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  1. megaadvice

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    MITB went on second last year, went on first at mania 23 IIRC
  2. megaadvice

    WrestleMania Roundtable Part Five: 2005 to present

    mmmm, I very much disagree with most of the panel. Infact my 2 favourite Mania's in this list are 22 and 24. Mania 21 was poor in my opinion, Eddie and Ray had by far their worst singles match together, they would produce some brilliant stuff in June of '05 but this was a mess. VERY unpopular opinion I know but I thought 21 had the worst MITB match out of all of them. The 2 title matches were nothing special and HBK vs Angle showcased everything that is wrong with Kurt Angle. Mania 22, yes there were some poor matches, but 4 of them on this card made this well worth it. Edge vs Foley is a brilliant hardcore match and went a long way to 'making' Edge, just as Foley's match with Orton 2 years prevoiusly had helped make Orton. Trish vs Micky was the culmination of the best storyline in the WWE that year and produced the best womens title match ever. HHH vs Cena (the entraNces were awesome BTW) had the 'big match' feel about it that made it brilliant, not the best match, yes, but give me this over Taker/Edge, Cena/HBK anyday in terms of last matches on. MITB was good also. Mania 23, MITB was good, as was Taker/Batista. HBK/Cena was good BUT dull and had almost zero big match feel to it. Everything else was terrible. Mania 24, Flair's retirment gave us the most memorable Mania Moment since Eddie and Benoit and the end of XX, IMO it had the best MITB ever and the Triple threat match was very underrated. I would rank them: 22 24 23 21
  3. megaadvice


    I think you meant at least instead of about. eeeeeeep
  4. megaadvice

    Wild Card Weekend

    Winner of Ravens/Titans will win the superbowl.
  5. megaadvice

    Wild Card Weekend

    Colts were never that good, just need Baltimore and Minnisota to complete a clean sweep of predictions and a lot of money
  6. megaadvice

    Wild Card Weekend

    Watch the home team win again. Funny these crazy people who thought all 4 road teams would win
  7. megaadvice

    Wild Card Weekend

    home underdogs are 9-2 in first round playoff games.
  8. megaadvice

    Wild Card Weekend

    0% chance all road teams win.
  9. megaadvice

    Wild Card Weekend

    Baltimore plus the other 3 home teams for me.
  10. megaadvice

    NFL Week 8

    4. Will British people (in general) ever give a fuck about the NFL? Can you defend the NFL wanting to play these games overseas? Short answer no. There is still a core group of middle class people in their late 30's - to late 50's who are intrested in the game from the mid 1980's when American football became the 'cool' thing for a few short years. However the interest among young people and the working class is almost zero. I know of maybe 2 people (I am in my early 20's) who could even name an NFL player let alone watch it. If I tell anyone I like American football its always met with resistance and utterly stupid questions, furthermore, its seen as a very nerdy, geeky thing to like. Its almost like telling someone you like collecting stamps or model trains. Of course there are numerous other reasons such as 'soccer' being so ingrained in the social heart of Britain that any other 'new version of football' is just going to be laughed down as not the real thing. Furthermore there is the fact that you cant go and watch a game every week at the stadium, which is an essential part of 'soccer' and of sport in general. All of which is a shame of course as American football is a truley wonderful game .
  11. megaadvice

    Campaign 2008

    If you thought his first map was bad. I mean Arizona a toss up??? WTF.
  12. megaadvice

    WrestleMania 25

    If they dont do Taker vs HBK then someone at WWE has seroiusly lost the plot. Its not just the most logical match (Mr Wrestlemania vs The Streak: Its in Texas, they are both Texans:) they have also not faced against each other for years and their interactions they have had have been great (Royal Rumble 2007). Its almost too obvoius to go with HBK vs Taker.
  13. megaadvice

    Campaign 2008

    Well said. Its funny in a scary sort of way that these politicians want less taxes and will do anything they can will come up with this 'fair tax' shite. Calling it a fair tax is like calling white, black or red, blue. People in Western countries will except a certain amount of tax cutting for the big earners, in fact its a popular policy for most. However when you start to tax everyone the same regardless of the countless reasons why someone may not be a well off as others you are going about 2746758439385 steps too far
  14. megaadvice

    Campaign 2008

    If this party ran in Britain they would get less than 5% of the vote. Complete and utter nutjobs, the lot of them. From this side of the pond, its just sad to watch.
  15. megaadvice

    2008 Summer Olympics

    Since 2000. http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/news/2008/08/b...turned_the.html