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  1. cmpunk04

    WWE Encyclopedia

    I put down an order on the Encyclopedia just beacuse I am a sucker for anything history or stats based like this. Im interested to see how deep into the past roster they will go with it although judging from the pictures on Amazon featuring such past greats as Battle Kat, Avatar and Kabuki id say it covers quite a lot.
  2. cmpunk04

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    so I was just playing the demo for Legends Of Wrestlemania and I realized its been 10 years since Austin vs The Rock at Mania 15. Time really does fly. Seems like yesterday.
  3. cmpunk04

    Impact spoilers for 12/18

    - Announced for tonight: Kevin Nash & TNA champ Sting vs Samoa Joe & AJ Styles in a Tornado Tag match, a Knockouts Brawl Tag a Six Sides of Steel match - Taylor Wilde & "The Hardcore Knockout" Roxxi defeated The Beautiful People when Wilde pinned Love. Traci Brooks was the referee. - Rhino pinned Lance Rock with the Gore. Rhino calls out the members of the Frontline. They come out...with the Motor City Machineguns lagging behind. Rhino addresses what happened to Brother Ray last week. And that if its a fight they want, its a fight they're going to get. He says that Sting, when he joined the MEM, that's when he became the problem. He says that at the Genesis PPV, he's going to leave Sting in a pile of his own piss, blood and sh**.He says the MEM raised the bar, but the Frontline will raise it higher. AJ Styles takes the mike and says that cause of his actions, Scott Steiner is in a match vs Matt Morgan & Abyss. And tonight, Sting & Nash have to deal with him and Joe in Six Sides of Steel. Samoa Joe then goes on to say he thrives on violence and tonight they will find out in the cage what they say is true...Joe is gonna kill you. - Chris Sabin with Alex Shelley defeated Sonjay Dutt with So Cal Val with a Cradleshock to advance in the X Division title tournament. During the match, Sheik Abdul Bashir sat at the top of the ramp on a chair to watch the match. - Booker T & Scott Steiner w/Sharmell defeated Matt Morgan & Abyss when Booker hit the scissor kick on Morgan. Morgan had Steiner up for the helevator then Booker hit morgan in the leg with a lead pipe, while Abyss was distracted on the floor by a fallen Sharmell who was faking it as she immediately ran into the ring to celebrate with her husband and Steiner. - Kurt Angle comes out and recaps the career of Jeff Jarrett, acknowledging all his championships in both WWF and WCW. (During which, a chant for Owen Hart in the Impact Zone erupts and Angle nods in approval) then says when there was nothing left for Jeff to do, he starts up TNA. He goes on to say that Jeff came out of retirement to screw him at Bound for Glory, which brings him to Genesis..where he will leave him laying in a pile of his own blood. He knows the wrestling community can live with out Jarrett.., "but can they?", referring to Jeff's 3 daughters. He said after Genesis, they will be orphans, and not to worry.."Uncle Kurt" might just adopt them. Jeff Jarrett storms out to the stage and starts removing his jewelry and shirt. BG James, Terry Taylor, Earl Hebner and Scott D'Amore attempt to restrain Jarrett. Angle is then held back from TNA security and the 2nd attempt to break free. Jarrett tries all he can but is brought back up the ramp as both he and James jawjack with Angle who is down by the ring. - Hiyoshi (All Japan's Akira Raijin, although the ring name may be slightly incorrect as it was hard to hear) defeated Consequences Creed with a moonsault. Raijin's TNA persona resembles a 1990s Great Muta with facepaint and mannerisms. - Christy Hemme & ODB def Rhaka Khan & Raisha Seid when Christy hit the FFG on Khan. Post match, Amazing Kong attacked ODB & Hemme from behind, just when Suicide made his entrance and focused his attention on Kong...who then immediately backed away with fear in her eyes..the lights went out and Suicide was gone. Hemme & ODB then celebrated their victory. - AJ Styles & Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Nash & Sting in a SSOS match when Styles escaped the cage. Post-match, Nash & Sting beat down on Joe while the remaining members of MEM came down to join in. Sting left the cage to deal with Styles on the floor as Scott Steiner padlocked the cage. They continued the beatdown on Joe and wedged his arm in a chair and beat him with a lead pipe. The members of the Frontline tried all they could to get into the cage. Finally, Earl Hebner found the key and unlocked the door, but the MEM continued the onslaught on Joe as Styles continued to try and enter the cage. Finally, Styles scaled the cage and got inside and went after Angle...the Frontline finally got inside to assist Joe as the MEM made their way back up the ramp. Doctors and officials ran down to check on Joe. He was screaming in pain and he was helped from the cage.
  4. cmpunk04

    What did/do your parents think of wrestling?

