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    Class Is In Session Discussion Thread

    All good and acceptable, boss... Just didn't want to leave y'all in the lurch and thinking I evaporated again. Hopefully Landon didn't though.
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    Class Is In Session Discussion Thread

    3 lines to describe my match-writing experience... Internet at Washington Air Force Bases sucks. Laptops that malfunction and die suck more. Back home with working shit, but unless I can come up with something in the next little bit, I won't be showing this one. Sorry for the disappointing lack of notice, but... I have to work with what I'm given. Since I'm back home, I should be good to go from here on though.
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    Class Is In Session Discussion Thread

    Let me know what you have in mind so I can incorporate into the beginning part of my match, please?
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    SMARKWIRE: Tom Flesher's in the main event again?

    I remember this promo... Fantastical stuff.
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    Moving it would be fantastic. Not worrying about having to cram a match down with my turkey will help much.
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    Class Is In Session Discussion Thread

    (Requests a ham sandwich)
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    Should be able to go, no problems.
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    This is the initial, so there's something posted... The entrance and moveset are a bit on the rough side until I can get into SVR '07 a little more. Should work for now though. ----- Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? Returning old-timer... Again... Heh. Smarks Board Name: Vasarian_Brandy Wrestlers Name: Chris Fury Height: 6'3" Weight: 232lbs Hometown: Puyallup, Washington (will be announced as Tacoma, Washington) Age: 33 Face/Heel: Tweener-Face Stable: None Ring Escort: None Weapon(s): Kendo Stick, only for Hardcore / "Weapons Allowed" matches Quote: "The grizzled vet strikes again!" Looks: Physically, Christian Fury is in good shape for his age. Decently tall, lean... He's not bulging muscles, but the ones he shows are well-toned. Long, red hair... Not quite fire-engine red... A bit darker. Tanned complexion. Small goatee. He's now sporting a highly stylized tattoo on his left arm... It can be best described as an "Asian Fairy", white skin, red hair, blue wings, with wisps of flame around her form. It takes up the entire length of his arm. Fury usually wears his long, red hair in a ponytail to keep it out of his face. His black leather jacket is usually either being worn, or close to Fury's side. The "Fury" on the back of the jacket is written in a silvery-red stylized script. He wears black denim jeans, a pair of "Marauders", and a form-fit, short-sleeved muscle shirt, simple black. Accessory-wise, he wears a pair of silver-framed, reflective sunglasses, and a simple gold ring on a silver chain, which hangs around his neck. This look, he says, is the only thing decent he picked up from his days with The Clan. He liked their look, but (and I quote, in the understatement of the year), "I despised their fucking attitude after the fact". In the ring, not much changes... The "Marauders" gain a nice steel toe. He fights shirtless, but keeps his ring necklace on. He will not be happy if someone were to take that, or break it off him, as it belonged to his former fiancee Lara, now deceased. Ring Entrance: Music to be used is P.O.D.'s version of "Booyaka 619", minus the lyrics... No lyrics, just this Latino Alternative-sounding soundtrack. Darkened arena, but not totally dark. 4 blasts of pyro at the entranceway, with Fury waiting there until they all go off, working the crowd. Walks down to the ring confident and cool. Once in the ring, once again trying to work the crowd, sparkler pyros raining down from the ceiling around the ring. If you need help, I can try to expain it better. Stats: ¯¯¯¯¯ Strength: 5 - Though he put on some weight from his last run, another year of life under his belt has kept the strength gain at a minimum. Also with the injuries of the past taking their toll, he's gone easy on the full-blown training he used to do. Speed: 6 - His workout routines haven't been as rigorous in his 'retirement', but his jet-setting ways (and the price of gas) have gotten him doing a lot of cardio and legwork... Bike-riding in England, swimming in the Pacific, that sort of thing. He vowed to not let his age hit him in all aspects of life, and it shows here. Vitality: 6 - As with Speed, his cardio-style focus shows here too. Age has managed to not erode his stamina work overmuch. Charisma: 3 - If the promos weren't overly clear, he's coming back because of the business and the fans. He'll perform for them, and should draw more pop than before because of it, but it might not be overly evident in the beginning. Style: On the side of speed and (eventually) tactics. A good bit of submission wrestling and focus work on the head / legs. But with a Strength of 5, there's a big move or two in the tank yet. Ring rust will minimize the tactics to start, as he rediscovers the art of wrestling and being beaten on a regular