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    The Beer Thread.

    Well, off to my first Finance Committee meeting for the non-profit who's Board of Trustees I have joined.
  2. C Dubya 04

    The Beer Thread.

    No way Preppy. Get your own blogspot! This is mine, all mine. I'll start with a note about the weather. It is okay today. Also, today a bird flew onto the window where I am working. It then pooped. It was magical.
  3. C Dubya 04

    The Beer Thread.

    This is now my blogspot. I claim it.
  4. C Dubya 04


    I'm with you on that one. Question I have is are we ever going to see Rose, Bernard and Co. again? Rose and Bernard were big enough characters to at least warrent an onscreen death, or getting off the island and living happily ever after. Or something along those lines.
  5. C Dubya 04

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    And yet "Uptown Girl" is the song he chooses to distance himself from. Go figure.
  6. C Dubya 04

    The Office Season 5

    I thought they'd at least have Pam say something like "eh, what the hell, I loved Jerry Maguire" after basically stealing that scene from the movie.
  7. C Dubya 04

    Happy 40th Allman Bros

    Huh, I figured I was the only Allman fan here. The Beacon Shows have been sick. The second Clapton show was filthy, especially the Liz Reed at the end of the 2nd set. Right now, I think that Derek is the best rock guitar player around. The new DTB cd is amazing as well, and just seeing his ability to interact with any other player and make them better is fantastic. Dickie won't be there though. I think it's for the best. The band has moved on in a different direction that they could not have gone in with him.
  8. C Dubya 04

    FOX Sunday Night 08/09 - now in HD!

    The song won last year's Oscar for best song from a motion picture for the movie "Once". That was what the rest of the scene referenced too, with the movie being about the guy and the girl falling for each other but her being married and he was involved in a relationship as well. It was a really random reference for the Simpsons though, since the movie wasn't popular, and came out a year and a half ago.
  9. C Dubya 04

    30 Rock

    This. Not this. Did Tina Fey try to molest you or something Barron? I would still say the Office is a better show overall, but 30 Rock is a lot funnier right now.
  10. C Dubya 04


    ABC really has done a bang up job airing episodes out of order. Really annoying.
  11. C Dubya 04

    The Office Season 5

    I don't know, stuff like using Dwight's admiration of him to try and get Dwight to take the blame for a bad idea and trying to get Dwight fired instead of himself to me has left the ignorant territory and moved to being a bad person.
  12. C Dubya 04

    The Office Season 5

    Problem for me is that Michael's character is past the point of no return. He's an asshole, plain and simple. I don't know why they decided to do that, but my favorite part of this episode was where everyone was ganging up against him and siding with Dwight. They managed to go away from "Homer Syndrome" with Michael in that he's not getting that much dumber anymore, but now he's just a bad person.
  13. C Dubya 04

    '90s Song Tournament

  14. C Dubya 04

    '90s Song Tournament Nominations

    That Love Spit Love song was really fantastic. Forgot about that one. For a few nominations that I haven't seen here: Smashing Pumpkins "Cherub Rock" Pearl Jam "Yellow Ledbetter" Pearl Jam "Corduroy" Pavement "We Dance" Teenage Fanclub "The Concept" Fiona Apple "Criminal" Jesus Jones "Right Here Right Now"
  15. C Dubya 04


    I think that the show is on life support right now and is more likely to be canceled than not.
  16. C Dubya 04


    I didn't really think about it before, but yeah, that's a safe bet. I liked the added dimension that it gave Chuck to be searching on his own. Made him seem a lot more competent. I still really like this show, but I'm getting beyond tired of every single show ending with either Chuck liking Sarah and it not happening or Sarah liking Chuck and it not happening.
  17. C Dubya 04

    Ben Folds - Way to Normal

    I don't find the new Ben Folds album to be good.
  18. C Dubya 04

    Ben Folds - Way to Normal

    You can usually find a few torrents of his live shows at etree. Speaking of live Ben shows, I've never once been satisfied with the length of the show after seeing him. He's been good to great each time, but it always ends a lot sooner than expected.
  19. C Dubya 04

    Ben Folds - Way to Normal

    It's also not like he added a bunch of swears to a clean song he was covering. I was randomly listening to "The Secret Life of Morgan Davis" last night, and I think that's one song where Ben's swearing comes off perfect. It's unexpected, but not overly corny.
  20. C Dubya 04

    The Beer Thread.

    Troegs in general is tasty stuff. Nugget Nectar is beyond that though. Fantastic beer. Local bar to me is tapping a firkin this week as a part of Beer Week. They also have a meet the brewer later with a firkin of Rogue Double Dead Guy! Tis a good week.
  21. C Dubya 04

    Ben Folds - Way to Normal

    Off the solo stuff, I really think that Gone is pretty great too. I always forget to include that one, but I love the "I wake up, in the night" part of the song. Oh, also, I think that Bitches Ain't Shit is just fantastic by Ben. It's one of the few novelty covers that for me lasts longer than one or two listens.
  22. C Dubya 04

    Ben Folds - Way to Normal

    I'm surprised with Brick as your number 1, as to me that hasn't held up all that great. My top ten Ben would be: 1. Philosophy 2. Battle of Who Could Care Less 3. Mess 4. Fair 5. Fred Jones, Pt. 2 6. Army 7. Annie Waits 8. Best Imitation 9. Alice Childress 10. Eddie Walker These probably would change though if I sat down and listened to each album end to end right now.
  23. C Dubya 04


    I actually liked the end with HRG. I think that he works best as a grey character. Breaking everyone down to being a "good guy" or a "bad guy" isn't the best way to go, IMO. You need a few characters that are in between. I like that HRG is working for good, but will go about it anyway necessary. Fits what we've seen of him throughout the series as well. That being said, the episode was pretty lame overall. Parkman is probably a worse actor and worse at his character than Ali Larter even.
  24. C Dubya 04


    I can't quite figure out why the writers would put as much effort into including details like Locke hanging himself in the obit, but then miss the plot hole of Jack going crazy too quickly. Also, Sayid seems to have flipped from hitman to peace corp guy back to hitman getting Hurley out of the hospital rather quickly.
  25. C Dubya 04


    Just because you're not allowed to leave a state, doesn't mean you'll be on a no-fly list or anything like that. She'd get in trouble if caught, but she wasn't a high enough level criminal who would be followed at all times or anything like that. And, I'm really looking forward to tonight as well. Should provide a whole lot of information and good Locke stuff.