    My grandad was the one who got me into wrestling to start with. I live in the UK and WCW Worldwide used to air in the early hours in 92-93. He used to record it for me and that was the start for me. When I was growing up during the monday night wars I would go and watch WCW Nitro with him every Friday. He was actually really into WCW with Sting being his all time favourite. They were actually really good times growing up and i remember not being able to wait for school to end on friday nights as that was when we used to get the shows over here. Now im older (23) and in university I dont really get a chance to watch with him but he occasionally tapes TNA Impact for me on saturday nights if im out and often admits to watching a little to check out what Stings getting up to. My Mum has always checked the show out from time to time. although it was probably to keep me happy growing up there has been a few occasions where she would seem more into it than she let on. I took her to the TNA Impact tapings when we were in florida in 2005. My dad was the one who used to take me to the matches when WWE and WCW would come over but he always had the mentality of "this is fake". There were a couple of occasions during the manchester ppv in the attitude era that come to mind where he got into it even if he would never admit it. Austin comes to mind. Looking at that I got quite lucky as there was nobody in my family growing up to look down on me watching the shows and with my Grandad there was someone who i could go on about things for hours.
  5. cmpunk04

    Spoilers of first two-hour Impact

    more detailed spoilers from wrestling observer -Rhino d. Black Reign after Raven interference backfires. Abyss makes the save for Rhino from the 2on1, Mitchell and Havok hit the ring and take control until Sting runs in and makes another save. Ridiculous, but it was a good match before everyone ran in. -Angle interrupts Sting celebrating on the big screen. He is in California at Sting's son's high school football field. I guess they do more of this during the show, but that was all that was shown to the live crowd. -3D beats up Black Machismo and Sonjay Dutt backstage during a promo. They drag them to the ring. Shark Boy runs in to get killed too. 3D brings out a table that will obviously collapse as soon as weight is put on it, which it does when they lay Shark Boy across it. They bring out another table and 3D Lethal. They get on the mics and demand a title shot. -Gail Kim d. Jackie Moore w/ James Storm. The voodoo valet and VKM come down to the ring, as does Hemme w/ Rave and Hoyt. All the women jump Gail after the match, who escapes. The other three start brawling until they're all broken up by their teams. -Team Pacman d. Team 3D by DQ when VKM ran in. Pacman chased them off with a chair leaving 3D to beat up Killings until the Steiners made the save. Pacman didn't do any wrestling but did spend some time in the ring. -Eric Young won a ten man Gauntlet that turned into a match by pinning James Storm. Wrestlers entered every 60 seconds. Other entrants were: Bobby Roode, Kazarian, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Lance Hoyt, Jimmy Rave, Petey Williams and Shark Boy. More Traci/Roode/Kazarian stuff. Pretty much a smaller version of the last PPV Gauntlet. -TV Main Event: Samoa Joe, Junior Fatu & LAX d. XXX (Daniels & Senshi), Christian Cage, and AJ Styles. Match went about 15 minutes and was awesome. Crazy match. Hernandez did a suicide dive over the top rope onto AJ. Joe pinned Senshi clean with the Muscle Buster. First match with no run-ins. Xplosion matches: -Eric Young d. Jimmy Rave w/ Lance Hoyt. Nothing match. Fans left in droves when Rave came out. -Black Machismo d. Havok. Good quick match. Devine missed the Frogsault and Lethal came off the top with the elbow for the win. Quick thoughts: Every actual match on the Spike taping sans the main had run-ins, and funny enough, the main was by and far the best match of the taping. Hopefully it comes across good on TV even with the commercial break it's bound to have during it. It will be interesting to see how much backstage/Angle stuff there is, because it seemed like there was a lot of wrestling. It's kind of funny that the first wrestler seen on the first two hour show is going to be Black Reign, but that's TNA for you.
  6. cmpunk04