basis. Signature moves: - Twist Of Fate - "Trip To The Dawg Pound": Stratusfaction - Dragon Sleeper - Grapevine Ankle Lock - Springboard Huracanrana - Damascus Head-Leglock Common moves: - Feint roundhouse kick into a leg sweep from the back - Irish whip into a backdrop (using opponent's momentum to put them over) - Short-arm and irish whip clotheslines (see above) - Top turnbuckle legdrop - Sleepers - Shoulder charges to a cornered opponent - Sleeper slam - Forward and regular Russian legsweeps - Crossface chickenwing - Sickle hold / Muta lock - Lifting leg stomp - Scissors kick (either off the ropes or off the top turnbuckle) - Spinning toe hold - Tiger suplex - Rolling cross-arm German suplexes (mostly on the lightweights, and usually in groups of 3) - Polish Hammer Rare moves: - Cuyahoga-sault (Think of Taker's "Old School", but instead of a chop, it ends in a diving moonsault... Or it ends with Fury just driving the opponent back-first to the mat. If the moonsault hits, it's a major move, inciting a gargantuan pop... You can picture it, I know you can. But there's a reason this one's a rare move... He has yet to really pull it off) - Step-Up Enzuigiri Finishers: - "Dead Man's Curve": Nearly identical to the "619", but Fury threads through the bottom 2 ropes, letting him deliver a more "uppercutted" kick under his opponent's jaw. Decent Strength, combined with higher-than-average Speed, this finisher is a heavy shot more geared to the big guys. - "Lightning And Thunder": The ol' Double Stunner comes back for another play. The first is just a quick kneel-down Stunner (not a full drop). Fury then stands, taking a couple of quick steps to the side before dropping the opponent into a more "normal" Stunner... The second half resembles the "RKO". He'll bust this finisher out with lighter opposition, or if he got a good pop coming in. Notes: - Proud, but not pompous. Tactically minded, but not the most stunning technique. He's knocking off ring rust, and probably will be for a bit. - Fury is a bit more in balance stats and move-wise than the past. While overall he's not the wrestler he once was, he's not bad. His speed is still his best attribute, and that along with a more technical set of submissions and such will allow him to frustrate the slower, bigger opponents. His Vitality will allow him a degree of "damage sponge" ability, but he won't be able to stand in with a big guy for long. Fury will (once the ring rust is gone) fight Cruisers smarter, focusing on diminishing -their- speed through attrition of the legs and (less so) the torso, and using the few big moves he's got for putting them away. - He'll have issues with the HOSS~! style of wrestler with big power movesets (Read this as the Janus-style wrestler... Vitality can only go so far), and will be slowly frustrated over the course of a match with ultra-speedsters like Wildchild (unless he works the legs into oblivion, they still have speed to spare over his). - His moves... He tries to show a little passion and flair to keep the fans behind him, but sometimes there's hesitance and "unsureness" in them, due to being out of the regularity of the sport for so long. Again. - His best pops and crowd response will still come from the Cleveland area, due to how long he lived / trained / etc. there. He'll pull decent fans in the Seattle / Tacoma area due to him living there now, and spending a lot of time there in recent history. The rest of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana will recognize and respect him (read as: more than normal pop) from his Indie circuit days in OVW and the like. He will not be well-received (read as: damn near Heel response) in Miami and surrounding areas due to his past with local star and former INGWF / SWFer Longdogger Pete. Bio: Maybe when I find it all.
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    The Birthday Thread...

    Happy B'Day, Rayn Man!
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    All Hallows Comments Thread

    Honestly, I had a Hell of a time writing even -that- much... I was rusty as all get-out. But, considering I'd written Fury as not expecting to wrestle so soon after signing on... And he hadn't been wrestling for a year plus... I just couldn't justify him being able to get back in the ring and dominate. Surprising, yes... But... I made an impression, didn't I? Anyway... A few more promos, some looksies at old matches and stuf... I'll be back in form (and so will Fury) in short order.
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    The Birthday Thread...

    I noticed it's another illustrious birthday today! The creative mind behind the MS Paint Comics! The creator of singularly witty characters, from Jimmy The Doom to G.O.A.T., and even An Octopus (even though I firmly believe that An Octopus was born from pure WIN~!) Happy Birthday solicitations to our very own 'Drea "Yes, my Angel_Grace is a natural _Blue!"!!! WHOAT!!! GNEISS!!! FOOG!!! ... Or stuffins like it!
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    I do believe I'm available. Wait... Wait wait wait. Lemme rephrase. Hell yes, I'm available. (Nod) Stats will be up in the next day or so.
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    All Hallows Discussion Thread

    Match done and sent. Should be an interesting read after the fact. Heh.