldn’t... Dace doesn’t cheat...


    [King] He did earlier tonight!



    To much commotion from the crowd, Dace runs down to ringside staring right at Sean Atlas. Crow, meanwhile, rolls to the side, trying to see what the uproar is about while Atlas backs away, unsure of what Dace is about to...


    But suddenly, Dace walks to the side and finds Christian Blackwell at the base of the ring... He gets the Irishman standing, holding him so he doesn’t fall back down. “You see this?” He yells out, as he gets Blackwell to double over, then gutwrenches him onto his shoulders....



    [King] What the HELL??



    And SLAMS him down onto the hard floor of the United Center with the Dark Star Driver!



    [Axis] What’s Dace doing?!?


    [King] I have no clue but I fucking love it!



    The crowd’s excitement suddenly turns to shock as they send jeers toward Dace night for attacking a fellow fan favorite in Blackwell. Dace, meanwhile, ignores them as he backs up the ramp, leaving behind a limp European Champion. He points to himself repeatedly, then points to Atlas...



    “Me and You, Sean. Me and You.”



    [Axis] What does he mean by ‘me and you’??? Don’t tell me they’re working together...


    [King] Maybe they are... maybe Dace just wants to make sure that the title stays on Atlas, so he can get a rematch. Or maybe he just wanted to get Blackwell for costing him a title shot on Wrath.


    [Axis] Or maybe he’s gone off the deep end, King!


    [King] You lose five matches in a row, and you might too...



    Back in the ring, Atlas walks closer to the ropes, tilting his head to the side in a sign of uncertainty at Dace Night’s Actions. But under him Crow slowly crawls over and slides in, throwing an arm between Atlas legs and pushing him down, pinning him to the mat...!



    [King] School Boy!


    [Axis] Inside Cradle!



























    [Axis] And Dace Night is... relieved?? He was about to come back down but stopped when Sean kicked out...


    [King] That’s... odd.



    In the ring, Crow brings himself up. He checks the clock – 1:01 – Not wanting to risk it despite Blackwell’s current state outside the ring, he instantly brings Sean Atlas to his feet, then throws on a Front Face Lock... He tries to lift, but Sean prevents it!



    [King] Crow’s trying an NBC!



    He tries to lift again, but Atlas prevents it a second time! This time, Crow gives it up and lets the face lock go, then lowers his shoulder and drives it into Atlas’ gut... He hooks Atlas’ neck with a different arm now, then slides his other between Sean’s legs, hooking one. Lifting him off his feet, Crow gets Atlas across his shoulders in a Fireman’s carry, then quickly leans to the side...!!!



    [King] A Saint’s Demise from Crow????






    [Axis] YES! The Antichrist Superstar steals Sean Atlas’ finishing move!



    Dace Night stands atop the ramp, stunned...



    [King] This isn’t happening... Not with his own move... Not in his hometown...



    Crow covers....





































    [Axis] What’s it going to take, dammit?!?



    A stunned Crow gets to his feet again. Standing up, he checks on the timer – 0:38 – plenty of time, and Blackwell’s still out. Crow quickly rushes over to the corner after giving Sean one last look. He climbs to the middle rope, standing there looking at Dace Night... he points to Dace, then to himself, telling Dace who he should get ready to meet... Looking out into the crowd, Crow, stretches his arms out in a Crucifix, signaling for the EVENFLOW MOONSAULT!



    [Axis] Evenflow, King! Evenflow Moonsault!


    [King] No... No... No... YES!



    But as Crow takes a step up onto the tope rope, arms extended to the sides, he suddenly feels another set opf hands slide up beneath him... It’s Sean Atlas! Barely recovered from the poorly executed Saint’s Demise, Atlas gets his arms around Crow’s back-to-back, pulling him off the turnbuckle and holding him in a Crucifix...



    [Axis] The Champion holds the Antichrist in the image of Jesus himself!


    [King] Oh the IRNOY! And there’s only ten seconds to go! Can someone actually manage to beat two men in three minutes??


    Charging forward, with the challenger on his back, Atlas reaches the middle of the ring and stops short.






    He flips Crow forward, and as his body becomes perpendicular to the mat...






    ...Atlas bends his arm around Crow’s neck and slams him down with a DDT!!!












    [Axis] Can he do it?






    Atlas makes sure that neither Dace, nor Blackwell, nor anyone else interfere with him now...