    Bound for Glory taking place in Atlanta

    -- There will be a 15 Man Reverse Battle Royal at Bound For Glory next month. The final four wrestlers in the ring will then do a four-way match with the winner getting a TNA title shot. Wrestlers scheduled to appear in the match include Chris Harris, James Storm, Black Reign, Sonjay Dutt, Robert Roode, Kaz, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Petey Williams, BG James, and Kip James. PWI Looks like if this is the likely lineup that the best the likes of the Guns and Kaz will get is a brawl round the ring at BFG as you would expect Harris, Storm, VKM, Reign and Roode to be the favourites to get to the 4 way if you go by TNA booking.
  7. cmpunk04

    Spoilers of first two-hour Impact

    The main event could be good if it gets time, apart from that it looks like same old so far and i guess theres the usual Angle stuff going on backstage too.
  8. cmpunk04

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    It really gets me that out of that list LAX and the Guns could be real stars in a strong tag division in TNA, one thing which WWE dont have yet they are too busy forcing Rikishi, VKM and the Dudleys down peoples necks claiming to be the best in the business each week. Will they ever learn?
  9. cmpunk04

    WWE General Discussion - September 2007

    from wrestling observer site. really funny read Times are tough for WWE right now. Several of their top wrestlers and that pleasant Japanese man were suspended for getting caught with banned substances in their body. The end result is a crushing blow to the already anorexic rosters on each show. As such, it should be viewed as a breath of fresh air that two of the youngest and brightest superstars in the company are stepping up and giving us one of the most anticipated, epic battles of the modern era this side of Joe vs. Kobashi, Misawa vs. Kawada, and Roe vs. Wade. Of course, I am referring to Big Daddy V vs. the Boogeyman, scheduled to take place on the 18th of September in the year of our Lord, 2007. Rarely does a battle of two of the greatest in-ring titans of all time occur on free television, so I found it best to preview the bout seeing as how I am the official ECW authority in these parts. Let's start with a little history: On June 11th in the year of our Lord, 2007, a draft occurred on Monday Night Raw. One of the bigger surprises of the evening was a man getting shipped from Smackdown to ECW. It was a man everyone thought was going to end up on Raw. It was a man known for having the technical prowess of the puroresu greats. It was a man known for being more aggressive in the ring than anyone else of his generation. It was a man known for missing a few teeth. I am, of course, referring to the Boogeyman. The mere thought of this man on the ECW roster brought a wide smile to CM Punk's face (who was in the ring when the good news came about) and subsequently, the heart of each parent with young a WWE fan was warmed at the thought of this child-friendly babyface entertaining their children every Tuesday night, teaching them key morals to help them grow into successful adults. The Boogeyman took the world of ECW by storm. Having recovered from the loss of his companion Little Boogeyman earlier in the year at the hands of Mark Henry, Boogey approached his game with a newfound dedication and focus the likes of which had never been seen. However, his winning streak was soon put to a screeching halt at the hands of Matt Striker's new protogé. As with Boogey, this man had a renewed focus, a renewed wardrobe, and a renewed vocabulary. This man was Bid Daddy V. He had shed his delusions of romantic grandeur once he realized that bikini models do not find morbidly obese men whose only flattering clothing is oversized pajamas attractive, and following the tutelage of Striker, destroyed the Boogeyman in his ECW debut, slamming him through a desk and driving him head-first into a chalkboard. In the next few weeks, V steamrolled the competition on ECW, taking down some of the greatest wrestlers around today. V was out to prove that he is indeed a man on a mission. V's dominance was short-lived, as Boogey, being the true ring warrior he is, made his much anticipated comeback to gain some measure of revenge. Since then, the feud has escalated and become more than personal. The two met once more in a fatal four-way match, and once again after that as Boogey was attacked by V after Boogeyman and Striker went to a thirty minute, time limit draw two weeks ago. But now Boogey has had time to rest. He is preparing a strategy to take down his arch-nemesis once and for all. And we should be honored to get the chance to watch it. Here, we have two opponents who are very different from each other, yet share some striking similarities. As such, I feel it is appropriate to profile each wrestler separately, highlighting their stats, strengths, and what their game plans should be heading into their Budokan Hall main even-level match this Tuesday. **Big Daddy V** -Resides in the burrow of Harlem in New York City. -Stands in at 6-foot-9 and weighs a healthy 485 pounds. -Known for his strong style technique that hearkens back to the glory days of Stan Hansen and Steve Williams. -Pre-reinvention, sodomized his opponents into submission during matches. -Has been kidnapped by the Undertaker. -Dated Lillian Garcia and Trish Stratus. -Looks an awful lot like the guy who won King of the Ring twelve years ago. -Can recite lines from the film No Holds Barred verbatim. Just ask him, what's that smell? -Enjoys eating at Applebees. -Attended all three years of Lilith Fair. **Big Daddy V** -Born in Phoenix, Arizona on Halloween in the year of our Lord, 1964. -Moved to the Bottomless Pit after a day at the Grand Canyon without sunscreen caused an extreme discoloration of his skin, thus deeming him unfit for mainstream society. -Stands in at 6-foot-2 and weighs in at 265 pounds. -Wrestles a puroresu style as an homage to his hero and mentor Masanobu Fuchi. -Appeared as a contestant on Tough Enough before his incident. -Worked a show-stealing match against Booker T at Wrestlemania 22. -Favorite film is Howard's End. -Owns each complete season of the television prison drama Oz on DVD. -Follows a strict vegan diet. -Devout Christian. **Tazz's Keys to Victory** This match will be a long, deliberate bout between two smart mat-workers. Though V likes to dominate early, he will know better than to use this tactic against the lightening quick Boogey. V's best bet is go on the defensive and wait for Boogey to make a mistake. Boogey will likely be looking to shoot in on V and wrestle the big man down. This is when V should move in for the kill by doing what he does best: stiff knife-edge chops and forearm blows. Once the mistake is made and the assault can begin, V mustn't allow an inch. He needs to stay on Boogey, keep him grounded and cornered, and simply overpower him. When the time is right, finish him off with strong lariat. Hell, throw him a curveball and nail a deep arm drag or two. Though try as he might, V will not be able to keep up in chain wrestling with Boogey, whose amateur background will surely work to his advantage should the situation arise. Boogey really needs to keep distance between him and V. Like V, he enjoys finishing his opponents off early, but he will be unable to go in for his own kill early on, so his best bet is to wait it out. He is not powerful enough to go punch for punch with V, so short, quick attacks over an extended period of time will not only keep the big man at bay (thus rendering his striking arsenal useless), but it will also wear him down. Boogey is known for his 60-minute classics, so his best bet is to do something he is fully capable of and keep V off balance by trying to go the distance, tire him out, then systematically wear him down before finishing him off for good. **Final Prediction** When all is said and done, I fully expect V to put down his foe once and for all when Boogey makes the mistake of trying to get too flashy with his offense. I cite the ending of Hansen vs. Kobashi at Champion's Carnival in the year of our Lord, 1993, for precedent. Kobashi attempted a top-rope diving maneuver and was met with a nasty lariat from Hansen, which ultimately cost him the match. Expect Boogey to make a similar mistake and when all is said and done, Big Daddy V will emerge victorious. Now it would be callous of me to preview a match of this scale by myself, so I've brought in some other experts for their opinions on the matter. **Dan Wahlers** I was honored to be asked by Ryan to give my thoughts on an upcoming classic