    And no one will. Dace Night smiles and nods from the stage, standing besides the clock...








    Atlas covers...






























































    “Ladies and gentlemen... The winner of this match... and STILL SJL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... SEAN ATLAS!”



    [King] Atlas wins!


    [Axis] Unbelievable.


    [King] He didn’t even need Dace’s help! Blackwell could have been up and it wouldn’t matter! Sean Atlas still won the match!



    As Atlas, exhausted from the battle, rolls off Crow, “Polyamorous” blasts up on the house speakers. Dace Night stands on the stage, clapping along.



    [Axis] But why, King? Why did Dace Night come down to attack Blackwell? And why did he point at Sean? What is their relationship, King?


    [King] I have no idea. And Personally, I don’t care. All that matters is that in his hometown, to a crowd dead set against him, Sean Atlas came out the winner. This has been a war, but now another challenge presents itself as the masked man in that ring has to defend his title again, and this time, on Pay Per View. Can he hold on to it once more? You’ll just have to wait and see.

  13. Fading in on the constantly moving view of a road, we're given an inside-the-car persective of Route I-90, headed for Chicago. As the camera zooms back, all we see on the steering wheel are two hands, carelessly controlling the car as the speedometer behind it borders on the eighties. As the view pans around the interior, parts of the SJL World Championship peek out of a gym bag placed in the passenger seat.


    The dim glow of daylight reflects off its gold surface as the car steers down an exit ramp and quickly turns down a narrow road, passing right by a sign...



    A Cook County Insitution Facility

    Est. 1912


    Pulling up next between two vans, the driver stops the car and shuts off its engine. Stepping out, he surveys the scene: A gray building, no more than three stories above ground, surrounded by two chain link fences, the outer laced with barbed wire, the inner likely electrified. Walking parallel to the outer fence, Sean (whose face is never shown) begins to remember his time spent in the facility...



    "Fourteen months in this shithole... fourteen fucking months. Why did he commit himself here? it couldn't have been the injury, he was fine after that... But he fell out of view too soon... people forgot and it drove him out of mind... But why here? Why Chicago? If he got out after just over a year, was he really that fucked up to begin with? He had to be. To spew out the kinds of thoughts he was spewing... The people he was quoting... Can't even get them out of my mind."




    "...Where, for example, while loading his ark, did Noah find penguins and polar bears in Palestine?? Where, dammit?! Answer me!!" Says a man with a black book in his hand, screaming at the top of his lungs at a panel of five elderly doctors behind a desk...


    "But who? Who prays for Satan? Who, in twenty centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?!?" Says the same man, tied in a straight jacket, screaming at a mirror behind thick glass, inside a white padded room...


    "God puts an apple tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden and says, 'do what you like guys, oh, but don't eat the apple.' Surprise surprise, they eat it and he leaps out from behind a bush shouting 'Gotcha!' He says, standing in the courtyard with two chain link fences in the deep background. "It wouldn't have made any difference if they hadn't eaten it, because if you're dealing with somebody who has the mentality that likes leaving hats on the pavement with bricks under them, you know perfectly well they won't give up. They'll get you in the end!"




    Out of the flashback scenes, we once again see Sean Atlas from behind, staring through the fences...


    "He could have come back and been stronger than ever, allow people to see him for who he is... But no. No, he donned the mask. He hid his face away behind a piece of leather... I hid it. It wasn't him anymore... By then it was all me...


    By then it was me who came in and demolished everyone. In a new group, surrounded by guys with much less experience... Who are they to tell me I'm wrong? To them I'm an atheist; to God, I'm the loyal opposition. To them I'm the loyal opposition. Does that make them think they're the holy fucking lord all of a sudden? No, I stand by the fact that we are all atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than they do. Once they understand why they dismiss all the other possible gods, they'll understand why I dismiss theirs...


    It'll be over then. The hiding, the whole masquerade. Then, he'll be back. Fresh out of hiding, out of the hole he's been trapped in for years. Set loose on new challengers, on new crews... Yeah, he'll be back. Mightier than before, more powerful than before... And they don't even know he's coming..."


    Quietly in the background, just as Sean ends his prophetic promises, Alice Cooper's words resonate through...



    Oh, but he's back


    He's the man behind the mask


    And he's out of control


    He's back


    The man behind the mask


    And he crawled out of his hole