match in the making. This match will be the George Hackenschmidt vs. Frank Gotch of our generation. It will make you forget about Flair/Steamboat. Austin/Rock? Please...we're talking a match of epic proportions coming your way on this Tuesday night's "ECW on Sci Fi" program. The Boogeyman vs. Big Daddy V! I can only speak for myself, but I know I've been waiting my entire life to have the opportunity to write about a match this big. I've cleared my entire schedule on Tuesday night. I don't want to miss one minute of this monumental encounter. The Boogeyman and his worms, Big Daddy V and his umm....girth. It's sure to be an instant ***** classic. This is a hard match to call, because what you have are two mat technicans at the top of their game. You'd behard pressed to find someone that does a fireman's carry take over as well as The Boogeyman. Watching this match will be like watching Picasso and Da Vinci painting a wonderous piece of art work. Two of the best wrestlers in the business today showing you what WWE, and more specifically ECW is all about. The "ECW" chantswill be thunderous, as the crowd hangs on every hold, and every near fall. In the end, I think Big Daddy V's enormous size and weight advantage will be too much for The Bottomless Pit's favorite resident to overcome. If The Boogeyman has a chance he has to use his speed and quickness to take the big man off his vertical base. But that's easier said than done, especially when you tip the scales at well over 500lbs, and have heaving breasts that would make Dolly Parton envious. I'd have to go with Big Daddy V in a squeaker. The guidance of Matt Striker, one of the best managers in our industry today, will spell the difference in this one. You can't underestimate the wisdom of a grizzled ring veteran like Matt Striker. Big Daddy V will get the duke after his springboard corkscrew moonsault. The crowd will most definitely be chanting "This is awesome" when all the smoke clears. Whatever you do, make sure you're in front of your TV at 10pm on Tuesday night for this one, or at the very least have your DVR, Tivo, or VCR set to record this masterpiece. You never know when they might need some new torture devices down at Guantanamo Bay. **Todd Martin** I give Big Daddy V the size advantage, but I think Boogey Man is more crafty and has the endurance. I like Boogey via arm bar in the third round. **Joe Babinsack** My feeling is complete indifference. *************** Derek Burgan and the good doctor, Keith Lipinski could not be reached for comment as they were busy investigating the Project 161 mystery. Dave Meltzer has been meditating heavily in preparation for the match since it was announced and as such, has stopped answering his phone. Nevertheless, we have three expert opinions: one who views this as a simple test of endurance, one who believes the teachings of a wise master will make the difference, and one who is so overcome with anticipation of the match that he has gone numb. One thing is for sure: this will be making highlight reels for years to come. Foley diving off of the Cell will seem like nothing compared to the amount of coverage we will be seeing in forthcoming months. Surely, the final thrilling moments of this confrontation will be played out on Sportscenter for hours on end. Expect this to top many Match of the Year lists in December, as well. The winner will undoubtedly go on to be heralded as not only the unequivocal best of his generation, but likely of all time as well. Merchandise sales will sore and his picture will appear on Wheaties boxes and he will get cameos in unnecessary sequels to movies that were only so-so in the first place. The rub from this match will be beyond anything ever seen or even dreamed of. At this point, Tuesday seems so far away, but thankfully, Unforgiven is tonight and will give us our wrestling fix in the meantime. Tune in Tuesday night after ECW to find out who the winner was and hear the reactions of the some of the industry's greats and, of course, of yours truly. This is an exciting time to be a wrestling fan and we have Big Daddy V and the Boogeyman to thank for it. They are the heroes of our generation. May they continue their careers long into their elderly age allowing them to do what they do best: put smiles on our faces. See you Tuesday.
  10. cmpunk04

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    EARLY DETAILS OF THE UPCOMING “TNA:YEAR 1” DVD RELEASE By Bill Banks Coming on Tuesday, November 20 from TNA Wrestling Home Video is the DVD release of “TNA: Year 1” - a comprehensive look at the beginning of Total Nonstop Action – featuring full matches, exclusive interviews, rare video from TNA’s first year, unforgettable moments and much more! TNA Wrestling DVD releases are available at ShopTNA.com and major DVD retailers such as Best Buy, FYE, Cococnuts and many more! The main feature on the DVD – a nearly two-hour documentary on the first year of TNA – covers the following topics: - The story behind the origin of TNA Wrestling during a fishing trip in 2001 - Jeff Jarrett talks candidly about the early steps in the creation of TNA and his vision for the promotion - The idea behind the weekly Pay-Per-View format - Several TNA stars talk about the demise of WCW and how they first heard about TNA - Setting up the TNA offices and bringing together the TNA roster - Meetings with Pay-Per-View providers - Problems that arose in the weeks leading up to the debut of TNA - Mike Tenay and Don West talk about meeting for the first time - How the ring broke just minutes before the start of the first Pay-Per-View - Memories from many TNA stars from that first night - How TNA almost didn’t make it after the first few months - TNA President Dixie Carter talks about TNA and Panda Energy joining forces - How Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett first met - The creation of TNA’s X Division with stories from AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels - The creation of TNA’s Tag Team Division with America’s Most Wanted, The New Church and Triple X, with comments from “Wildcat” Chris Harris, “Cowboy” James Storm, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and “Primetime” Elix Skipper - TNA makes “The Asylum” their home in Nashville, Tennessee - BG James, Chris Harris and Mike Tenay remember Curt Hennig - The most-anticipated match in TNA’s first-year - Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven – with comments from both stars - And much, MUCH MORE! Also featured during the documentary are many of the unforgettable moments from TNA’s first year on Pay-Per-View: - The in-ring debut of country music icon Toby Keith - The Road Warriors come to TNA - Jeff Jarrett brawls with the Tennessee Titans - Chris Rock brings Hollywood to TNA - Ken Shamrock vs. Sabu in a Ladder Match - Raven vs. Sandman in the first-ever “House Of Fun” match - The debut of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper - Battles over the NWA World Heavyweight Title featuring Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, AJ Styles, Ron “The Truth” Killings and Raven - The wars between America’s Most Wanted and The New Church and Triple X - X Division Championship matches with Senshi, AJ Styles, Chris Sabin and The Amazing Red - Appearances by Ricky Steamboat, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Rock N’ Roll Express, Nikita Koloff, Vader and much more The DVD features exclusive interviews and comments from such TNA personalities as: Jeff Jarrett “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles TNA President Dixie Carter “Wildcat” Chris Harris BG James “Cowboy” James Storm “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels Raven “Primetime” Elix Skipper Mike Tenay Don West Bob Ryder Ron & Don Harris Jeremy Borash Referee Rudy Charles Referee Andrew Thomas The matches included on “TNA: Year 1” are as follows: June 19, 2002 – Gauntlet For The Gold (20 Stars compete in a battle royal to become the first TNA-era World Heavyweight Champion – featuring Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall, Chris Harris and many more) June 26, 2002 – Elimination Match Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles vs. Psichosis vs. Senshi (Witness history as the first-ever TNA X Division Champion is crowned) August 28, 2002 – Triple Ladder Match For The X Division Championship Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles vs. Senshi (Regarded as one of the greatest matches in TNA Wrestling history) January 8, 2003 – World Tag Team Championship Match America’s Most Wanted vs. The New Church (The violent feud that ignited a revolution in TNA’s tag team ranks) April 30, 2003 – World Heavyweight Championship Match Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven (The legendary main event showdown between two bitter rivals) All this and much more on the “TNA: Year 1” DVD coming November 20 from TNA Home Video!
  11. cmpunk04

    TNA Impact spoilers

    All the results for the next two episodes of Impact... Credit: Richard Trionfo & PWInsider.com TNA taped the next two episodes of Impact tonight, leading up to the No Surrender PPV, in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios Soundstage 21. Complete results of the taping featured: Impact 8/30 *Team 3D vs. The Motor City Machine Guns was announced, but before it could begin Scott Steiner came out. He tells Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley to get out of the ring. Steiner brawls with Team 3D. He has control of the situation and goes to get a table. Devon attacks Steiner and they nail him with the 3D. Devon grabs several chairs. Ray sets a chair on Steiner's throat, playing off his surgery, and Devon nails it with another chair. Brother Ray said that Steiner would be going back to the hospital. Security comes to the ring to clear it. Security tries to help Steiner to the back. 3D attack security and bring Steiner back into the ring. They set up a table in the ring. They lay out Steiner through it. Steiner does a stretcher job. *Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin return to the ring. Sabin says that no team can match them for their total sexiness. Shelley says that TNA needs some heroes and they challenge anyone to face them and bump up the ratings. Voodoo Kin Mafia come out... *The Voodoo Kin Mafia defeated The Motor City Machine Guns in under 90 seconds. Kip James gets the mic and asks if they are any tag teams that want to challenge them. LAX, XXX and Eric Young & Shark Boy all come out. All four rings brawl in the ring. It settles down to LAX and Young/Shark Boy. *Sting defeated AJ Styles, Christian Cage and Samoa Joe in order to become the new TNA Tag team champion (with Kurt Angle). Samoa Joe had the Samoan dance troupe for his entrance. Before the match started, TNA Everything champion Kurt Angle and Karen Angle came to ringside to watch. Sting forced Styles to tape to the Scorpion Deathlock. Before the finish, Joe was given the Unprettier on the floor by Cage and was out for awhile. Cage and Styles were discussing how to finish off Sting. Cage goes to get a chair but Joe stops him from getting back in the ring and they brawl to the back. Sting is down in the ring. Styles tried to distract the referee as Tomko interferes. Styles only gets a two count. Sting forces Styles to tap. *After the match, Sting gets his belt from Kurt Angle and Karen raises their hand. The Angles leave. Ron Killings and Pacman Jones attack Sting (well, Killings did) and Jones spraypaints Sting's back. Angle makes the save. TNA Today or Road to No Surrender Bout (not sure) *Eric Young & Shark Boy defeated Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams when Young hit a double death valley driver on Williams. Impact 9/6 *Tomko defeated Kaz. During the bout, Robert Roode and Traci Brooks come out. Roode tries to interfere but it backfires. Kaz hits a baseball slide on Roode and brawls with him. After the match, Brooks checks on Kaz but Roode yells at her and attacks him. Tomko gets in Roode's face and shoves him to the mat. *Samoa Joe defeated Raven. AJ Styles comes out with a kendo stick and hits Joe to try and help Raven. Joe chokes out Raven. After the match, Joe pulls Styles into the ring. Tomko hits the ring, followed by Christian Cage. Christian hits Joe with a chair. They handcuff Joe to the ropes. The members of Samoa Joe's dance troupe tried to protect Joe but they were laid out. They hit a One Man Conchairto to one of the dancers while Joe is cuffed to the ropes. Security comes out and they uncuff Joe. Joe grabs a kendo stick and runs off in pursuit of Cage and company. *Abyss and Jay Lethal defeated TNA Tag Team champions Kurt Angle and Sting in a non-title match when Abyss pinned Angle with the Black Hole Slam. During the match, Karen came to the ring. Angle picked her up and carried her back to the stage. He backed up into Abyss and they began fighting. Abyss had Sting and Angle for a double chokeslam, but Abyss decided to let Sting go. Abyss had Angle set up for a powerslam, but Angle escaped. He hit an Olympic Slam. He went for the Ankle Lock but Abyss escaped and hit the Black Hole Slam for a three count. After the match, Abyss retrieved a bag of something from under the ring. Jim Mitchell comes out and Abyss sees him, then chases Mitchell to the back. Angle is still down in the ring, so Pacman Jones and Ron Killings come out through the crowd and attack Sting, then spraypaint Angle's back. Xplosion: *Robert Roode pinned Homicide with a Perfectplex. *Gail Kim & Chris Harris defeated BG James & Roxxi after Gail pinned Roxxi with a missile dropkick. The women were the showcase of the bout.
  12. cmpunk04

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    -Matt Bentley was on last night's Between the Ropes radio show, his TNA contract expires 8.20.07 and he ripped into the company. -Bentley described that morale in the locker room is poor. The guys feel that they have been working hard, only to be replaced and or shoved down the card by former WWE stars. The company is no longer the fun place it once was to work. -In regards to all of the talent being brought in, he said that names that are supposed to be big stars are brought to increase ratings and buy rates, but that they never rise. -Instead of being allowed to go out and work hard, the in ring is restricted and they have to deal with "gaga segments" and things of that nature. -In regards to the Congressional letter to TNA and drug testing, Bentley said that he was never drug tested by TNA nor has any other wrestler that he knows of working for the company. -He blames Dutch Mantell for the lack of direction and push for Serotonin because, "Mantell didn't want to be bothered with it." He also said, in regards to Mantell, "That guy needs to be fired. The only way to kick Jeff (Jarrett) in the ass is to kick Dutch in the back of the head." -Finally Bentley was upset that after his years of service he was just coldly informed that he was done, there was no thanking him for his tenure with the company and or wishing him well. -You can listen to the entire interview at www.BetweentheRopes.com. Credit: Pwinsider.com
  13. cmpunk04

    oAo Monday Night Raw Thread -- 4/9/2007

    what do you guys think the Foley angle will be if any?
  14. cmpunk04

    OAO WrestleMania 23 Thread-April 1st, 2007

    quick predictions: cena over michaels. round 25 minute match Taker over Batista. probably will go on last and go 15ish I want to say Punk to win money in the bank but i doubt they will do that just yet. Il go with Kennedy Lashley over Umaga. brawl from the start. cant see any way Trump would be shaved ECW new breed will win effectively ending any push for the origanals Melina to beat Ashley by cheating. toilet break Kane and Khali will probably go to some double countout or dq. will be short benoit over MVP. opener to the show, should get a bit of time probably 15 or so
  15. cmpunk04

    The OAO Raw Hot Sell for WM 23 (March 26th)

    more to come!?